15 Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Go Mountain

15 Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Go Mountain

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Climbing the mountain is one of the sports that is nge-trend this final end. The girls who are not members of nature lovers are already familiar with this type of sport.

Although this activity is quite heavy and deplete of sweat, mountain climbing is not our obstacle to keep beautiful, healthy and charming you know. Previously Hipwee once wrote about mountain climbing tips here. Here we add some tips that you can follow to make your trip fun to the top:

1. Minimal A Week Before Departing, You Have To Start Lightweight Sports

For the girls who rarely exercise, it would be nice to start exercising at least a week before climbing the mountain so that your muscle muscles are not tense and shock later. You can try gymnastics, jogging, or swimming so that your breath is longer and regular in the highlands later. That way you do not get tired easily and run out of energy while climbing. You are also easier to set your breath, so you do not get too bored when walking away.

2. Do not Forget to Bring Wet Tissues and Dry Tissues. They Can Be Mainstay For Clean-Clean

On the mountain, we sometimes can not predict the availability of water. For that, you need to bring wet wipes and dry tissues for the sake of cleaning the body. You do not want oil, sweat and dust stuck for days on your skin? In addition, these two items can also be used in the affairs of cleaning tooling.

3. Wear a Climbing Special Clothes, Which Absorbs Sweat But Still Can Keep The Cold and Wind Temperatures Away

Usually, at the beginning of the journey, we will feel the cold environmental temperature so we tend to choose to use a jacket. But a few moments later sometimes we will feel hot because of body heat that came out during the trip. But clothes that are too thin can also make you catch a cold. Therefore, you better use a special clothing that is not too thick and not too thick.

These clothes are usually able to absorb sweat and are able to dispel cold temperatures. In order for your skin to not scratch the branches of trees when entering the forest, use a long sleeve, or you can use a cuff. Do not ever use jeans to climb mountains, your feet can be easily stiff because of the blocked blood flow because the pants are too tight.

4. Bring the Deodorant. You Do not Want Body Odor During Travel?

Of course you do not want your team-mates to hold your breath all the way because of your body odor? So, do not forget to use deodorant. If your trip is long enough, you can use it every morning after cleaning the body, before the trip starts again. Do not use it in the condition of the body is sweating, but not healthy because the pores conditions are not clean pores can trigger cancer, underarm odor can also be more unfamiliar.Better to clean the armpits with wet wipes first, then let it dry, then use your favorite deodorant. Your journey will be more fun, because you can look confident and fragrant.

5. Do not Lazy Use Sunblock! Sunblock is Your Friend During The Ascent.

The mountain air is sometimes hot, dry, hot, but cold. Well you know, confused also the skin? For that it is advisable for you to use sunblock, at least SPF 30 to anticipate skin burn.

Especially for girls who have sensitive skin, must really wear this one thing to protect skinmy. As one of the important items that you should take when climbing the mountain, you should place the sunblock in the bag that is easily accessible. So you can use it anytime, at least in the skin that is always exposed to the sun like the palm of the hand and face.

6. Make You Accustomed to Use Contact Lenses, It's Time to Make You Try to Use Glasses Only

For those of you who are accustomed to using contact lenses, it is not advisable to use them when climbing the mountain. Why? First, dry and dusty dry mountain weather conditions for contact lens wear. Secondly, a solid climb schedule often does not give you time to dislodge-and plugs in lens fluid.

When you force yourself to wear it, it is not impossible that your eyes can even irritation. Using glasses is much more practical and safe anyway. Make sure you bring backup glasses just in case there is damage to your main glasses.

7. Tuck in the Black Sunglasses on your Little Bag. In addition It Makes Style Can Also Make Eye Protection

Sunglasses you can use to protect the eyes from the sun. It can also protect you from the remaining dust from the previous climbers.

Also of course can also make a style. In order to remain practical and affordable hands, you can slip it in your small bag or at the top of your carrier.

8. Do not Forget to Bring Slayer Or Small Cloth. They Can Function Double!Slayer or thin cloth is also mandatory you take it. A piece of cloth that does not take up much space in your carrier can be used to protect your neck from cold. This cloth can also be used as a head cover when the sky is hot. In addition, using a colorful cloth on your head can also make you so add eye catching.

Your teammates can easily recognize you only from the color of the headgear you use.

9. Protect Your Hand With Gloves

Gloves can also double. First, when the journey you usually will meet the climb that forced you to crawl, and hold on to a tree that could be thorny tree. Well gloves make our hands become safer. In addition, during the night, this one thing you can also use to warm your hands.

10. Urinary and Open Disease cases? This is the solution

This one thing is so an inevitable dilemma for the girls who want to climb the mountain. On the mountain there is no toilet, so inevitably you have to sincerely defecate in the open. Strange? Initially yes hell, but over time also usual kok.

If you want to go to the toilet, immediately find a hidden place. Choose a flat terrain that is located far enough from the tent, so no other climbers will see you. In addition, in order not to be too exposed, you can also wear a poncho or sarong as a cover. Piss in the mountains, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery than any toilet.

Oh yes, do not forget to bring a tool to dig the soil and do not forget to also bring wet wipes yes!

11. Strictly Forbidden Make Diet While Hiking

For you who are on a diet program, strictly forbidden dietary diet. In addition to limiting your own energy and strength, it can also harm others. Eat enough, let me not faint. To keep your weight, you can yoga-yoga lightly in between breaks. You do not want it if you fail to enjoy the beauty of the mountain because you are sick?

12. Keep Your Eating Menu. Eat Weight Is Not Just About Eating Instant Noodles, Kok!Calm down, make you girls who are not fat. We know, instant noodles are the most practical food can be processed anywhere and easy. But besides not healthy, we are bored too if we eat instant noodles continue on the mountain?

Well, on the mountain we also can still eat healthy you know. Not complicated really. For example, you can make red bean soup. Prepare all ingredients in the form of chunks of the house. You can carry the oil in a small bottle, for example in a bottle of soy sauce. If you want to bring eggs, store them in egg holder or you put in a bag containing rice. For a food menu on a mountain, choose healthy, high-calorie foods.

13. Sleeping Night is Time to Take Care of Skin

Before bedtime is the right time to take care of your skin. Wipe your whole body with wet wipes, then use a moisturizer or night cream to keep your skin protected from dehydration. Your lips also do not forget to miss for you basting balm lips.

14. It's Important to Know the Date of Maturing

Prepare bandages and some clean underwear just in case a monthly visitor suddenly arrives. Do not forget to take menstrual pain medication. And if you climb in menstrual conditions, make sure you bring some small plastic to keep your marks. Put a bandage in a separate compartment in your carrier, always leave it out from the rest.

Do not be lazy to change pads. In the midst of heavy physical activity, sometimes your menstrual quantity can also increase. In addition, under minimal water conditions, it is important that you replace the pads regularly to maintain cleanliness. One for sure, never leave your marks on the mountain.

14. At least, Make Sure In Your Ascent You Got A Girl-Same Friend

Try not to be the only one girl. So you can have your own tent. Even if you are forced to be alone and have to sleep together with your teammates friends who are mostly boys, you can choose to sleep on the edge, or you can also code to your friends while joking that you need to keep yourself

Do not mepet mepet me yaaa, later your iler smell, while joking. Implicitly it shows that you need privacy and space as a girl. Definitely your friends understand. Or for example not possible, put goods between you and meraka, as a separator.

15. If You Tired, Say Honestly To A Teammate. Take a Rest, Then Continue on the JourneyAfter all, the manpower and guys in the outdoor activities are different thresholds. Your legs are not as long as they are, so it's natural if you feel tired if you keep following the rhythm of men walking. If you are tired and unable to continue your journey, just tell your teammates. They must understand it!

Restore your energy with a snack of honey or chocolate. Straighten your legs, take a breath, and drink first. Then continue the journey. The beauty of the landscape at the top can be your encouragement to get back on foot.

In fact, girls do have seabreg care affairs to maintain their beauty and health. But, for you girls who want to climb the mountain, you can still stay healthy and look charming on the mountain kok with these practical tips.

So do not worry your beauty will fade to start climbing the mountain. Happy hiking! Have a nice trip!

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