15 Ways to Save Android Smartphone Battery Up To 2 Days!

15 Ways to Save Android Smartphone Battery Up To 2 Days!

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Smartphones have become a staple of today's human needs. And Android smartphone users dominate the number of smartphone users in the world. Proud not tuh using Android?

One of the obstacles that many experienced by Android users is the battery quickly run out of smartphones. In order for you to be more satisfied using your Android smartphone while on the move, JalanTikus have a battery saving way Android ya!

How to Save Battery Android Smartphone

Battery smartphone is already big, but why smartphone battery runs out fast? Maybe you also experienced that. So for your Android battery more efficient, try to do the following:

1. Notice the Current Application

The number of applications used to be the cause of smartphone batteries become wasteful. For that, to save battery Android is good you always look at any application that runs in the background.

If at any time you feel your Android battery is running out, try checking your battery usage by going to Settings – Battery menu, and looking for Battery Usage. See what applications consume the most battery, and please uninstall or limit its usage wisely.

2. Beware Install the Application

Always pay attention to the application you installed. Always read carefully what access is required by an application on your smartphone. Some applications will make the smartphone battery run out quickly due to continue to PING your Android location. So, it's good to reduce the application that requires access to your location.

3. Disable Application Default

One of the dislikes of Android smartphone vendors is the fact that vendors often pin many bloatware on smartphone besutannya. Except that use Google stock, like Xiaomi Mi A1 or Google Pixel.To save more of your Android battery, try to disable bloatware by going to Settings – Apps, then tap the application and select Disable. If your Android smartphone smartphone is root, you can delete the bloatware.

4. Power Saving Mode

If by chance your smartphone is already using Lollipop Android operating system, you can save Android battery by going into Power Saving Mode feature. In this mode all smartphone functions that consume your battery will be limited, from screen brightness, mobile connection, WiFi, to location.

How to enter Power Saving Mode is to enter Settings – Battery, then activate Battery Saver. If you happen to use the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone, like Samsung Galaxy S8, you can go to the Ultra Power Saving Mode menu that will make your Samsung Galaxy look so classic look.

5. Turn off Smart Stay feature

In most smartphones Samsung Smart Stay feature. This feature will keep your smartphone on as long as you stare at the screen. But did you know that this feature has a big impact on your Samsung Galaxy battery?

Go Grayscale!

Still related to you who like to read, you can save battery Android smartphone by going into Grayscale or Dark Mode display. This feature will make your Android screen look so gray and dark, thus reducing battery consumption.

7. Dark Not Always Evil

So far it is not impossible if you think that dark things are synonymous with evil. But this does not apply to smartphones, especially if your Android smartphone pake AMOLED screen.

AMOLED screen is very weak against bright colors like white. Therefore to be able to make Android battery with AMOLED screen more durable, try to use wallpaper nuances dark.8. Do not Use Live Wallpaper

Still about wallpapers, how to save the next Android battery is to avoid using Live Wallpaper. Although it will make your smartphone look more vivid and interesting, but will have a big impact on your battery life

9. Change Launcher

If you are bored with the look of your Android smartphone that so aja, try deh install the best launcher on your smartphone. The use of a lightweight launcher will help conserve battery life!

10. Turn off the Motions and Gestures Features

Motions and Gestures feature allows you to give commands on a smartphone simply by moving a smartphone or a special gesture on its screen, like taking a screenshot, or ignoring a phone call.

But you should turn off the Motions and Gestures feature to save your Samsung smartphone battery. After all you can still use other commands to replace this feature, right?

11. Avoid Wakelocks

Ever hear the term Deep Sleep? This is the mode when your smartphone stops all activity so your battery becomes more efficient. On Android Marshmallow, you will easily get into Deep Sleep mode via Doze feature.

In contrast to Deep Sleep, there are circumstances where your smartphone is forced to be active by an app, called Wakelocks. To save your Android battery, it's best that the application that causes Wakelocks is avoided or made into hibernation mode by using applications like Greenify.

12. Tweak WiFiSome of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones are set to actively search for WiFi networks. So once there is a WiFi network available, it will be directly connected. This will certainly have a major impact on your Samsung Nalaxy battery.

In order for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone battery more sparingly, you should set your WiFi to scan only when activated only. How to enter Settings – WiFi – More – Always allow scanning, set on Scan option only while WiFi is On.

13. Turn off Briefing Features

In addition to the content that sometimes does not suit the taste, Briefing feature also has a big effect on your battery depletion. Because every time you open this feature when accidentally shifted, it will automatically sync the data.

To save your Samsung Android battery, you should make this feature Off. You can use the BaBe app to read the latest news.

14. Avoid Auto Brightness

Although it will allow you to see the screen comfortably in various environments, but Auto Brightness feature is also fatal in the smartphone battery. To be able to save your Android battery, you should turn off the Auto Brightness feature and set the screen brightness manually only.

15. Use Original Charger

The use of an original charger every time you recharge your Android battery is very influential on the age of the battery. So do not be lazy to always bring your original smartphone charger on the way.

The final word

That's 15 ways you can save the battery of Androdi. The way is easy to apply anyway, do not have your smartphone in a state of already root. Good luck!

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