14 Android Games Save Memory in Smartphone RAM 256 MB (Part 2)

14 Android Games Save Memory in Smartphone RAM 256 MB (Part 2)

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As previously discussed, anyone would love to play games, including you who still use a smartphone with limited memory. Previously Jaka never discussed the memory-saving Android game that can be played on Android RAM 256 MB, and in part 2 of this Jaka will discuss the rest.

Is there a game that can be played on smartphones with narrow memory specs? There is. Do not believe? Yu, see together 14 memory-saving games that can be played on 256 MB Android smartphone RAM (part 2).

14 Android Games Save Memory On Smartphone RAM 256 MB (Part 2)

8. Hay Day

Hay Day is the first release of SuperCell released in 2012 with agriculture theme. In accordance with the theme, you will be invited to take care of farming and farming with everything in it, such as pets, regulating the environment, selling crops, and so on that will make you feel comfortable and addicted.

9. Danger Dash

Danger Dash is a memory-saving Android game with endless run themes or endless runs like Subway Surfer and Temple Run. Like the theme, in this game we only control the players who continue to run and sometimes collect coins and into the mysterious places that will certainly add to the excitement of this game.

10. Flow Free

This game is a very enjoyable memory-saving Android game. In addition you can get a fun side when playing it, also can hone the way of thinking to finish each level.

11. Townsmen

For those of you who often or never play Simcity will be easy to adapt to this Townsmen game. Townsmen is basically the same as the game Simcity because you are both tasked to build an area for people to prosper and move forward. But the difference, Townsmen took the background in the medieval era of the French Revolution with a thriving economy and happy people.The livelihoods of these residents include mining, forests, agriculture, and fisheries whose results are used for the benefit of the population.

12. Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman

Reaper Game: Tale of a Pale Swordsman is one of the RPG-themed memory-saving Android games. In this game, you will play as a swordsman who must kill all enemies in an attempt to become true swordman.

This game comes with an awesome 2D platforming, full of adventure elements. This game features a wide story with a unique leveling system. Unfortunately, you have to pay to continue the game.

13. Colossatron

Colossatron is a game where you will act as an alien attacking the earth. The alien is shaped like a giant iron snake with a modular body so it can be spliced ??or separated at any time.

This gigantic snake will go crazy and destroy whatever it passes. Modular body part is none other than a vehicle that can shoot and called the powercore in this game.

14. Inotia Series

And the cover of this article is the Inotia series game which so far already has 4 series, but remaining in the Play Store is only the fourth series of Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel. This game is themed RPG with a total of 6 classes that you can choose to become class Kiyan, the main character, the Black Knight, Warlock, Assasssin, Ranger, Priest, Warrior. Each has a different build and start status.

What makes Inotia 4 different from most android RPG games, here you can party from 3 to 6 people, so it will help you to complete each mission.

That's the games that can be played on Android that has 256 MB of RAM. Of course all the games that have been Jaka conveyed in the previous part and this part has Jaka try it yourself. The result, quite smoothly, although there are some who sometimes nge-lag if it has long played it. If you know Android games save memory other than Jaka convey above, please share in the comment field yes.

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