10 Things About Iceland and Greenland, The Two Areas That Are Sorted by Numbers

10 Things About Iceland and Greenland, The Two Areas That Are Sorted by Numbers

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Anyone say what's in a name? But the selection of names is important also because it is usually used to represent the identity of a thing, can be living beings or a region. With respect to the name, there is an interesting thing from the names of two regions located in the northern hemisphere. Maybe you've heard of Iceland and Greenland?

Iceland is an independent state in northern Europe, while Greenland is an area geographically across the continent of North America but dominated by Denmark. Both of these areas are quite close and the name also seems the same concept, all wear -land. If at a glance to hear his name, a layman like us obviously thought Iceland was given a name like that because the area is a lot of ice while Greenland yes because the area is green aka green. Turns out the guys turn! How could that be?! Check out this Hipwee News & Feature review!

1. The two pictures below prove it, no exaggeration to mention the naming of Iceland and Greenland are uniquely exchanged

2. The Icelandic ancestors are Irish monks and Vikings. Iceland's name is given by the first Viking exploring the region

3. According to legend, a viking named Flki Vilgerarson named Iceland based on what he first saw on the spot: ice blocks

4. Although 62.7% of Iceland plains are the tundra of many grass and cotton grasses, Iceland's name is already attached. So yes although green, his name is still Iceland

5. Greenland's history can not be separated from Iceland. A century after Iceland found and grew to become the oldest democracy in the world, there is the legend of Erik the Red

This is the statue of Erik the Red in Greenland

6. If the name Iceland comes from what its discoverers first see, the name Greenland is a kind of medieval marketing strategy. Let many people want to move there

7. But when compared to the time of Erik discovering this region, Greenland was a greener and warmer era

8. Now about 80% of Greenland's area is covered with ice, only a small portion of the human-occupied region such as the southern and western coasts8. About 80% of Greenland's area is covered with ice, only a small portion of humans' inhabited areas such as southern and western coasts

9. Greenland is an international name that is also recognized by the Danish government, which controls some of this region. But local Inuit residents prefer to call their land Kalaallit Nunaat

10. Ironically, this reverse name will probably be corrected by itself because of global warming. Climate change will change Iceland so Cold & Greenland more warm

Global warming or global warming does impact on all regions of the earth without exception. But one of the worst-hit and perhaps most immediate areas is areas like Greenland and Iceland located on the northern edge of the world. Greenland is the region with the largest ice mass and frozen land in the world. The slight increase in the temperature of the earth, the Greenland region will immediately change. Many solid ice chunks that have melted in Greenland and create a flow of cold water from north to south.

According to National Geographic, this is what caused the unique situation in Iceland. In contrast to most other heated world, Iceland will continue to cool because of the flow of ice water flowing from Greenland that melts. Yes lies both are close together. Unique yes if you think about it, the names of those who previously did not represent the state of nature actually corrected due to global climate disaster. So the name Iceland and Greenland is like some kind of prophecy, horror!

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