11 Days Traveling to Washington and New York

11 Days Traveling to Washington and New York

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Traveling in February both to America and the northern hemisphere of season 4 is not really the right time, but what can be said wong can be a free invitation yes iyalah wrote, right on February 17, 2008 author and 9 other people consisting of representatives of Bappenas 2, Depdagri 2, Dep.PU 3, Perpamsi (unity of PAM throughout Indonesia) 2, Donor Institute 1 departed from Cengkareng to Tokyo with our national airline Garuda, and from Tokyo to Washington with American Airline (AA) and wandering everywhere but not to Jakarta why?).

Our main objective is to attend a "sustainable week" that addresses all water and sanitation issues across the country in collaboration with the donor agencies, discussed starting from; existing conditions, problems and constraints, future steps, achievement of MDG targets (millennium development goals), including PPP (private sector cooperation) as well as technical and non technical matters.

Arriving at the Narita airport for transit, still have long waiting for the plane that will carry us, there is a group mencar-mencar there looking for stomach ganjelan, there is going to coffee, there is just a walk around the airport, the writer is quite tired after 8 hours flight from Cengkareng, find a place to bathe in the airport that must pay first Rp. 50 thousands for hot shower facilities, can soap liquid cargo shampoo, if you want to add while leyeh-leyeh dikasur padded ya add more pay, finish bath body seger, waduh makjos tenan new looking decafe coffee plus snacks.

The Tokyo-Washington flight is pretty good with a considerable distance of about 6,781 miles or 10,913 Km (about the same distance as the Jakarta-Surabaya 11 times), in the afternoon we landed in Washington and after queuing at the immigration check and passport check counter, above counter counter there is a camera, and everyone with a green passport must be photographed first, while nyeletuk idle writer nanya: "pak kok I not photographed?" answer officer; "lha passport sampeyan kan blue, pns and our guests yes, we are special" he he he (just realized if there is any point in having a blue passport).

Turn fitting to go out customs officers nanya, "mas your mana mana?", "Lha I just take this bag of gemblok and small suitcase", while ninkinyit eyebrows may be in the heart he asked, others bring goods segede elephant kok this guy take very little stuff.

Finally we went out to a taxi to Melrose Hotel, located at Pensylvania Avenue 2430 Washington DC (www.melrosehotelwashingtondc.com), this hotel although it was aged but quite prestigious too and the price is quite ngrogoh pocket from start US $ 200 / night and above, but because The driver of our Afroamerica taxi while chatting the ramenya American presidential election, and he njagoin Obama while reviewing a bit of Obama's lunge and how he can support the widespread public and in fact was finally he won and became the first American President who bleed a mixture of Africans (the author had bought his campaign shirt at Potomac Mills) and who was bright in his childhood (the tenth of the year) ever lived in the land of our beloved and named Indonesia, we should be proud to be this nation.

Finished to pay a taxi about $ 60 (four of them including the fare considering the distance from the airport and foursome again), we immediately check-in enter the room kept leyeh-leyeh almost keblabasan sleep, the night there is a welcome party from the invited, treated to wine, beer, cola , orange juice and a variety of small chillies. The stomach of Indo finished the ceremony, the group went out to find rice for dinner, we headed to the Georgetown area which is not too far from our hotel, arrived at Thai Restaurant direct rice message and a kind of side dish similar to the cuisine of Indo, maknyus tenan cuisine like Mother's cuisine.

Going home from the restaurant there is interest raun-raun, but considering the cold winds of February are less friendly, the author directly into the room guher wes ewes ewes bablas ngoroknya.

In the morning of February 19, 2008 the air was still cold but still below 10 * C although cold but not snow, only puddles are fossilized to ice in some places, unlike the condition of February 2010 now the snow is almost flat down throughout the USA so dubbed United State of Snow, this incident is the worst weather in the USA to date, we walked quickly with a small jog run while sport ngilangin some fat quite far enough distance between the hotel kegedung meeting, but previously need to be photographed first made pas entrance (a kind of ID Card ), waduh time to enter the room was crowded, so yes goto ngikuti the event through the TV screen provided by the committee outside the room.

Arriving at lunch we were hosted dIn the evening there is a banquet dinner at Restorant Italy with pasta main menu that hemm tomato flavor and pedesnya enough biting enough to grip and manasin belly season that is still quite cold this, the author returns to go to Barness & Noble Bookstore in Georgetown to search for book of photography for and the book "Capoeira" entrusted the youngest, knowing the book is very difficult and rare capoeira we get in Indo including in Kinashuniya Takashimaya Singapore though, and that is quite fun in every bookstore there on the floor there is Starbuck Cafe so can all decafs decafe americano darling glass small.Pulang from Barness & Noble Bookstore immediately brush foot wash teeth and had "ngisa" first new turn fatigue fatigue.

The following morning after breakfast attended one of the sessions on "kps" (private government co-operation) with some Latin American speakers with their storage success story, but unfortunately the time was so limited that the discussion was almost nonexistent, although many participants raised their hands sorry not served. As I headed for the next meeting hall, I took to Bordess Bookstore (Barness & Noble and Bordess Bookstore is one of the big stores and branches of almost every major city in the world.

Afternoon and afternoon after we had lunch in a cafeteria well enough for me, I had met husband and wife from Indo who had several years of work in Washington, from a lot of important information we got from him, then we have a meeting to formulate what strategies are suitable for solve some problems that exist, and so on matters and technical affairs other.

There is still time to make a walk to the "Pentagon Mall" that lho mall his American soldiers so pating sliweran soldiers with uniforms of all sorts, there are white, brown, loreng, green from soldiers who are white, black, half black , and the yellow and the female man from the dashing up to the culun tun culunpun visible there he he he. O yes the distance between the Pentagon Mall is quite easy to reach from GWU Foggy Bottom Station near the author's hotel. I had met the shopkeeper who came from Indo who sell souvenirs, because the writer bought some items, with the whisper he said ya ya give me a gift, but do not say the same boss later I diomelin, ok deh then. Malemnya still kelayabancari snacks and chocolates dear children.

The next morning some of the entourage went home directly to Indo while the author accompanied a colleague who had never been to New York the next day to go there, and honestly the author also miss the hustle and bustle of the NY city that ngangeni, kunig taxi and siren police car siren it you know, but we the two of us still have an extra night stay in Washington, but we have to check-out and move to the Holiday Inn hotel not so far from our old hotel and also cheap taripnya, check-in time there is little fuss mas items receptionist, we are rich people want altered alesan no listlah etc, but with perseverance eventually all right.

Checked in the hotel affairs we both directly nglayap pay debts yesterday that did not have time to walk lha wong road just steal the time sideline (kebangeten yes kok not allocated time for the road), set the breath first, set the strategy going where and the route how, obviously for a friend no 1 ya see the white building that time still looks quiet maybe the weather is still cold, sitting in front of the White House while the photos after satisfied the way through Capitol Hill, the road continues nglemesin feet do not feel it's time lunch, open the map while looking for a place to eat near the mbakyu guard Botanic Garden guard neighbors Voice of America building whose news is always the author heard through the favorite FM radio, he said that lho inside Indian American Museum there are good places to eat, walk us there, and it turns out really top markotop and maknyus its food, Indian menu modification, I eat stew cow with boiled potatoes and drink milk chocolate the heat given a perfume of Indian ingredients, wah satisfied lengerlenger glut.

The Indian museum itself is actually interesting, with the large number of collections on display from the old days to the present, but we are chasing with the time not got long here, which is strange to the author; I do not have Indians, start officers in, white oom-oom, mas security guard wong items, to mbak-mbak who keep the cashier and mbakyu hispanic whites and eroupian and the items that serve food, where are they ?.

Next we headed to Lincoln Memorial since the stomach is full of lazy roads wait wait for the taxi aja, until there the authors are always amazed especially when we start up the stairs upstairs, with the architecture wah, gigantic front pillars and statues mbOnce we landed dei JFK Airport we are not looking for a taxi that is certainly more expensive, we are looking for a joint venture that contents of about 8 people (pick up point at Airport) tariff about US $ 15 / passenger directly escorted kehotel. Since the time in NY was very narrow we had to hurry if we were going for a walk, thank goodness the location of the hotel in the middle of the city near the Hard Rock Cafe NY shortcase was on Fifth Avenue, from where we took the metro to Manhatan to see the Statue of Liberty up close, eh ndilalah we were locked together in the metro he he he sempet panic banged the door to the conductor pakde item nolongin, from there also wrong ferry, yes again apes look liberty from the distance, the day begins to dark directly streets around Broadway who saw the hustle and bustle of the human seliweran and the sight of the yellow taxis, we had time to Macy Department Store (the world's largest claims) with its antique wooden elevator was really charming.

Our dawn must be heading to JFK again with AA transit at Swarnabhumi Airport Bangkok to get to the beloved city of Jakarta, gempor-gempor deh body feels 11 days muter continued not stop there. (bp)

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