11 Interesting Activities You Must Try When Sopping to Surabaya

11 Interesting Activities You Must Try When Sopping to Surabaya

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Hearing the word Surabaya, what comes to mind? The Battle of Surabaya on 10 November, the city's icon in the form of sharks and crocodiles, or maybe a typical jancok / jancuk cheer? The capital of East Java province is the second largest city in Indonesia with a population of 2.8 million. As a metropolitan city, Surabaya plays an important role as the center of economic, financial, and business activities in East Java and surrounding areas.

So, what charm does this City Hero offer for you who want to play there? Search together, yuk.

1. Do not miss to take pictures with Statues of Sura and Crocodile.

Once set foot in Surabaya, this statue seemed to greet you. Yes, Sura and Crocodile statue (Suro lan Boyo) is an icon of Surabaya that also tells the legend of origin of Surabaya. This statue depicts a balanced battle between the sura (shark) and the crocodile. The symbol of this hero city towered firmly in front of the Surabaya Zoo.

2. Remember the struggle arek Suroboyo expel the invaders by traversing Tugu Pahlawan.

The city of Surabaya is a silent witness of the people's struggle to expel the invaders through the Battle of Surabaya that occurred on November 10, 1945. At that time thousands of soldiers, militia, and people were killed and the city was devastated. Tugu Hero is a memorial to remember their struggle.

Tugu Pahlawan stood 41 meters tall on 1.3 hectares of land located at Jalan Pahlawan. Below the ground, there is the Nov. 10 Museum which stores the original recording of Bung Tomo's speech as well as the dive scene of the Suroboyo arek.

3. Dissecting the contents of submarine KRI Pasopati 410

No, it's not about dissecting the pempek submarine to know there's an egg or not, but dissecting a real submarine. KRI Pasopati 410 is a Russian-made submarine serving in the Navy since 1962. Now the submarine has been retired and transformed into a monument that can be enjoyed by the public. This submarine monument is said to be the largest submarine monument in Asia, you know!

4. Take pictures of the statue of the navy officer statue set against the blue sky at Jalasveva Monument Jayamahe.

Jalasveva jayamahe is a navy motto that means in our seas glorious. No wonder why this monument was founded in Surabaya, because this city is the command center of the fleet of the eastern Indonesian Navy. Monument Jalasveva Jayamahe also called Monjaya depicting naval officers gazing into the vast ocean, symbolizing the next generation with full of confidence and earnestness ready to hit the waves and take the storm in the direction indicated, the ideals of the Indonesian nation.This monument was built on the initiative of the then Indonesian Navy Staff Commander, Rear Admiral Muhamad Arifin and designed by I Nyoman Nuarta, a sculpture artist who also designed Garuda Wishnu Kencana in Jimbaran, Bali. Apart from being a monument, Monjaya is also useful as a beacon for ships to be docked. I do not think so, right?

5. Take a peek at the making of cigarettes in the House of Sampoerna.

Want to know how cigarettes are made in the factory? Mampir wrote to the House of Sampoerna located in the old city of Surabaya. House of Sampoerna is a Dutch-style building that used to be a Dutch-run orphanage. In 1932, the building complex was purchased by Liem Seeng Tee, founder of Sampoerna.

After changing hands, the building complex was converted as Sampoerna's first cigarette factory as well as the residence of his family. Now, some buildings in this complex used as a museum, while some are still functioned as a cigarette factory. In the museum, you can know the business development of Sampoerna as well as peeking the former residence of this cigarette owner.

6. Shake your tongue with typical culinary Surabaya, such as:

Sate Klopo

Do not imagine if this food is a coconut disate, you know. Sate klopo is a typical culinary Surabaya in the form of beef,, offal, until gajih alias fat grated coconut before burned. You can find a lot of klopo sate vendors in Surabaya, but the most famous is the sate klopo Ondomohen Bu Asih which is located on Mustajab Mayor Street.

Lontong Racing

Lontong racing already famous everywhere as a typical culinary icon of Surabaya. Hence, if you play to the city of Heroes, taste lontong racing too, dong. This one culinary is called lontong racing because it is said that the seller used pikulan to peddle his wares. Because of the weight, the road is so rushed, as if again like a race.

A piece of lontong racing contains lontong pieces, fried tofu, lentho plus sprouts, and then smothered with soup before mixing with fried onions, soy sauce, petis, and sambal. Taste? Hmm, savory, spicy, but delicious!

Rujak CingurLike most rujak, this culinary is not far away from vegetables and fruits such as mango, pineapple, kedondong, kale, tempe, and lontong. Rujak is then doused with peanut sauce and petis plus chili. What makes unique, this rujak plus cingur aka buffalo nose, hence called rujak cingur.

Ice Cream Zangrandi

For you fans of ice cream, do not miss to taste the legendary Zangrandi ice cream. Not only the taste of the luxurious ice rkimnya, the place is also comfortable for hanging out. Outletnya located in Jalan Yos Sudarso has stood since 1933 and until now still retain the sense and a classic atmosphere. Hmm, ngeliatnya aja already make drool!

7. You also can be satisfied-satisfied snack while hanging out in G Walk.

Nyari hangout place as well as culinary tour of young people really in Surabaya? Just drop by G Walk. Here you will find a hawker center complete with modern style and dimly lit lamps. The atmosphere is very fitting for hanging out for long spend the night of the week. In addition, in this place are also often held various interesting events. Who knows you met a mate here.

8. Walk down the jogging track Wonorejo Mangrove Forest.

Although Surabaya is a modern industrial city, do not miss to see the green side of Surabaya in Mangrove Forest Wonorejo. This mangrove forest is located on the east coastline of Kota Pahlawan. You can walk along the jogging tracks of mangrove forest made from bamboo slats. If you come here during the day, do not forget to stock yourself with mineral water and a wide hat or umbrella. There are also boats that you can ride with the price of 25 thousand to along the mangrove forest through the sea. Keep the environment yes, do not throw garbage carelessly.

9. Want to get wet? Go to Ciputra Waterpark aja!

Surabaya's hot air is the best fun with water play let the body keep cool. Well, it turns out the City of Hero has a water recreation park that is claimed as the largest in Southeast Asia, you know! You will be content to play water while exploring the area of ??the park which reaches 5 hectares. There are various rides you can try, such as Sirens River, Chimera Pool, Lagoon Marina, Sinbad Playground, Roc Tower and Syracuse Beach. Do not forget to wear sunscreen to let your skin not sunburned.

10. Ngadem used to be in Bungkul Park, yuk!

Main to Surabaya, not until you do not stop by the park pride of the citizens of Surabaya, Taman Bungkul. This park is a green open space of 900 square meters. Its name is taken from the name of Ki Supo known as Mbah Bungkul, a cleric in the kingdom of Majapahit in the 15th century, who is also brother-in-law of Raden Rahmat or Sunan Ampel.Taman Bungkul facility is very complete. Starting from the jogging track, children's playground, wireless internet access, amphitheater, to the skateboarding arena. Street vendors are also organized here. This park to get the world award The 2013 Asian Townscape Award as the best city park, you know!

11. Touchdown to Madura via Suramadu Bridge.

Surabaya also has the longest bridge in Indonesia, namely Suramadu Bridge. This bridge spreads between Surabaya and Madura Island. While in Surabaya, why not try to cross to Madura through this bridge? While driving, you can see the sea view from the top of the bridge. Oh yes, avoid stopping and photos on the bridge yes, because you can be ticketed.

Well, are there other culinary and tourism destinations that you can recommend for readers? Share via comment, yuk! Arek Suroboyo where is the voice?

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