15 Pot Plant Creations from Used Items Really Unique and Worth Trying!

15 Pot Plant Creations from Used Items Really Unique and Worth Trying!

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Who likes gardening ??

For some people, especially those who love planting activities, gardening is one of the fun hobbies. Nowadays, there are many different methods of planting, although planting techniques using soil media is still the primadonna.

Well, if you have a hobby of gardening or want to fill your spare time by planting something, Hipwee Tips have interesting info for you. When most people use conventional pots as a place to cultivate, then some of these used items can be created as potted plants. Unique and very funny! The result later you can use as decorate the room as well. Come on, stick together!

1. If you have a used book that is thick enough and want to be immortalized, use the middle part of some front page as a planting medium. Cactus or succulent plant is suitable for this medium

2. Long-crusted tea cups are also suitable for planting medicinal plants or small flowering plants

3. Bottled soda bottles that accumulate in the kitchen you can function as a plant pot. As a variation, you can cut the middle, then place it vertically and hang like this. Funny?

4. Various kinds of kitchen utensils such as rice containers or pots that have been damaged, will look unique when used as a potted plant. The holes contained in a container of rice may be air vents for the soil

5. All kinds of shoes you can sulao into potted plants like this. Type of plants you can choose your own according to taste

Or, you can also choose a minimalist flower plants like this. Beautiful, right?

6. The girls, your heels that are too small it can be used to be a medium of planting. Then make it as a display on the edge of your bedroom window

7. If at home you have a bird's nest that is not used anymore because the birds fly or die, take it for a place to plant succulent!8. Only by utilizing any second-hand type balls, you can make a hanging basket for your plants. Practical and creative!

9. No half-hearted, a bra that has long been used can also be planted with flowers. You should use a wire bra to be stronger to support

10. If there are electronic items that have been really old and can not be used again, sprinkle some soil and plant seeds in between, then flush regularly. See what happens!

11. Do not ignore the old tires that are around your house, this thing can be used as a cool outdoor planting medium. Hang on a wall or tree to look more atrative

12. Even if you keep a bag that rarely used even forgotten, immediately use to plant flowers! Here's the result later ~

13. No paper bags! You live in the interior with plastic so that when watered the paper do not quickly wet and torn because of it

14. Although the process is rather difficult, used jeans that made this planting medium looks different than others. If you are a man of effort, may try these tips

15. Finally, you can use wooden shelves or other materials that are no longer used. Part drawer will be the most interesting spot to put small flower pots in it

Evidently, if the flower pot is not only made of rubber, cans or other materials with a monotonous shape? Used goods around you can also be used as a place to plant whatever crop you like. With a unique and interesting appearance will enliven the atmosphere of the house, boarding house, and outdoor area in your office. Which one do you want to try first?

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