15 PC Game With Best HD Graphics 2017

15 PC Game With Best HD Graphics 2017

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Who does not like to play games? This activity is certainly a hobby of many people, whether it is just a spare time, or indeed the profession as a professional gamer.

Seeing the crowd of game enthusiasts, no wonder there are so many types of PC games on the market. On this occasion, Jaka wanted to discuss 15 PC games with the best graphics, games that have high graphics quality should also be supported with high PC specifications as well. So, make sure your PC specs are qualified if you want to play the following games yes.

15 PC Game with Best HD Graphics 2017

1. Battlefield 1

This game is perfect for you who like to play the game of shooting. Battlefield produced by EA Dice has become a heavy competitor COD game in his time. This game takes the theme of World War I. The players will be served with tension and battle incitement with classic combat equipment.

2. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is not just an action game and horror because the story is also combined with the power of survival to finish the game until the end. Unlike the previous series, RE 7 uses the first person camera angle. In RE 7 includes the Resident Evil series that are more about survival horror, which we will provide a variety of weapons that can be used as needed. In addition to just doing battle with the boss, we will also be given a puzzle that is enough to make tense and deplete the brain.

3. Dishonored 2

Making games that are recognized by gamers as consumers is certainly not easy. From so many list of open-world games, this Dishonored game deserves to be one of the best. Dishonored 2 presents interactive games, which players get plenty of space to explore. In addition, we can choose our own method to complete the game, even without the use of force.

Dishonored 2 is a direct sequel series of the first series, telling of Emily Kaldwin who eventually grows into a mature woman and given the responsibility by leading the throne of Dunwall.

4. Forza Horizon 3Game developed by the Playground Games has a cross-platform, which is the ninth series of Forza series. The Forza 3 series has a map feature that is twice as big as the previous series. There are many new places added, then there are 350 cars provided for players.

If in the second Forza series the player only acts as a racer, for this third series the player acts as a director for the festival, which the player's job is to make a great festival event. As a director, players are provided with facilities to hire drivers, organize races, organize characters and vehicles.

5. Tom Clancys The Division

One of Ubisoft's most popular games is Tom Clancys, and a new release called Tom Clancys The Division is the second sequel to the first series. In this game tells about the operation of Dark Winter movement. Operation Dark Winter is actually a simulated operation for terrorist attacks in America. Background on the game Tom Clancys The Division also tells the state of New York city is so chaotic and apprehensive.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is an open-world based game and an action-adventure theme. The game that has a first and third person perspective is developed by Rockstar Games and players are given the freedom to explore the game.

Players are given the task of arranging all three characters during single-player mode and can exchange between them during the game and when completing the mission. A GTA V story is focused on criminal plots, and various missions that involve themselves with shootings and races.

7. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is an action game based on RPG, games produced by From Software and Bandai Namco can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows consoles.

Unlike the game in general, Dark Souls III has a gameplay with a high level of difficulty and even you guys who type of weak gamers will easily frustrate with this one RPG game. But the difficulty of this Dark Souls gameplay does not make it just dim and even add positive effects and high selling value.

8. Elder Scrolls V SkyrimAs always, the series of games from the Elder Scrolls still provide a consistent game world. Developers still do not eliminate the characteristics that exist in the previous series, a game where we can find a story about the legends and complicated stories in the gaming world. The name Skyrim itself is the name of the area inhabited by the Nordic nation, a nation similar to that of the Vikings in its original life.

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third series of the Witcher presents a world that is 30 times wider than the second series, so it is almost certain The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt includes being one of the world's most extensive RPG games.

In addition, the gameplay of this game is also interesting because it still contains a thrilling adventure with a man of monster hunters like in the previous series The Witcher series. In this sequel Geralt's skill as a monster hunter is needed, while in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings series, Geralt as a witcher is just a charter figure.

10. Far Cry 4

Game that he said can spoil the eye, yes especially if not Far Cry 4. In addition to the interesting gameplay content, this game also presents the atmosphere of natural beauty in it. More than that, this game still presents an interesting survival action.

Telling a civil war in a small country, Kyrat, and all the open-world features of the previous Far Cry series make you not bored of playing this game for hours.

11. Battlefield 4

A little spoiler about Battlefield 4 game, as a player we will play as a member of US Special Force group with Tombstone team code. The group aims to overcome a military coup that took place in China due to a murder of a politician who has the potential to overthrow the previous government, Jin Jie.

This resulted in chaos in the city of Shanghai because finally Commander Zhang invaded the city and seized power. In this game we will serve as military troops who will spend more time by fighting.

12. Need For Speed ??Most Wanted (2012)NFS: Most Wanted (2012) although the game does not have a storyline, but we can still increase the level of the car for the better. In this series we just focus on the race, the control on this game is also getting better, regardless of the movement of the original car look maneuver. In addition, this game also has good graphics quality.

13. Dying Light

Again a zombie game. All games are zombie-themed with a lot of gameplay-that's it. But sure so? You should try the game developed by Techland.

Created by the developer who is also the maker of the game Dead Island, Dying Light game aims to cover up the previous zombie game defects. Apart from Zombie games that do have a lot of fans, Dying Light is an exciting game played by anyone.

In this game, we act as a secret agent who has to complete various secret tasks. Unfortunately in the midst of a mission, we have to choose between completing missions or helping survivors of the surviving city of Harran.

Watch the Dogs

Another popular Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs. The game that carries the genre of open-world action adventure is full of a blend of technology, crime, and social problems. The main character of this game is Aiden who aims to take revenge on those who are responsible for the death of one of his family.

15. Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a game that tells how to survive by manipulating time. And despite the shooting action in it, this game is still focused on the story of time travel that will also reveal the bad effects.

So, it can be concluded that Quantum Break is a blend of video games and live action TV series. Quantum Break is an IP game (Intelectual Property) made by Remedy Entertainment and is mentioned as a third person time manipulation action shooter game. Interesting is not it?

There are 15 PC games with best HD graphics in 2017. Do you have another list? Come on, share it in the comment field below.

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