10 Evidence ‘Hours of Hour’ Ticked at the Earth Age 4.5 Billion Years

10 Evidence 'Hours of Hour' Ticked at the Earth Age 4.5 Billion Years

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Almost all scientists agree, the rate of global climate change is the extreme of late is the result of human activity who never knew the word satisfied.

Recently, world leaders gathered in Paris, France to discuss climate change. Many countries are busy allocating funds for the same purpose.

For example, the end of September, the British government promised to disburse funds of 5.8 billion pounds or about Rp 169 trillion rupiah to counteract this climate change problem, as quoted from the Independent.

But that is not enough to stop the damage in the only planet – in the universe – which is home to humans. All our world needs is real action.

Because, if the Earth is damaged and destroyed, then humans move where?

Whether we realize it or not, the impacts of climate change have been felt through the warming temperatures slowly. Even with climatic patterns that are shifting and increasingly uncertain – the rain in the dry season, and the rainy season is dry kerontang. Snow even descended in the desert, the heat wave was 'roasting' Earth.

Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, rising sea temperatures, and extreme weather events such as hurricanes, droughts, forest fires and floods are some examples of the impact.

The threat of a lifeless pattern of human life, humanitarian crises, uprooted cultures, millions of endangered species plastered before our eyes. Some scientists believe, if the Earth's rescue effort is not immediately done, the clock to 'Resurrection' continues to beat. The faster and faster …

Here's evidence of climate change has changed the Earth, which we might not realize, is aged, 4.54 billion years:

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