14 Most Popular Green Articles 2014

14 Most Popular Green Articles 2014

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[/ caption] Increasing the average temperature of land, sea and earth's atmosphere is the main cause of human activity itself. Technology and innovation also become one of the main factors causing the rise of this earth temperature. This technology and innovation comes with positive and negative effects let alone exacerbated by human activities of increasingly uncontrolled intensity. The easiest example is the use of paper. Paper is very needed human, all human activity must be attached with this one item. But how many trees should be felled because of the production of this paper. Or the closest example of the use of fossil fuels in a vehicle, the more vehicles will increasingly increase this ground temperature due to pollution from the burning of these fuels. Illegal logging, lack of open space green open buildings, wasteful use of electricity and many more causes that can not be mentioned one by one this. Although it can be considered too late for preventive measures, at least we as Earth's inhabitants must participate as a minimum step dilution of the depletion of the ozone layer and reduce the temperature of the earth. Kompasianer who also as Earth's inhabitants, must contribute as action to the earth. Show the action, and spread the positive activity through writing. Surely throughout the year 2014 in Green Kompasiana channel has spread the viruses through the writing that invites, inform the action. Here are 14 Green Articles that get the most response in the Year 2014.

1. New Media Tower Building UMN Campus, Champion of Tropical Building as ASEAN

The shape of buildings and tall buildings is also one of the triggers of global warming or more easily skyscraper buildings that cause the greenhouse effect by reflecting light from the sun, as well as incorrect building management will exacerbate the impact. But unlike the building New Media Tower (NMT) Multimedia Nusantara University located in Serpong city of South Tangerang this. According to Kompasianer Gapey Sandy who had the opportunity to directly visit the building, the 13-storey building was awarded as the first winner of Energy Saving Building at the National Energy Efficiency Award in 2013 and also as the Energy Efficient Building Tropical Building category which was contested at ASEAN Energy Award 2014 in Vientiane, Laos. This open-concept building is very interesting to trace, because of the very efficient use of electricity by maximizing the use of incoming sunlight, and the use of air circulation with minimal electricity usage. Interested in finding innovations from this building, check out the full search HERE.

2. It's the Most Disabled Country Country in the World

[/ caption] Who is happy with the name of disaster, anyone will certainly try to anticipate, prevent to innovate to minimize the disaster that will happen. Floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes are a disaster that usually haunts a country with an island that has a small land area. Based on World Risk Index data released by the United Nations, Indonesia includes areas that have a high risk of disaster characterized by dark pink marks. According to Kompasianer Ilyani Sudardjat Indonesia's review is not alone which is included in the section of the country with very high risk indication, japan and other countries which are generally located close to the waters have the highest risk. In addition to these countries with the highest risk, listed Qatar country which turned out to be the world's safest country from disaster. What is the reason? You can read more articles that can reach almost 4000 readers in HERE.

3. Sudden Floods, Causes and Efforts to overcome them

[/ caption] Still remember of course with banjir bandang disaster that hit the city of Manado, flood disaster according to the observation of citizens, actually never happened. With only a short time, heavy rain with high intensity for days greeted with lightning mutual reply caused a flood of floods that hit the city of Manado. According to a report from the UN, this disaster is not only happening in Manado alone. Several European and American countries are also affected by these disasters

[/ caption] Riau was covered in smoke for approximately two months due to forest fires that occurred in the forests of Sumatra. Even the smoke disaster caused by this forest fire to the neighboring Malaysia and Singapore are suspected of involving large companies that manage palm oil in Riau. Due to such disasters activity in Riau is almost paralyzed. Some schools and campuses have to be closed because of the danger of smoke that could endanger the citizens when inhaled. Even when the citizens are in the house once the threat of dangerous diseases can still happen. According to the monitoring of Achmad Siddik the government is considered too slow to overcome this disaster, residents must be forced to fight for about 2 months bathed in smoke and threats from dangerous diseases that attack the breathing. Citizens even have to rally action in social media to government more quickly respond to this disaster. How critical the condition of Riau at that time, you can refer to articles that can reach more than 3,000 readers this HERE.

5. Watch out for the Danger of Trembesi Trees as Shade Plants in the Housing Environment!

[/ caption] Who does not want a beautiful home atmosphere. This principle is what makes some residential developers presents the atmosphere of housing with these conditions through the planting of trees that can create a lush atmosphere. The Trembesi tree becomes one of the fastest greening ways. It only takes 3-5 years, the tree can grow quickly and make the atmosphere around the tree to be shady. But behind the habit of planting this trembesi tree developers, according to Kompasianer Sony Hartono this tree was also caused a negative impact. The trembesi tree will more absorb more ground water, and this tree which is capable of damaging the road body because of its strong roots, this tree branches can also be vulnerable broken, and according to him the government should review the greening habit by planting this tree because it turns out maintenance costs which will cost a lot. Check out the full description here HERE.

6. Vertical Cropping System for Organic Crops

[/ caption] This planting system is really interesting, using less land, requires only a few pvc pipes arranged in stages and can be flooded with water coming from a mini water pump. This system is considered appropriate in urban land with minimal open land, and maintenance is much easier, and of course the harvest will be healthier because it does not contain chemical compounds. According to Kompasianer Yesica Manurung this way although it can be said far easier than the conventional way of planting, maintenance still needs to be done regularly every day. You can see the full review again HERE.

7. This Cause Yesterday Hot Air Temperature

[/ caption] In October 2014, in Indonesia temperatures are rising at its peak, the high temperatures are estimated to be in the range of 39-40 centigrade. According to monitoring Kompasianer Nyayu Fatimah Zahroh this phenomenon need not be feared because this phenomenon does occur in every year. This phenomenon is also caused by the pseudo motion of the sun is moving from the equator to the southern hemisphere and is on the island of Java located in the south of the equator. The steps to minimize the temperature can also be done by 3R (reuse, reduce, recycle). Check out the full explanation that almost touches the 3,000 readers HERE.8. Still Want to Use Chemical Fertilizer? Check out the danger

[/ caption] The use of fertilizer is never separated from the name of the planting process, fertilization process is expected to increase the amount of agricultural or plantation. However, the danger when the process of fertilization is done using pupun made from chemicals, although can be spelled out more instantaneously in accelerating the planting process, chemical fertilizer more share as the destructor of soil structure, which if it is severe the land can no longer be planted. According Kompasianer Charisma Rahma danger from the use of chemical fertilizers can further aggravate the condition of the soil because of this chemical fertilizer makes the soil become dependence on chemical fertilizers. Check out the full review HERE.

9. PRJ Monas, Miris Because Trash

[/ caption] PRJ counterpart formation of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is a form of action for the people where PRJ held in JIEXPO is considered as the party of rich people, not the party of all Jakarta citizens. So from this reason the Jakarta Provincial Government which at the time was still led by Mr. Joko Widodo invite all his people partying for free by bringing in some typical entertainment of betawi and cheap food a la Betawi. This plan was greeted with great enthusiasm from the public, the party that was held during this week turned out to cause its own polemic. The party that was held specifically for the people left a bad record and should be tarnished with scattered rubbish at the location of the event. According Kompasianer Widi Kurniawan waste management during PRJ Monas very bad event, triggered also with the habits of traders and buyers who throw garbage carelessly this further exacerbates the problem. Writing written at the end of the PRJ Monas event in June attracts the attention of readers to touch numbers more than 2,000, you can refer to the record PRJ Monas more here HERE.

10. All of Jakarta Threatened Drowning

[/ caption] What more feared the inhabitants of Jakarta city from the flood. Disasters that almost come every year as if there is no solution, ideas and ideas have been tried by DKI Jakarta Provincial Government but the disaster always comes every year in some areas. The peak is when roundabout H.I must be flooded for about a week. Many observers predict if Jakarta does not immediately fix itself to improve its drainage system is not impossible the capital of the Indonesian state will sink in the next few decades. According to the article reviewed by Kompasianer Ben Baharuddin Nur Jakarta is entering a town with lowland areas, and if the ice sheet in Greenland is melting, it is not impossible that all the land in Jakarta will be flooded. Check out the complete analysis that can reach 28 voters in HERE.

11. Need Quality Sand, Coming to Kediri

[/ caption] On February 13, 2014, Mount Kelud spewed up all the earth's contents. The eruption of the mountain caused the ash of rain in the surrounding towns that surround Kelud, although after the eruption of the volcano just issued ash, the ash flooded the areas around one of Kediri town. On the other hand this disaster can be a blessing because the sand removed from volcanic ash can be used as a building material. However, because of the amount that is too much, the reduction is also assisted with rain water is still less significant. According to a report from Kompasianer Yosafati Gulo the entire road in Kediri is still difficult to clean although it has been cultivated swept to the side of the road. The report written in February is able to reach nearly 2,000 readers, and you can read the full report here HERE.

12. Planting Jackfruit In Pot Can Be Fruitful, Easy

[/ caption] This time on the green channel, there are very useful tips from Kompasianer Ngesti Setyo Moerni. This tip invites and informs you, that planting jackfruit tree can be done only through the medium of pots and can also bear fruit bushy. Technique commonly called Tambulapot which stands for Planting Fruit in Pot this only requires planting media, water, sun, and also use Styrofoam so that water in the pot is not stagnant that can interfere with plant health. Interested to try these tips at home? You can see the steps here HERE.

13. Giant Baobab Tree in UI Campus Now It's Now Dropping


[/ caption] Giant Tree Baobab this becomes an icon when we visit the University of Indonesia. Trees that turned out to be leaf lalapan while eating is predicted his age has reached 160 years. Even according to Kompasianer Aljohan's review, it is alleged that the oldest tree here is 700 years old and planted since the relics of local residents who obtained the seeds brought by traders from the Middle East. Since moved its position for research and research purposes, conservation of old trees and also make the giant Baobab tree as a productive crop. But since moved the Baobab tree looks like less manicured and also the tree trunk is getting smaller and thinner. Reviews written in May this can you refer back in HERE.

14. About LED Lights

Light emitting diode, a technology that is not new but recently developed in the 90s can be considered the most efficient technological innovation. Consumption of LED lights can be spelled more efficient when compared with incandescent lights, and of course the life of LED lights are very much longer to be the reason for the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini suggested for the use of this lamp at home residents. Behind the advantages of LED lights, there are still many shortcomings that can be considered in certain locations. According to Kompasianer Fandi Sido reviews, LED lights are still not recommended for areas that have a high enough heat temperature, because of the nature of LEDs that can not stand in high temperatures. But how the development of lights that can be spelled more environmentally friendly, you can refer back to the review HERE.

* * *That is the 14th article on the Green channel that has captured the reader's attention and received a fairly positive response throughout 2014. This earth belongs to us, we as residents, users, are also obliged to preserve it so that the earth is maintained. If not we are on guard, who else? (KEV)

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