100 Days of leadership Irwandi-Nova, environmental issues have not been prioritized

100 Days of

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Government of Aceh under the leadership of Irwandi Yusuf-Nova Iriansyah deliver work achievements for 100 working days since inaugurated. On that occasion, environmental issues have not been prioritized, even still limited to conception.

Yet environmental conditions in Aceh are alarming, especially the illegal gold mining problem in Beutong, Nagan Raya and Geumpang districts in Tangse Sub-district. In these two locations, illegal mining has destroyed many of the environmental forest and has even penetrated the settlements.

"During the 100-day leadership, the environment is still a level of conceptions," said Deputy Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah, in the multipurpose room of Aceh Governor's Office on Friday (13/10).

He said that during these 100 days from 15 excellent programs Irwandi-Nova only 3 prioritized programs are health, education and infrastructure programs. While the rest will run slowly for 5 years into the future.

"Concerning the environment is already a lot of conceptions that have been made by Mr. Irwandi during the previous leadership.In the future we will continue to look to the environment," he explained.

During 100 days of leadership Irwandi-Nova in terms of Mining Permit (IUP) has been revoked, because it no longer meets the appropriate legislation. Of the 136 existing IUPs in Aceh, only 32 IUPs remain.

"It is clear that 70 percent has decreased IUP in Aceh for 100 working days," he explained.

Based on the report of the Forum for the Environment (Walhi) Aceh, illegal mining conditions in Aceh are already alarming, because it has threatened ecological disaster. Not only penetrated the forest, but has begun to shift to the settlement, to the front yard of the resident's home.

This illegal mining can no longer be called a traditional mine. Therefore, heavy equipment has been studded in the illegal mining area of ??1,108.93 ha spread in four gampong (village) in Beutong District, Nagan Raya District.

The four gampongs include Blang Baroe PR, Panton Spinach, Blang Leumak and Krueng Cut. The settlements of these four gampongs are almost entirely holes in the sides, front and side of their homes.

Illegal activities are also conducted in the river area, either flow through the settlements, or upstream river in the area of ??production and protected forest. The river that has gold mining activities is Krueng Cut, and Krueng Port which is the sub watershed (KREAS) of Krueng Cut.The total area of ??the 261.73 hectare river area has also been used as a mining area. Based on the recognition of local residents, formerly Krueng Cut river width between 20 up to 30 meters. after mining, the width of the river has exceeded 100 meters.

Not to mention in Geumpang District, Pidie District. There are five illegal gold mining sites in Geumpang, namely Krueng Tangse, Krueng Sikolen, Krueng Geumpang, Mt Miwah and Gampong Bangkeh.

Based on the community's recognition, Krueng Geumpang which has many pits and has been going on since 2009-2014 mining traditionally.

However, over the year 2014, the mining process has been done in a modern way, namely using heavy equipment, such as those in Alue Saya, Alue Rek and Alue Suloek, the river empties part of the upper reaches of the Woyla river region of West Aceh regency. [and]

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