15.000 Scientists Prediction Of The Destruction Of Nature Trigger The Apocalypse…

15.000 Scientists Prediction Of The Destruction Of Nature Trigger The Apocalypse...

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Liputan6.com, Oregon – About 15,000 scientists predict about the future of mankind. They make a calculation scientifically that the Earth will experience a variety of disasters that are able to bad impact significantly for the inhabitants of the blue planet.

Disasters it includes, climate change, deforestation, loss of access to fresh water, species extinction and human population growth that is uncontrolled. All it, according to scientists, will threaten humans and the Earth's future.

The calculation of the it, written in the form of articles in 1992 and was signed by 1,500 scientists, argue that the human impact on nature seems to lead to the 'misery extensive' and damage to the planet that is 'not recoverable'. Similarly, as quoted from Daily Mail, Tuesday (14/11/2017).

However, a few centuries after that, the views of the scientific community international about the future of the Earth, much more grim than that contained in the article on 1992.

The article titled 'Warning from the Union of Concerned Scientists' that have now been updated and noted all the damage on earth that much more severe.

In the warning letter second edition entitled "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice" more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries to say, humans have become the cause of various events of mass extinction or sixth in the roughly 540 million years.

All of the hypothesis and the conclusion in that article is the result of the analysis of the government data as well as the institution of environmentalists from several countries.

The article also mentions that at the end of this century, will be more and more life form that is experiencing or close to extinction.

Resource consumption is decreasing due to the population explosion has also become one of the main causes of the destruction of the universe.

Therefore, the article urged, "everyone should eat less meat, have fewer children, and using green energy to save the planet."

The article also mentions that the man has experienced a failure in limiting the growth of the population adequately, set economic policy, reducing the effect of greenhouse gases, as well as the inability to provide incentives for renewable energy.The "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice" it also noted some another negative trend that occurred at this time and is able to lead to the destruction of the world.

Among them, the reduction of the amount of fresh water per capita by 26 percent, the decline in the harvest of fish wild catch, the loss of the 300 million hectares of forest, decrease in the number of collective animal mammal about 29 percent,

Also a significant increase in global carbon emissions, the rise in the average temperature, and rising 35 percent of the human population.

But if there is a will, mankind can change the Earth towards a sustainable life.

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