10 Tips Anti Snoring

10 Tips Anti Snoring

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This one sleeping attitude emang often make keki, make a snore or the same being people snoring. Then how the hell let me snore again ?! Try the 10 small steps below.

1. Sleep sideways

Sleep sideways proved able to prevent the tongue and sky from covering our airway. Well, if our airway smoothly deh ngorok sure will not stop by again!

2. Lots of Drinking Water

Water is useful to smooth our throat so there will be no sputum phlegm that will interfere with our airway.

3. Turn off your cigarette

The cigarette smoke you breathe will cause irritation and inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane and this inhibits the flow of air when we fall asleep.

4. Clean the Pillows and Your Room

Hey! Nothing wrong to make your room clean and neat. By cleaning your room and pillowcase you can avoid dust dust that makes your nose allergic and so cause snoring.

5. Stop Drinking AlcoholIn addition to not good for the body, most drinking alcohol will make the muscles around your neck relaxation that will trigger your snoring habit.

6. Reduce Weight

Excessive weight can trigger snoring during sleep. Excess fat around the neck can be a trigger snoring, for that try to try a healthy lifestyle and reduce your weight. Stylish healthy life and lose weight bdan also good kok for your health.

7. Try Use Mouthguard

In addition to frequently used in sports, protective teeth and gums is able to be one way out for your snoring habit!

8. Use the Nasal Strip

Nasal strip is a drug that will help launch the breathing so that air does not come out of the entrance through the mouth that will trigger snoring.

9. Avoid Heavy Food and Coffee

Coffee or other caffeine drinks and eating heavy meals before bed will cause insomnia, distracting you to make you ngorok.

10. Operation

Do this if your snoring really is too much!Good luck yes, and ready to say goodbye snoring! ~

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