12 Best Open World Games on Android 2016

12 Best Open World Games on Android 2016

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Stunning graphics quality is an important element that determines the quality of a game. However, graphics is not everything. There are other elements such as gameplay and storyline. Well, one of the categories of games that present gameplay and unusual storyline is Sandbox games, other terms Open World or Free-roaming.

Actually there is a difference between Sandbox and Open World, Sandbox game can also be called Open World game but Open World game is not necessarily Sandbox game. This game is very fun because it presents 'freedom'. Lets you explore freely explore the virtual world through a game. You can go crazy in a new world full of fantasy, and can choose your own main mission and side mission. Reporting from Androidauthority, following Jaka serve 12 titles of the best Android Sandbox game.

Best Open World Games and Sandbox on Android 2016

1. Block Story

If you knew Minecraft, you would know Block Story. Block Story is the best lightweight Sandbox game similar to Minecraft but has a story. Here you can build something, fly with dragons, fight monsters, and go on a mission to save the world.

The Open World game also comes with an RPG element that allows you to increase your character level, upgrade weapons and equipment, to create artifacts to call dragons and other monsters. Block Story is available for free, but there is also a premium version for Rp39.000 that you can download on the Google Play Store.

2. Crashlands

Butterscotch Shenanigans game that was introduced in early 2016 was instantly exploded and became one of the best Open World game of Android. Crashlands is also an Open-World survival game, where you can adventure while defending yourself from monsters.

The story is that you are an inter-galaxy plane driver stranded on a planet. You will venture alone to explore an alien planet in order to get back the plane and its lost load. The problem is, it will not be that easy because Woanope's planet is so wide. Interested to dive in the gripping Crashlands adventure? You have to spend Rp69.000 and you can download on Google Play Store.

3. Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is Gameloft's attempt to rival the popularity of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). This game takes place in Las Vegas, you can spend time walking around casually as you wish. You can also compete in MMA contests, do missions, and build your own gang to take over Las Vegas City.Gangstar Vegas does have a lot in common with other Open-World games out there, but Gangstar Vegas has a different feel with GTA. This game is freemium type, so you can install for free even though there is an in-app purchase. Please try directly, Gameloft classified diligently released a release to include more content and features.

4. Goat Simulator

For you big fans of Sandbox games, definitely admit that Goat Simulator is the best lightweight Sandbox game. Goat Simulator is a simulation game that asks you to live life as a goat in a small town. But what brought by Coffee Stain Studios was not to live life as a normal goat.

Goat Simulator will take you on the life of a mad goat, with the goal of gore as many humans as possible and destroy the city. This one goats have a very evil mission and do it slowly and personally, one by one to rummage through everything on your smartphone.

5. Godus

Godus is the best Android Open World simulator game. In Godus, you will play Godlike roles that will govern human civilization. You will accompany human beings of different ages, from the time of humanity in the stone age, to the silver age, to the more advanced modern civilization.

His name is also Sandbox game, you can do a variety of customization to make the world as you wish. In addition to creating, you can also destroy by throwing meteors or rain of fire to humans. The choice is yours, because you are the creator.

6. Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto Game is the most popular Android sandbox game of all time, be it on console, PC, even on mobile devices. In total there are 4 game titles available to play on smartphones, including Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas, and the latest GTA: Liberty City Stories.

You can get around the city and do whatever you want, not just make a mess on the highway. You can visit a nightclub, take a train or a tram, swim in the seabed, take an airplane and more.

7. MinecraftMinecraft is the true Sandbox game, the most popular of all time. You can build whatever you want according to creativity and imagination. You can work with other friends to create more beautiful and imaginative things in the Minecraft world without restrictions.

Minecraft is basically arranged in a grid pattern consisting of different materials, such as soil, rock, sand, water, wood, and others. So before building anything we have to find the natural resources first to build the buildings we want. For you who want to try, do not hesitate anymore deh.

8. Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath is an adventure action game with Open World, previously available for Xbox, PC, PS3 and PS Vita. In this game you can do exploration in a wide industrial area. In doing the action, you will be given two points of view that is third-person (during adventure & exploration) and first-person during the shoot-out action.

Oddworld Strangers Wrath is a mobile game with great ambition that presents a massive adventure with a great world. Game controls have been fully customizable and with a unique storyline, you can have fun doing various thrilling actions.

9. Terraria

Terraria is the best Android 2D side-scrolling Android Sandbox game where you are free to do whatever you want. Terraria is often compared to Minecraft, because both of these games both have a true 'Sandbox' concept that will not be finished.

Just like Minecraft, in Terraria you can spend time building, mining, gathering materials, building homes, making tools, and more. All that is done To survive the 450 unique enemy attacks, over 30 pets, and more.

10. Titan Quest

Titan Quest is the best Sandbox game for PC released in 2006. After waiting 10 years, Titan Quest mobile version finally came in last May. DotEmu must have presented a variety of adjustments to the new control scheme.

In the Titan Quest you play as a hero who will be adventuring against monsters from three ancient cultures ranging from Greece, Egypt, and also Chinese civilization. Explore the big world, kill bad guys, raise levels, and collect various items. To try it you have to spend Rp119.000, although a little expensive but the experience of play presented Titan Quest certainly satisfactory, and no in-app purchases.11. Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassins Creed Identity is an RPG action. You will play a lively assassin in the days of the Italian Renaissance. Unlike the mobile games from the previous Assassins Creed series, this time Ubisoft presents an authentic Open World adventure game similar to Assassins Creed console and PC versions. Complete with mission variations such as peering opponents, protecting important figures, and killing criminals with hidden blades.

To play it, this game requires constant internet connection. Unfortunately, the monetize IAP scheme that is enforced in premium games is certainly quite disappointing. Hopefully, with regular updates released by Ubisoft make the experience of playing Assassins Creed Identity better.

12. Aralon: Forge and Flame

Aralon: Forge and Flame is a sequel to Aralon's RPG: Sword and Shadow with a much larger world view and better graphics than the original version. There are two choices, the free version is packed with ads or paid versions with a price of Rp65.000.

This sequel promises a very exciting fantasy adventure. You will be involved in a conflict of rivalry between the royals of the Callaheim kingdom. Just like Aralon before, you get tired of choosing four classes from three different races: elves, humans, and trolls.

That's the 12 best Sandbox and Open World Android games. So, ready to adventure in the game? Just do not forget the time in the real world yes.

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