11 Lesser Popular Courses This Apparently Needed in Second Round Seconds CPNS Selection 2017

11 Lesser Popular

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Starting on 5 September 2017 yesterday, the Government re-open the second CPNS acceptance vacancy in 60 Ministries / Institutions and 1 provincial government ie North Kalimantan Province. Asman Abnur, Menpan-RB, required as many as 17,428 CPNS for the Ministry / Institution and as many as 500 CPNS for North Kalimantan Provincial Government from graduate from SMA / SMK to S2.

The rise of news circulating in some short messages or social media is a fresh breeze for the pemincar position of civil servants across the archipelago. By the way, Success Hipwee has been hitting official information related to registration requirements on the Kemenpan-RB website, and found some less-popular qualifications that are needed to occupy some of the positions provided! Here are some majors of minimal enthusiasts who entered in the list of qualifications CPNS selection in progress. Who knows you one of them.

1. The graduates of Library Science have the opportunity to sit in the position of archivist, librarian, even the analyst of the dispute file

Department of Library Science is starting to be widely applied in some universities, but these majors are still relatively small compared to other majors. The study of topics relating to this library is apparently listed in the current CPNS selection qualification. Graduates of Library Science are required to serve as archivists in the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs, librarians at the State Personnel Board (BKN), and even the disputed file analysts at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

2. You who graduated from the Sport Science Department do not panic can not work, there is an offer to be a sports analyst at the Ministry of Youth and Sports RI (Kemenpora)

Most prospective students who enjoy movement and body work prefer majors from applied science rather than pure science. Many graduates from the Sport Science Department are worried that they are having trouble finding work. Hey, do not be discouraged! Kemenpora opens vacancies for you Sports Science graduate to occupy a position as a sports analyst. Well, pure science related to the sports you get during the lecture is needed there.

3. Department of Plant Pests and Diseases have an opportunity in the Ministry of Agriculture to become expert auditors and researchers

Majors that focus on pest management issues to conserve the environment and manage biological resources to maintain this agroecosystem balance are rarely heard. No wonder if those who are studying in this department is said to be anti mainstream. It turns out your effort-want-to-show-difference is ogled by the Ministry of Agriculture. They are looking for shoots from this graduate to assume the position of expert auditor and researcher you know!

4. A researcher at Kemendikbud should not come from the MIPA majors really, you who graduated from Regional Language also counted!

The development of the era in the digital era like this increasingly eroded the young generation who want to learn the local language to be practiced in the life of society. Fortunately for those of you who take risks in the Regional Language department and be able to pass it. Because the Language Development and Development Agency under the Ministry of Education and Culture is looking for graduates from the Regional Language to be appointed as a researcher.

5. If you are hesitant to become a designer with a graduation course, the list just be an expert instructor in the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin)Clothing is not only a course of study when we sit in high school (SMA) course, bench lectures are also many who provide it. Most of the students are those who have the talent and interest in the field of fashion design. But the fact is not there just chance, you need to check vacancies that have just opened by the Ministry of Industry looking for graduates from Tata Clothing to become an expert instructor.

6. Anyone ever heard of the Comparative Religion Department? It turns out that the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) needs it to hold the position of the material analyst

This religious harmony-based study program examines the intricacies of religions that existed in humans from the earliest days of civilization to contemporary times, both in the eastern and western worlds. Well, it looks like the graduates of this department must be really strong faith, huh! He cried again, graduates from this department became one of the sought by BIN to play an important role as an explanatory material analyst.

7. They are also graduates from the Korean Department of Letters who are targeted by BIN to assume responsibility as intelligence analysts and data processors in the East Asia and Pacific Sub-Directorate

If the English Literature, Javanese Literature, Japanese, and Arabic hell already provided many famous universities. Well, this is Korean Literature? Approximately anywhere yes, the campus? You who are lucky to graduate from this unheard majors become one of BIN's search targets to hold positions as intelligence analysts and data processors whose placement units are in the East Asia and Pacific Sub-Directorate. Who knows it's in South Korea, the dream of girls these days.

8. Not just be an artist, graduates of Arts Department also have a chance at the Creative Economy Agency (BeKraf) you know!

Bachelor of Arts is required to have the qualification able to express the art concept and make it into the artwork, and able to analyze various forms of artwork theoretically. Well, this qualification is being searched BeKraf as an institution that encourages the development of creative community economy to be placed in several positions. Among others are art appreciation analysts, cultural information analysts, as well as analysts of musical creation and production. Interesting right?

9. The Criminology Department is included in the list of qualifications as a legal product analyst, advocacy analyst, and investigative analyst at the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT)

Criminology is not a Sherlock Holmes school that studies crime scene or forensics like in Criminal Minds serial films. But more to the broad social sciences, and more require students to do social research than fingerprint or blood traces research. Being a legal product analyst, an advocacy analyst, as well as an investigative analyst, becomes a great opportunity for Criminology graduates for a career in BNPT.

10. Biology graduates are required by some ministries to become forestry police, forest ecosystem controllers, materials analysts, pharmacy supervisors and food experts, as well as engineers

You who used to study in the Department of Biology and often struggle with research in the laboratory, it seems necessary to change the mindset of the future. In CPNS acceptance selection second round of this year, there are many opportunities for you to serve in the ministry chair. LHK or the Ministry of Environment and Forestry requires forestry police and forest ecosystem controllers, BIN opens vacancies as an advocacy analyst, the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) requires pharmacy and food experts, as well as the Agency for the Implementation and Assessment of Technology (BPPT) engineers from this graduate. Which list to choose?11. Not just a historian, history graduate also has the opportunity to be archivist or curator of museum collections in Kemenpora, archivist category of expertise in ANRI

Graduates who have been catted with this past story will not only end up being a historian or (maksa) a history teacher in schools only. There are also other more competitive and prospective opportunities, such as those sought by these two ministries. You are invited to join the selection to serve as archivist or curator of museum collections at Kemenpora, or become an archivist of skill categories in the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI). Dare try dong?

Some of the mainstream or rarely favored majors that Hipwee Success mentioned above are just a few of the other majors that may be considered unfamiliar by ordinary people. Do not let anyone else decide your future. Prove to those who say that your majors potentially madesu alias the future is bleak that you can also be a state apparatus who sits in the ministry of RI chair. Although it must go through a long and difficult process, but if you do not try, then you will never know the results.

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