10 Amazing Things You Need to Know from Google IO 2015

10 Amazing Things You Need to Know from Google IO 2015

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If you do not update about the opening of Google I / O keynote, then you missed the news about the products they introduced and unfortunately, it's a lot and cool-cool bangeeet. For example the latest version of Android OS is Android M that has appeared Developer Preview version of it, Google Photos app, Brillo, and many more. Launched from Mashable, following JalanTikus provide 10 amazing things that you need to know from Google I / O.

1. Android M

Until now we still do not know Android M it stands for what. Well, in Google I / O yesterday, Google launched Android M Developer Preview version. To be more clear about Android M, you can read the first article JalanTikus who talk Android Mih ya:

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2. Android Pay

Google seems to have to work harder in building relationships with retailers because Google will launch Android Pay to facilitate you in payment via your smartphone. You just stay tap and pay to pay bills, apps, or whatever. Google claims that Android Pay will be used in 700,000 stores in America and can also pay in-app purchases in an app.

3. Photos

Google has finally introduced the long awaited Photos app available for Android, iOS, and the web. You can store many photos with high resolution without having to fear your smartphone is running out of memory. And most importantly, the Photos app will let you save unlimited photos for free!

4. Android Wear

Google reports there are more than 4000 applications available for wearable platforms. And many of them are equipped with features always-on Android Wear 5.1. For more details you can read WOW articles! Now Google Has More Than 4000 Applications For Android Wear on the Road Mice.

5. HBO NowGood news for Game of Thrones lovers, HBO Now will come to the Android platform. This service will be priced $ 14.99 per month with the offer of all HBO content without having to subscribe to cable TV channel HBO. Very interesting is not it ?! (Also read: 5 Applications Compulsory For Game Of Thrones Fans). While waiting for HBO Now, you can download HBO Go here:

6. Google Maps

The most popular Maps app, Google Maps is now getting major updates this year, offline support for maps, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and search. This will make it easier for many people who have problems with the slow internet connection.

7. Inbox

You must know about Google Inbox feature right? If not you can read this article first This is the reason Google Creating Google Inbox Side by side with Gmail. Was originally to use Google Inbox, you must have an invite, but now you do not have to wait for invite to use Google Inbox again.

8. Expeditions

One of the most pleasant surprises out of Keynote on Thursday was Expeditions. Expeditions are Virtual Reality that allows teachers to bring their students to visit places they may not be able to visit in reality. Expedition combines software and hardware that requires teachers to register online. Working with smartphones and Google Cardboard, the simplest virtual reality sells for $ 10.

9. Android Nanodegree

For just $ 200 a month, you can study in six to nine months of courses for Android developers. Experts from Google and developers also teach curriculum that teaches their students how to create applications that work well with Google services.

10. Project Brillo

Google comes with the Internet of Things called Brillo. Brillo will be integrated with Android M that will come in the third quarter of this year. The hope of this project of course users can easily control compatible devices around the house or wherever they are.So which one are you most waiting for? Please write your comment in the comment field below yes!

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