1001 Ways to Overcome Global Warming Can Start from Home

1001 Ways to Overcome Global Warming Can Start from Home

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The UN Climate Change Conference will be held again on 7-18 December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hopefully there is a new breakthrough, so that the Earth increasingly free from the burden of emissions that cause the occurrence of Global Warming, today.

Many things we can do as citizens of the Earth to participate in overcoming the events of Global Warming and Climate Change that is being experienced by the Earth, starting from the small things that can be done by everyone from the house where we live , such as the following things:

Save Electricity Use:

Turn off electrical equipment when not in use. Only use electrical equipment when we need it. Do not use electrical equipment; if it can be easily done by hand, such as opening cans, bottles and so on. Connect the lights on the home page with a timer or a photocell of sunlight. Use fluorescent lamp type and energy saving lamp to save electricity. This type of energy-saving lamp will cut 80% wasteful of electricity rather than incandescent bulbs.

Turn off electrical equipment and use minimal lighting at night when going to bed.

Turn off the water heater before you leave to go on vacation. Replace the old refrigerator if it is wasteful electricity and do not forget to defrost your refrigerator regularly. Clean and remove unnecessary items / food from the refrigerator every week.

Do not put hot food in the refrigerator.

Do not be too often and in a long time open the refrigerator door, because it will be wasteful of electricity.

Save Water Usage:

Do not wash dishes with running water continuously. Do not brush your teeth, also with tap water that flows, because the water will be much wasted in 1 minute wasted about 10 liters.

The bath uses a scoop that is measurable and necessary, rather than wearing a shower tap with running water or soaking in a bath-tub. Similarly to wash the car, just use a bucket and a dipper instead of using a hose with running water.Use cold water on the washing machine rather than hot water. Flush toilets as necessary (not too often). Make sure the float / radar in the water storage tank works well, as well as on the faucets and monoblock in the toilet, prevent leakage so as not to waste water. Wash clothes with cold water instead of hot water. Use the last rinse laundry laundry water to water your plants. Use rinse water for rice, fruit and vegetables as well as to water the plants. Rainwater cistern and use for watering plants, cleaning floors and so on.

Take advantage of Natural Energy Sources:

Use solar power for homes and water heaters.

Use sunlight to dry your clothes. Use optimum sunlight instead of electric lights.

Open the window, so that the wind can blow in to cool and refresh the room in your home, rather than using artificial air-conditioning that is wasteful electricity such as air conditioning.

If you keep using AC, do not forget to clean the air conditioner regularly, will save electricity. Do not forget to set the timer on the AC to stop before dawn.

Exhaust fan can also be used to help the exchange of fresh air in the room, if the wind circulation has not been maximized.

If you want, build a house do not forget to utilize the air circulation of wind and natural light from the sun optimally. In a country that is very concerned about the Earth, such as Sweden, Denmark and Japan, the use of electricity has begun to utilize the power of windmills and solar panels, hopefully in Indonesia can be applied as well, given the electricity from PLN was now not able to reach all peloksok area especially remote areas. Other natural energy sources that can be utilized are hydro power (microhydro) and geothermal (geothermal). All of this is a source of natural energy that is environmentally friendly. Also use green glass to reduce heat in your home.

REUSE (Reuse) And others:
Use ceramic or cup coffee cups instead of disposable cups like those made of plastic and Styrofoam. Reuse plastic bags and other storage containers. Use paper letters and envelopes, used calendars, for paper doodles or day-to-day notes.

Reuse the newly applied HVS paper face to face or back and forth.

Use a napkin cloth, reusable handkerchiefs rather than tissue paper and other disposable cleaning papers. Use reusable dishes, drinking bottles and non-disposable tableware. Use a reusable container to store food instead of aluminum foil and other plastic materials. Reuse packaging from carton material for delivery of goods. Reuse old newspapers to wrap and pack items. Shop to a store with canvas bags instead of using paper bags and plastic bags. Store the wire hanger and restore or reuse it when to the laundry. Paint with brushes and reusable rolls instead of using spray paint that emits harmful emissions.REDUCE (Saves) And others:

Save the use of paper and tissue because it is made of wood that must be felled from trees in the forest, while forests are needed to neutralize CO2 emissions in the air.

Maintain, maintain and repair the items we have and have used rather than often buy new.Just buy a furniture device. which is actually used. Buy and use rechargeable batteries for frequently used devices. Prioritize buying products that are labeled environmentally friendly. Buy and eat organic vegetables, definitely more healthful and environmentally friendly. Buy locally made products to reduce emissions from transportation. Buy local food / beverages, vegetables / fruits, because it is cheaper and more secure.

Buy products that can be recycled or made from recycled materials.

Avoid products with multiple layers of packaging, if only one is enough.

In other words, if possible buy products in wholesale quantities are cheaper and more cost-efficient than buying a more expensive retail and need a lot of packaging. Example of purchasing washing soap 1 kg size, better than the size of small sachets. Avoid buying food products packed in plastic or Styrofoam containers because it can not be recycled. Avoid or reduce also the use of cutlery / drink such as spoons / forks and drink straws made of plastic.

Avoid fast food because this type of food is the largest waste producer in the world, but it is also less good for health.

Minimize the use of pesticides. Avoid the use of rat toxins from chemicals, if you want to kill or repel mice, but use traditional rod traps with salted fish bait for example.

Stop using aerosol sprays to reduce CFCs that will disrupt the Earth's Ozone layer. Reduce the use of chemicals while cleaning all corners of the house.

Do not buy products made from rare animals. Reduce the consumption of meat (flexitarian) or if possible be vegetarian.

RECYCLE (Recycling) And others:Use clothes made from environmentally friendly materials.

Use recycled bags to save the environment. Recycle everything: newspaper, bottle and can, plastic, leather, glass and aluminum and other inorganic materials.

For those of you who like to create use of non-organic waste to be recycled into a beautiful handicraft products.

Collect the garbage and dispose of it in the appropriate place with the designation, if possible separate organic and non organic. Organic waste can be used for compost while non-organic ones can be re-processed into goods that provide benefits, rather than being thrown away carelessly to rivers, lakes and seas especially made of plastic will indeed damage the environment, because the plastic material originally made from petroleum this, can only decompose at least after reaching 200 years! Therefore, do not throw organic waste indiscriminately, because it can pollute the environment.

Used plastic goods such as: bucket, wall paint packaging, bottles and other beverages can be reused or dikreasikan into beautiful plant pots.

If you do not want to use it again, immediately donate or give to other people or organizations that will accommodate and process this inorganic waste.

Similarly used and disposable used clothing and household appliances that have not been used or recycled should be donated to those who want to receive and use it again.

Do not get used to waste food altogether because the remains of food can remove methane gas in the open like a waste landfill.Compos remaining vegetables, fruit peels and so on. from your kitchen.

Starting organic waste into compost that can be used as fertilizer plants.

Compost dry leaves and garbage, or take it to a recycler

repeated trash.Green Forests (And Green) And others:
Let's start planting trees in the yard (Go Green). The trees we plant in the smallest courtyard of any home page, will definitely play a role to neutralize CO2 in the air while refreshing and nourishing us. So do not hesitate to start planting trees and keep adding the collection of plants on the home page. Want decorative plants, flowers, fruit or live pharmacies, vegetables and herbs are not a problem. And if most citizens of the earth do so, it will provide a very significant benefit to reduce CO2 in the air and ultimately global warming can be mitigated. Use organic fertilizer to fertilize plants, or compost fertilizer that we can make your own, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Inform Global Warming Hazards, And others:

Tell as many people as Earth people about the danger of Global Warming.

Teach children and grandchildren to respect and take care of nature and the environment.

Take your time to inform or engage in social activities to help love the Earth. Give donations of money, energy and thoughts and recyclable items to foundations or social organizations that handle environmental conservation projects.

Motor Vehicle Efficiency:
Find the location of a residential house that is close to the office where the work or place of school children.

Get used to walking or cycling, which is certainly more healthful and environmentally friendly, for example for a close destination such as shopping to supermarkets around the house.

For longer distances, if possible use public mass transit, such as busway and train.

Ride private vehicles together alternately for example with friends or relatives who happen to be unidirectional or consent.

If you have to ride a private motor vehicle, to travel:

Use a car that suits your family needs or larger.Use renewable green energy such as biofuels, including biodiesel and bioethanol (trade names Pertamina: biosolar, biopremium and biopertamax).

Turn off the engine motor / car during refueling. Do not drive above the recommended speed threshold. Do not carry unnecessary items in the trunk of the car. Check the car regularly to make sure it is in good condition. Check the tire pressure regularly on the tire. Check the oil / engine oil, brake, clutch, axle and so on. Check for possible leaks or other damage, and do not forget to recycle your motor oil / car. Take care of the car by tuned up and change engine oil periodically, so that the engine condition remains excellent when it will be used. Use radial tires to improve the capability of road vehicles.

Keep the condition of the tire wheels to balance not vibrate by doing spooring & balancing so that the car is comfortable driving.

If you have to drive a car for a very long distance, do not forget to rest for example on the rest area on the highway to maintain the stamina of the driver and even the engine condition. Buy a new, more fuel-efficient motor / car and produce lower emissions so as not to contribute too much CO2 to the air. If possible buy and use environmentally friendly cars, for example using solar and hybrid power panel technology.
Hopefully this information can be useful, and we also come to be part of the solution, and participate actively in facing Global Warming Event that happened at this time. Hopefully all the small steps mentioned above if the majority of Earth's people do so plus the pro-environment policy of world leaders to reduce global emissions, especially at the Climate Change Meeting in Copenhagen, can give positive results for the creation of a better Earth to be inherited and enjoyed by the next generation, our own grandchildren.

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