10 Applications Make Mountain Rides To Survive

10 Applications Make Mountain Rides To Survive

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If you're one of those people who likes to survive in the wild you'll know the attraction of adding a survival experience by relying on what's around you. But sometimes there are some people who are less fortunate and happening things that are not desirable.

Based on it this time we will discuss the Android app to ride the mountain and survive in the wild. Where applications go up this mountain can help us live survival activities with more secure and comfortable. The apps we've covered include aspects like first aid, directions, fixtures, and more. For more on see ya.

1. Bug Out Bag Survival Guide

The first application serves as a reminder of what goods we carry before survival and when to increase the stock of these items. Applications for mountaineering is highly recommended because sometimes we forget which items will run out, to eminimalisir wasted goods, reminder history of the use of goods, and much more.

2. Disaster Alert

Android app to ride this mountain is useful to monitor the dangers that occur worldwide in real-time. The hazard information can be viewed and shared to warn others of danger in marked places. Visible hazards include hazards to people, goods, or assets.

3. Flashlight

Serves as a torch in a dark time but not only that kegunaanya. Other uses are senders of SOS gestures or hazards. There are several Flashlight applications that are equipped with a compass and frequency settings to suit the needs.

4. Compass

This compass serves as a pointer if we are in the forest and do not have internet access. So as an alternative we can use the manual map and match the direction with the compass so we can know where we are.

5. Medicinal Plants & HerbsThis application plays a role to tell us which plants can be used as medicine when circumstances are pressed and difficult to find settlements. We can take advantage of the plants around us. But sometimes we do not know which plant that works to heal something, well this Medicinal Plants & Herbs Android app can be a great solution to find out.

6. Radio Scanner

This mountain climbing app is useful for receiving radio from the police in various regions. For example when we are going up the mountain and suddenly there are unexpected events and need help, then this application can be used to find out the location of the nearest police through radio signals and also we can check whether the place we will visit is safe for us to come.

7. St John Ambulance First Aid

This mountaineering app is useful for telling us how to do First Aid if there is an unexpected event and result in minor or serious injury. With this application we can know what to do on injuries obtained so as not to get worse.

8. Survival Guide

Android app to ride this mountain will help us in doing survival activities because it contains things to do when going live in the wild. Such as planning, equipment, how to make fire, and much more. But for you who have not really understood living in the wild, it's good to get direct guidance from the experienced. This application can be a support as a reference when going to do survival activities.

9. ViewRanger GPS – Trace & Map

This mountain climbing app serves to plan which route you will take based on the trail of roaming others who have passed it. You can create your own traces so others can make referrals to make travel safer. And it works also so you do not muter-muter in the same place because the trail will be recorded via GPS so the chances of you getting lost smaller.

WeatherBug – Forecast & Radar

This app works to provide accurate and current weather forecasts. Supported by the world's largest network by a leading professional weather station, provides the fastest, accurate, real-time weather alert. Also supports lightning warnings, rainfall, local temperatures, wind, UV, and more. So that your trip is not messed up due to the weather this application is required to be installed so that you can check the place you will stop safely or not.Indeed survival activities are fun but the dangers that lurk also quite a lot. So it's better to prepare everything thoroughly for your survival activities to be fun and safe. Hopefully this article useful and become a new insight for us, thank you for reading see you later.

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