12 Reasons Why New Rangga Contacting Love After 12 Years

12 Reasons Why New Rangga Contacting Love After 12 Years

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You are big in the 90s must know the movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC). The film is a milestone revival of teenage movies in Indonesia is indeed phenomenal. Not only suck millions of viewers, Rangga and Cinta also become icons of love of young 90's. Their love story will always be left in our hearts.

Yesterday, Rangga and Cinta returned to our midst via a short video sponsored by the chat app. In the video, finally the story of Rangga and Cinta no longer hang. Are you furious at Rangga for neglecting Love 12 years old? This time, Hipwee wants to invite you to explore the reasons behind Rangga's decision not to contact Love. Aaaahh .. they are yes 🙂

1. Could Be Rangga Does not Have Time. So He's Just Contacting Love After 1 More Decade

It is love that changes the course of time.

With you, and miss

to reverse the period.

The piece of poetry opens a mini drama There's What With Love that horrendous internet and social networking. If you want judging from the meaning of poetry, actually Rangga still keep a sense of love. But time and circumstances did make them not have a chance to be together.

Rangga looks very busy in AADC short films. Work related to the camera looks to take a lot of time. When someone is super busy, sometimes feelings can be forgotten right? Maybe Rangga still keeps feelings on Love, but the time is really exhausted to work his job.

2. Now That Rangga is Super Irit

Ticket New York-Jakarta PP can spend 17-20 million. Well you know, if there is a free from the office why pay?

3. My Book That Falling Right While Rangga is Packing Awakens Old MemoriesOr .. could be even Rangga actually did not intend to contact and seek Love. But everything changed after the book I wrote Anwar Chairil fell near his feet, just as he was packing.


Maybe that's what Rangga thinks.

4. Why Just Contact? Because..Rangga Fear of Heartache

You are annoyed because Rangga seems to be doing nothing for 12 years, try ngaca deh.

Deg-deg an if you want to meet the former?

Afraid can not move on if you meet ex-girlfriend again after tens of years? Especially if his ex sekakep Mb Dian Sastro.

Rangga just want to understand, guys. He is afraid of heartache. That's why.

5. Once Rangga Ever Contacting Love Via WhatsApp, But Girl Nowadays Emang Hobinya Nge-read Doang

Relationship 2.0:

Chat only in-read is as high as the PHP level. #sabdaWho knows if Rangga once contacted Love via Whatsapp but not replied? Especially first whatsapp has no blue check, so do not know if already read or not.


Yeah, no one knows lest Rangga afraid to contact Love because during this chat was never replied, just read aja.

6. His love is also no effort. He's Too Busy With His Life

Girls are not always right. Could be Rangga lazy contact Love because his love is also no effort. Rangga busy work, Love busy work. Alright

7. Rangga Worried, Do-Do Love Have Husband?

Well loh, nah loooh.nggak follow-up ~

8. Or, even Rangga who has a girlfriend ..

A cute guy Rangga can really have a boyfriend without being seen. Anyway, what is the meaning of the common people like us who have never moved-on from him for decades.

The only girl who looks close to Rangga in the short film is this girl and the girl who LINE Rangga to tell her that she has to go to Bangkok and to Jakarta. Who knows if they are not just colleagues, but also his girlfriend Rangga?

9. Could Be, Rangga Must Wait 12 Years Because .. Jakarta-New York Journey Closer Than Jakarta-Bekasi Distance5 years ago, Love Fuel Rangga:

Rangga, now I moved house to Bekasi.

Well, if I go there I must take care of the visa again huh? Duh, we met 12 more years aja ya Love. Siapin power same money first.

10. First Pakenya BBM Sih, not wear LINE

While still using fuel, search and ask for his PIN alone I was difficult. How to contact? Good thing now that there is Find Alumni!

* celingak-celinguk nyariin brand manager of his LINE, who knows interested bikinin special features for Hipwee *


11. Yeah Sabar ya Mbak Cinta, Cowok Emang Gitu ..

The guy emang so, Mb. Sukanya disappears without news. Whereas the girl is already as beautiful as Love? Mb Cinta sabar ya Mb. The strong one.


12. Or Probably Right Puthut EA, That: Love Indeed Never TimelySeconds never step back

but the white paper remains.

Time never goes backwards

and the day never recurred.

However, the morning always offers a new story.

For all unanswered questions.

Rangga-Cinta, your love will always lasting in our hearts. Langgeng Langgeng ya ya its LDR! Please, immediately make a sequel to the next short film.

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