11 Interesting Side of Ponorogo That Will Make You Want to Soon Slide There

11 Interesting Side of Ponorogo That Will Make You Want to Soon Slide There

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East Java not only has the charm of nature and the extraordinary beach, cultural richness is also interesting to be excavated. Who do not know the art of reog, for example? Well, Ponorogo Regency is the mother of this worldwide dance performances.

Before discussing reog further, Hipwee wants to invite you around exploring various other charms owned by Ponorogo. What kind of beauty is hidden behind this Reog City? Let's dig one by one.

1. When visiting Ponorogo, visit Lake Ngebel which became one of the city's tourism icons

Lake Ngebel is a natural lake located at the foot of Mount Wilis. Located at an altitude of 734 masl, you will be treated to a blue water surface with cool air between the hills. From downtown Ponorogo, you can reach this place with a distance of about 30 Km or about 45 minutes to the District Ngebel, the northern part of Ponorogo regency.

On the 1st of Suro, in this lake usually held the tradition of larung offerings by the local community. In the event of this offering larort there are two types of giant constellations that will be brought to the public. The first is a tumpeng containing brown rice, and the second is a tumpeng containing vegetables. If the tumpeng contains brown rice was washed away to the lake, tumpeng containing vegetables will be contested by the citizens. You can also lho participate in this glorious grabbing event.

Choose to come in other days? Do not worry about hunger in this place, because a number of stalls with a mainstay menu of tilapia ready to fill your stomach rumbling.

2. Not far from Lake Ngebel, there is a hidden waterfall Toyomerto

From Lake Ngebel, try blusukan approximately 5 km to Pupus Village. There is a waterfall called Toyomerto, which is taken from the name of the village where the waterfall is located. Waterfalls are also known by the name of Selorejo is two-storey; each 25-30 meter high level named Selorejo Atas and Selorejo Bawah.

The path to this place is quite extreme. Winding, uphill, steep with cliffs on either side. But, your trouble is worth it with the view you get in this waterfall. In addition to unspoiled destinations, you can also see pine forest and coffee gardens nearby.

3. All-green panorama at the top of Mount Bedes will make your eyes relax

If you are used to staring at the computer screen all day like Hipwee writer, it's good you occasionally merehatkan your eyes with a green-green look. Well, the view from Mount Bedes Ponorogo really make your eyes relax again, all refresh the mind that all too much because most work.Mount Bedes is a hill as high as 200 masl located on the border of Ponorogo and Trenggalek, precisely in the Village Ngadirojo Sooko District. Named Mountain Bedes because this place is inhabited by many bedes or apes. Prepare a tough motorcycle if you want to come here, because you have to melibas terrain with a sharp incline.

4. Still in the District Sooko, swift Pletuk waterfall that divides the hills you can capture with your camera.

Rumbling water that falls from a height of about 40 meters you can enjoy in Kranggan, Jurug Village, Sooko District, about 30 km from the city center. Waterfalls called Pletuk is a brown water flowing water flowing in the rainy season. Located in a hilly area of ??about 460 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a fresh panorama around the waterfall.

5. Standing with clouds under the feet you can also do in Ponorogo, precisely at the summit of Mount Gajah

To reach the tops of mountains is an addiction. The sight of the sun rising with clouds beneath our feet, plus the distant silhouette of a mountain peak made a distraction. Well, if you want a similar sight in Ponorogo, explore the top of Mount Elephant.

Mount Gajah is located in Sambit District with an altitude of about 1000 mdpl. The peak is not too difficult to achieve, can be through a path that is quite skipped motorcycle, although the field is quite challenging.

6. You can also style Meteor Garden style on the hill star Ponorogo: Peak Pringgitan.

Because it is located in the middle of East Java, Ponorogo does not have a beach. But, a number of hills and mountains will make you fascinated with this city. One of them, Bukit Pringgitan located in the village of Caluk, Slahung district. Here, you can style a la F4 in Meteor Garden, while looking at the city light of Reog city and the stars that have been studied. Do not forget to prepare a thick jacket to ward off cold air.

7. Gagahnya belly of the earth you can also explore. For that, go to Lowo Goa in Sampung Village

Lowo means bat. Formerly, this cave was a bat's nest; from where the cave name Lowo originated. You can find the cave that is formed in the limestone hills in Sampung Village, Sampung District, Ponorogo. To reach the mouth of the cave, you must penetrate the teak forest with minimal instructions. so, be careful not to get too far.

Lowo is long gone, but this cave is still interesting to be visited. Moreover, this place is known as Abris Sous Roche, the cave that was used as the abode of early humans Mesolithikum era. Until now, the former archaeological excavations can still be found in this cave.8. In the middle of the city, there is also a recreational park that became a favorite tourist destination family named Taman Wisata Ngembag

Simply walk eastwards as far as 3 Km from downtown Ponorogo, you can find Ngembag Tourist Park. This place is a city park equipped with a number of facilities and play rides, such as swimming pools, playgrounds and mini zoos. Hence, many visitors who bring his wife's children here for just refreshing.

9. To Ponorogo, certainly not complete if you have not witnessed the art of Reog mainstay of this city

Yes, Reog is an art that has been integral to the Ponorogo pulse. This art is always staged on various occasions, be it wedding, circumcision, national holidays, to a number of annual festivals held by Ponorogo regency government. There is a National Reog Festival, National Reog Mini Festival, as well as Performing the Full Moon which is usually held in the town square.

Reog dancers consist of Jathil, Warok, and Barongan or Merak Dadak. Masak Dadak Merak mask in the form of a lion's face with peacock feather fan can weigh up to 50 kilograms and only held by the head and jaw dancers. Not infrequently, the audience is also invited to sit on the head of the Barongan. Wow!

10. Want to know how the Peacock Dadak mask is made? Visit the Reog craftsman's studio in Carat Sumoroto Village

if you want to know more details about this art Reog, sambangi aja direct craftsmen who make this art equipment. One of them is Sarju's studio located in Carat Sumoroto Village, Kauman Sub-district. Mr. Sarju has been in the making of Reog equipment for more than 40 years. Besides being able to see directly the process of making, of course you can also get interesting stories about the life of artists reog.

11. Before you go home, fill your stomach with chicken satay Ponorogo is sold in Gang Sate Kampung Sate Ayam in Ponorogo!

A number of typical chicken satay stalls Ponorogo line along this alley. Indeed, Gang Sate is a village that became the center of chicken satay Ponorogo. Of the many satay stalls in this alley, Tukri Sobikun's satay stall is the most famous. It is said that he was the pioneer of selling satay in this place, so finally this alley became famous.

A serving of sate consisting of sliced ??lontong and a tenth of chicken skewers is valued 16 thousand rupiah. With spices rich in spices, you'll be addicted to eating here.

That's part of the interesting side of Reog City that you should be jajal when the opportunity to visit Ponorogo. Do you have any other attractions in Ponorogo that are your favorite? Yuk, deh, letin wrote in the comment field.

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