11 Inspiration of Mini Ornamental Plants For Work Desk; Banish Galau and Make Hearts Flower

11 Inspiration of

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Guys, what is it on your desk or your desk now? What is a photo? Jar of snacks? Favorite books? Or ornamental plants?

Yup, some people put the ornamental plant as a property that is placed on the desk. Some of the reasons are because office desks need decoration or decoration to reduce fatigue while working. In addition, ornamental plants are also believed to increase the spirit of work.

Reported by The Guardian, research conducted by Dr Chris Knight with colleagues from Exeter University, revealed that worker productivity increased 15 percent after his desk decorated with plants. Previously, the worker's table was empty and not decorated anything. They have studied the relationship between productivity and ornamental plants on the desk for 10 years.

Well, actually there are many types of mini ornamental plants that can be planted in pots and can live indoors. How to planting, ranging from planting media to creativity in stringing these ornamental plants are also diverse. Here's Hipwee Tips help you who are inspiration of mini ornamental plants for office desk decoration. Come on, peek!

1. Peace Lily flower is a symbol of purity is believed to provide a sense of calm, peace and rescue anger

This clean tulip-like white flower grows tall with its thick green leaves. This ornamental plant is most ideal to put on the edge of the window, because it is built a good mood and provide a comfortable soft touch. Putting it on the desk allows you to work in peace and quiet.

2. Green plant called Heart Philodendron gives the atmosphere of coolness because of its high absorptive capacity of pollutants

This plant has the same leaf shape as betel leaf, heart-shaped with a propagating growth. This plant makes you not easily saturated and also serves as a stress repellent drug. You can plant it just by dipping the stem in a glass vase filled with water.

3. Garbera Daisy's colorful flowers can give the impression of life, fresh and beautiful. You will feel at home in the office for work

Beauty colorful daisy flowers suitable for you who do not feel at home in the office linger. The treatment is easy, just cut the stems and dip into a vase filled with water. However, these flowers need to get direct sunlight on a regular basis. So, smart-looking to take care of him, yes.

4. Air purifier plants in this room dubbed as a spider plant, leaves that dangle down is a matter of interestThis plant has a high absorption of toxins in the air up to 90 percent within 2 days. The texture of the leaves that are not too hard that is long will fall limp and dangle down to resemble the spider's foot.

5. Cactus plants always be a favorite ornamental plant, its variant variant makes it suitable to improve the mood

Cactus with various shapes planted in small pots will look so small and adorable. In addition to cleaning the air, the cactus will also improve the mood to be more stable. Do not be too often watered and do not get too much sun too well for cactus durable and not quickly rot.

6. Leaf style belongs to aglaonema or sri rejeki that is meawan, suitable for work environment of the employees

This plant grows upright with wide leaves that now already have a variety of variants. This plant can also stand in air-conditioned room. Its function is not kidding, able to absorb benzene and formaldehyde that stubborn in the air.

7. Orchid is believed to stimulate memory and help improve morale, fit placed on the desk

These orchids usually live in places that have low water availability. So no need to worry to maintain it in the room, especially at your office desk. Planting can be done with various media, but still must be considered maintenance to remain fresh and not wither.

8. Aloe vera not only can be planted in the outside yard, mini variants you can use for office desk decorations as well

Besides beneficial for hair fertility, aloe can also be used for decorating the room. Ability to absorb harmful chemicals to make aloe vera is able to give coolness and freshness of the room.

9. Although small, mini bamboo is believed to be able to calm mood that is not karuan

Bamboo bamboo plants originating from China and Japan has a soft texture and straight. how easy planting, this mini bamboo can survive by just dipped in the water, as long as you often change the water just let it dirty, yes.10. If your office is hot, boston's fern is suitable to neutralize it. This plant is able to clean and moisturize the air

This plant basically likes a moist place, but its ability to absorb water makes boston fern freshen the room. Sure deh, your skin will not dry if your work table decorated with boston fern.

11. Tongue-in-law is not as expected, beauty and usefulness make your office more fresh and colorful

This sword-shaped plant can not only be planted outdoors, but can also be placed on the work table. As with cactus plants, the tongue-in-law is also not require much care, even this plant can grow even if only exposed to light.

Well, it's not just a decoration function, right? These mini decorative plants also refresh the air and make you more comfortable in the work environment. So where's your favorite plant?

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