10 Strategies to Keep You Successful in Overseas Land

10 Strategies to Keep You Successful in Overseas Land

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Zhang Xin, a Chinese woman whose fortunes surpassed Donald Trump successfully changed his fate after wandering to England. Meanwhile, Tadashi Yanai, Uniqlo's retail founder with a wealth of 15.5 bln US Dollars and set as the number 1 richest man in Japan also did the same. Merantau, was so key in the success story of the two figures above.

In Indonesia, the culture of merantau is increasingly attached to our society. The Sumatrans migrate to Java, while those in Java go to Kalimantan or Sulawesi in order to be successful and have a better life. However, whether those who migrated must be guaranteed success? Certainly not. As long as you do not have the capital and careful preparation, wandering can make your life worse. Well, to make no mistake in stepping, consider first yuk success tips wandered below!

1. Wander Not a Simple Case. You Must Have Strong Reasons Before You Leave Your Homes!

Home and birth ground would be one of the important things in life. As a place where you grew up and grew up, your hometown must have a special position of heart. There are family, relatives, friends, and the closest acquaintances there. Proverbial, every inch of land in the city where you were born and raised already well you know.

Imagine, if you finally have to go and leave all the romance with the beloved city. Perhaps, if it was not for a school case or job demands, you would choose to stay. It is for this reason that you should carefully consider the decision to be made. Are the job vacancies that you seek in the venues are promising? Is your school or campus there worthy and qualified?

Well, if in the end wander remains the best choice, then be prepared to work hard in order to account for your decision. Rest assured that you will succeed in your new place so that when you return to your hometown, you can go home with pride.

2. Before Deciding Go Your Preparation Must Be Truly Mature; Research Your Destination Points, Calculate the Cost of Life Needed, and Study the Culture in Your New Place Later

Do not equate wandering just by going on vacation, both are obviously much different. This time you will not stop for 3 days or a week, but for years. You do not even want to relax and enjoy the sights, but to learn or work. Well, the very first thing you should do is to find as much information about the city you are going to live in. Write down addresses and phone numbers of important places, buy maps, identify street names, to landmark locations.

Next, start preparing your estimated living expenses there. Such as you as a student, calculate the cost of boarding, spending meals for a month, laundry fees, until the money pulse. Similarly, if you wander to work, estimate the salary you can earn, compare it with the UMR in your overseas place and place of origin, record all the expenses you need as a new employee.

Knowing the cultural culture of your destination is equally important. Jakarta for example, the city with a dynamic rhythm and have millions of newcomers. In addition to charged swiftly, you must have high mobility considering the distance from one region to another is quite far and more often jammed. Meanwhile, Surabaya is an industrial city that also became the target of the nomads. Got cultural values ??that are still very thick and hard work culture. If you want to go there, be prepared to berandaptasi with hot weather.

3. Make Sure You Have A Friend, Friend or A Friend Who Can Be Loved In Urgent SituationsLiving alone, away from parents and families would be more risky. While still living with your parents, you may often eat late, ignore the health, or not much consideration when going to do something. After all the family is always there and ready to be relied upon when you have problems and need help.

Meanwhile, when finally have to live independently, whatever will be done should be well thought out. Who will take care of you if finally get sick because often late to eat and hobbies stay up? Who can be asked for help if you are suddenly hit by a problem or a disaster? Yup, wanderer will indeed put you into a more introspective person.

However, as a precaution, make sure that you are not really alone where you are. There is at least one family or friends who can be contacted and asked for help in emergency and urgent conditions.

4. In the Overseas Place, You Must Have Adapted Skills and Self-Taking Ability

Where the earth dipijak, there sky is upheld

Yup, in accordance with the above proverb, adaptable skills and the ability to bring yourself is important. Both will greatly determine your ability to survive and successful overseas.

When you first arrive at your new place, you may be surprised because all the food sold is sweet. Meanwhile, in your place of origin almost all foods must have a spicy taste. Although different about the taste, your appetite is not necessarily lost and your intention to wander not just receding right?

You, too, should be able to take good care of themselves; know how to behave and keep words. New places and environments give you the opportunity to appear as a new person. That's where you'll start your life from scratch, then show a good impression for those who are just getting to know you.

5. Compulsory Formulas for the Perantau: Life Saver and Smart-Smart Set aside Money

In fact, anyone deserves to apply a frugal lifestyle and saving habits. However, especially for the nomads, these two things have become a sure science. For students, frugality means ensuring that parent money can be enough for all the needs for a month. Meanwhile, you who work must ensure that your expenses are not greater than the salary you earn.

The habit of setting aside money aka saving can not be forgotten. Savings can be an achievement or proof of your independence to manage finances. In addition, savings can also be used as a reserve fund if at any time there is an urgent need or can not wait.6. The Overseas Land is Like a Free Sheet Filled. Open Yourself Wide To Discover New Comrades

Staying in a new place gives you the opportunity to expand. You can have many new friends, either at the office, college, or in the neighborhood around your boarding house. These new friends are slowly making you feel at home and like finding a home. They also will not be reluctant to help and give support when you really need it.

Meanwhile, exploring where you live means learning and finding new views. You can get around by public transportation on weekends, visit the attractions, and learn more about local wealth. In this way you may find new things that may make you more comfortable staying in the land of rantau.

7. You are obliged to be friendly and courteous, both with fellow nomads and the original citizens of your area

As a newcomer, you must be wise to be nice in your new place. Being nice allows you to be liked by so many people that your efforts to adapt can be easier. Be hospitable with new people you meet on campus or workplace. Cheap share a smile so people will judge you as a pleasant person. You also deserve to be polite, which means appreciating the new environment you now live in.

8. If You Want to Succeed, You Must Have Character Persistent, Abstaining Complaining, and Resistant

Merantau is synonymous with success. Many people who can finally have a better life after a steady deciding to wander. For those who live in the area or inland for example, big cities certainly look interesting to go. The number of job opportunities, more advanced facilities, and a higher standard of living can promise a better life.

But success can not be achieved without hard work and effort. Success can not be obtained without a great struggle. Those who can finally be successfully monitored are so persistent. Stay steady facing all difficulties during the stay monitored and not necessarily give up and go back home.

9. In New Place, Never Stop Developing Yourself

Yup, your new neighborhood and legal residence offers a variety of opportunities to move forward. You also deserve to take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible. Is not using the facilities in the library better than rush home to boarding after college? Because no family is waiting for you home, there's no harm in choosing to work overtime during stamina and your body is still strong right? If you still have plenty of free time, take advantage of the various activities that might improve your quality!

10. Find and Join the Community of Fellow Overseas Who Can Be Longing Medication When Remembering the HouseAfter all, the house is the most comfortable place you will always miss. There is no place that can replace the comfort when can be gathered together with parents and family. The legitimate home makes you happy by enjoying life through simple ways. In order to bid on your homesickness, you can join a community of fellow nomads from your area. There, you will find friends who can be invited to complain and share the longing. To be sure, they too can feel your longing for home and hometown.

Well, how? Are you currently wandering already apply the things above? For you who are prepared to wander, hopefully can be steady with your choices and decisions, yes!

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