12 Practical Indoor Plant Inspiration for Narrow Houses. Green That Lho, Make a Fresh Eye!

12 Practical Indoor

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Many people are now a hobby with the concept of a minimalist home because of limited land. Because of minimalism, yard or page was narrow or even totally absent. Not to mention if you are in a big city when the apartment becomes an option to stay. Usually most stuck to see the outside scenery is to sit on the balcony terrace.

Trend residence like this turned out to bring another trend you know, that is taking care of plants in the house (indoor plant). Not just a vase filled with imitation plants, but this beneran pot with small to large size filled with native plants. Although not all types of plants can be treated in the house, many people choose this path to still get a green scene in his house. In addition, of course, make the house become more beautiful and unsightly.

Yes, even though you are still single and have not had a partner to build a house together, it does not hurt anyway, see some inspiration design house with indoor plant in it. Let you also have a picture of what your home design will be later right?

1. If the living room like this is going to make your guests feel at home. Look at the plants on the wall, just put on the shelves you used to use for bookshelves

2. Funny also yes if next to the refrigerator given a dangling plant. You can patch it with a net like this

3. Utilizing the space as a medium to place plants you can imitate like this design

4. Ideas to hang a plant on the wall like this can also be a solution if the land at home not so much

5. It feels really cool if the kitchen like this. How not, the plants make cool see it

6. Just on the edge of the window, dining table and wall rack. Simple but the plants make beautiful atmosphere

7. Although only the bathroom, there is nothing wrong you put the plants there. Let the more interesting and comfortable

8. One way slick to put the plants in the house is to condition it on a large shelf like this. If you get bored, you just move the shelf to a different angle9. Shelves made to meet half the room is indeed more beautiful after being given some plants rather than just filled with ornaments or books

10. Fresh really hell if you sleep in the bedroom like this. Wake-up, eyes will be made fresh with the number of plants that exist

11. From now on, you may prefer to buy ornamental plants rather than furniture to make your room more beautiful

12. If the work space like this of course all the task will cepet kelar soalnya so the spirit for ngerjainnya!

That's some inspiration plants in the house that make cool to look at. Although the house is minimalist and narrow, you can still see the green-green this way. Want to try?

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