10 Technology Companies that Love Salary Exorbitant Children Selangit

10 Technology Companies

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What's it like to be an apprentice? Certainly exciting. Even in your youth that should not nyari money, you can get money even though not as big as employees in general. Eits, who said?

The apprentice income is also great. In some of the leading technology companies, apprentices can be paid with revenues of more than Rp 100 million! Well, what kind of company is that?

1. Dropbox

According to some apprentice kids who were there, Dropbox was able to give a salary of $ 8,500 or Rp 113 millions.

2. Pinterest

You know what is Pinterest? Yes, the virtual pinboard that can be used to upload photos and video was able to provide salaries of apprentices to $ 8,125 or Rp 108 million.

3. Facebook

The apprentice who works as software engineering says that internship on Facebook can be a great result. In fact, they are able to earn revenue of $ 8,000 or Rp 106 million.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn's social media for these professionals has an amazingly cool background. Therefore, the apprentice here is able to earn a salary of $ 7,500.

5. Nec Labs AmericaIn addition to the above four companies, a technology company called Nec Labs America is also one of the places where internship is fun. How not, they can earn a salary of $ 8,400 or Rp 98 million.

6. Walmart eCommerce

It turns out the work in the e-Commerce company is a big salary brader. In fact, an apprentice can earn $ 7,219 or Rp 96 million. Imagine, what is the salary of the real employees, try?


The apprentice apprentice who had tried at Microsoft said that the neighborhood was really exciting. Moreover, the income received was wow once the amount, ie $ 7,000 or Rp 93 millions.

8. Nest

In addition to the above companies, it turns out Nest also provides a lucrative income for those who want to intern there. His salary was $ 6,773 or Rp 90 million.

9. Uber

Who do not know Uber try? Brader, if you want to work in Uber, Jaka recommend really deh. Why? Because, an apprentice here aja salary $ 6.730 or Rp 89 million. Tempted not? So, learn there!

10. Groupon

Recorded through people who have tried to apprentice at Groupon, they say that this company has a great team. In fact, the income alone can reach $ 6,667 or Rp 88 million.There are 10 technology companies that provide the highest internship salary in the world, quoted from Fossbytes. Also make sure you read related Company articles or other interesting posts from Jofinno Herian.

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