10 Photos It Will Make You Understand What Climate Change Is Actually. Let’s Love the Beloved Earth!

10 Photos It Will Make You Understand What Climate Change Is Actually. Let's Love the Beloved Earth!

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If you've watched Leonardo Di Caprio's newly uploaded movie for free, Before The Flood, you know that our planet is not all right. No need far, in the last two months how many natural disasters that occurred in Indonesia and abroad? So even though Trump says global warming and climate change are hoaxes made by Chinese, but it is clear the condition of our earth is very worrying.

But actually, you know what climate change is it? What is happening with this world to the extent that the issue of climate change sticking out and become a debate? Going back to natural science lessons at school would be difficult. Well hopefully the pictures that have been collected Hipwee this can help explain what is happening with the planet earth.

1. Scientifically, this is the temperature change of our beloved planet earth. From 1906-2005 the average temperature on the earth's surface rose from 0.60 to 0.90 Celsius

2. If you want visible evidence, just look at the artic areas that turned into the ocean

3. The animal inhabitants of the sea ice began to struggle to survive. If nothing is done, there is no guarantee that our children and grandchildren can still see it

4. Ice melts, meaning sea level rises. It's not impossible that your house will become a new ocean

5. We breathe requires oxygen. But the longer it is the more carbon dioxide that dominates the air

6. Not only in humans, rising levels of carbon dioxide also torture animals in the water. Mid-2014, thousands of fish die suddenly in various regions

7. Rising sea water temperatures make the level of acidity also increases, resulting in coral reefs in the ocean damaged. In a few years the coral reef might be just a legend

8. The weather is getting unstable. In Indonesia, rain often appears without a schedule. While in other areas, drought struck

9. More and more natural disasters. In recent years, storms and hurricanes have become more and more frequent and ravaged homes10. The biggest polluters in the world such as the US, China, Indonesia and India should start to improve and take concrete steps

Climate change not only made a series of disasters, but also triggered a failure in the agricultural sector. Coffee farmers in Brazil already feel it. Unpredictable weather makes harvest failures of the last three years very high, until predicted in 2050 coffee stock in the world live only 50%. If left unchecked, this will certainly be the next disaster. And if the earth gets damaged and food gets harder, where are we going?

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