12 Types of Battle Spell in Mobile Legends

12 Types of Battle Spell in Mobile Legends

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Battle Spell is one of the features in Mobile Legends games that players can not ignore. This feature can be called as additional skill for hero and supporting factors that can not be considered trivial. The selection of Battle Spell will greatly affect the hero in the match. Therefore, it is important for players to determine the Battle Spell before the game begins.

There are 12 types of Battle Spell that will open as the game level rises. In order for you to utilize the Battle Spell correctly, it helps you to know in advance the usefulness of every Battle Spell available. Well, here's Jaka spell out the usefulness of the 12 types of Battle Spell. Come on, listen!

12 Types of Battle Spell Mobile Legends and Their Usability Each

1. Execute

The first Battle Spell is an Execute that you can choose if you want to increase your attack against your opponent. Execute helps to inflict damage causing physical damage to the opponent's hero of 240 to 800 depending on what level you are on. However, this Battle Spell only works best if you use it when you are near your opponent's hero.

2. Retribution

Retribution is a Battle Spell for you who like to hunt for forest monsters. Retribution will have no effect if you use it against the hero of the opponent, but this Battle Spell will greatly help kill the forest monsters quickly, even Turtle and Lord though.

3. Fury

Using Battle Spell Fury helps you create enemies affected by the loss of 20% defense. Not only that, Fury will also increase the speed of attacks that owned hero so that the skills will be more optimal. Battle Spell you should choose if you want to use Assassin hero or Fighter.

4. Sprint

Sprint will be very useful when you feel your hero is moving very slowly. With this Battle Spell, your hero speed will increase by 42% for 7 seconds and you can use it when chasing the enemy or running away when almost killed. Try to use Sprint in a really precarious moment, yes!5. Healing Spell

It seems that Healing Spell is the most used Battle Spell player. Not surprising because Healing Spell is very useful for the defense of heroes. When dying but not possible to recall, and can no longer use regen, Healing Spell can be a perfect alternative. Not just add HP to your own hero, hero friends who are very close to you will also get additional HP up to 50%.

6. Interference

Using Interference will help you withstand 3 successive physical attacks from your opponent's hero for 5 seconds. Battle Spell is perfect for you who like to attack alone. When Interference is enabled, you can take advantage of the opportunity to escape and seek refuge.

7. Petrify

When Petrify is activated, the opponent's hero who is closest to hero will be affected by stun and can not move for 0.7 seconds. In addition, this Battle Spell will also provide magic damage of 115-325 against the opponent affected.

8. Purify

Purify will be a panacea when your hero is exposed to the skill effect of the enemy hero. Enabling Purify when exposed to skill effects such as slow or frozen effects, then the effect will disappear and will not cause significant damage to your hero.

9. Weaken

Weaken is a powerful Battle Spell weakens enemies. By activating the Weaken, the affected enemies will lose their defense and movement speeds by 50% and 70% respectively.

10. FlickerIf you often play in Brawl Mode, then you must be familiar with this one Battle Spell. With Flicker, you have the ability to jump deep in whichever direction you direct this Battle Spell. Flicker will be very helpful for you who want to chase the enemy or run to save themselves.

11. Arrival

Battle Spell this one is quite difficult to use although its function is very useful. Arrival allows you to move your hero to another place. It's just that you have to direct it to the team tower or about minions. Quite difficult indeed or this Battle Spell will not mean anything.

Iron Wall

Last is Iron Wall. Battle Spell is very useful to withstand the physical attacks of the enemy as well as increase the effect of attacks on those who become targets. Battle Spell also helps reduce the effects of attacks that already hit heromu as much as 25%.

That's 12 Battle Spell Mobile Legends and their respective uses. As mentioned above, each Battle Spell has different uses. Therefore, make sure you choose a Battle Spell that you can use well to be useful in matches.

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