10 Ornamental Pillows

10 Ornamental Pillows

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Air pollution not only comes from factory smoke or motor vehicles alone. Without the know pollution that bring harmful substances to the body can come from within the house like in bed, in the kitchen, in the room, until the office where the air will be inhaled when we move or work.

Without being aware of many objects or smoke around us that can be a source of poison gas in between paint, varnish, cleaning fluids, cigarette smoke, steam ink, plastics, detergents and others. Such toxins can trigger diseases such as irritation, respiratory problems and, even worse, can lead to cancer.

Ornamental plants have a function not only for decorating the room but it can be useful as neutralizing the air. Of course not just any ornamental plants that have the function as above. Here are all kinds of ornamental plants that serve as an antidote to toxins:


These ornamental plants are often placed in the house because these plants can grow in conditions where the state of water and sunlight a little. The characteristics of this plant baerdaun thick and contain lots of water. Tongue-in-law has the privilege that is resistant to drought and has a high adaptability to the environment. Based on the research of this plant naturally this plant is able to combat sick building syndrome. In addition, ammpu absorbs more than 107 elements of harmful pollutants contained in the air. The right way to put this plant is at the corner of the guest room to cigarette smoke from visiting guests.

Aloe vera

In addition to the tongue-in-law of ornamental plants called aloe vera is also able to absorb various types of pollutants in the air.


Hibiscus is able to absorb nitrogen that makes our lungs so relieved. But do not ever plant this flower near the radiography because this plant works to continue the radiation so harmful to people around the place of radiography.


Although this plant has a terrible thorn but this ornamental plant is able to ward off radicals that are harmful to health as it comes from computers. Then place this ornamental plant near the objects that emit radiation.Yellow palm

Yellow palm is a plant that is able to absorb the highest poison among other plants. Yellow yellow palm is very suitable in place in the house and large plants on the roadside because this plant is very effective to absorb toxic gas from vehicle and plant smoke. If placed in the house should be placed in the garage to deal with toxic gas from the smoke of the vehicle.

Hanjuang (andong)

This plant has anti-bacterial capability so it has the ability to absorb very high toxins. Among the most widely absorbed in the form of toxins derived from the formaldehyde sourced from glue or plasterboard in the ceiling of the house. this plant should be placed at the corner of the room to cope with pollutants derived from plasterboard to get a healthier and better sleep.

Lili paris

Put this plant in the kitchen corner to absorb pollutants that come from the smoke when cooking. This plant is a type of plant that does not like in direct sunlight. Lili paris is also able to clean the air from various pollutants such as cigarette smoke, deodorant, to cosmetics.

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