16 MOBA Games Like the Best DotA on Android and iOS

16 MOBA Games Like the Best DotA on Android and iOS

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You must be familiar with the same game called Defense of the Ancients or more popular with the name DotA, and the sequel DotA 2? Among all of you, there must be a playin, or at least know this game.

The game with the online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) genre is very popular among gamers around the world. There's even a tournament of its own, loh.

Well, for you who want ngerasain he called DotA play on Android, can really. Here's Here 15+ Game on Android with DotA Similar Gameplay.

15 Best Android DotA Game to Play on Smartphones

Valve Corporation as the developer of DotA 2 does not release a mobile version for the game. However, in the Google Play Store, there are many other MOBA games with DotA 2-like gameplay.

Mouse Path has selected some of the best DotA Android games you can download and play on your smartphone. Some of these Android Dota games can be played Online and Offline. Here is the list:

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one such DotA MOBA game that can be played on Android smartphones. Mooton made game is sized 81 MB and is perfect for HP Android with 1 GB of RAM or above.

Please download a game similar to DotA Android Mobile Legends: Bang Bang here.

2. Mobile Arena – Action MOBA

Mobile Arena itself was developed by Tencent and brought in by the game publisher Garena. So, arguably Mobile Arena is a mobile version of League of Legends which is also held by Garena Indonesia.Please download a game similar to DotA Android Mobile Arena here.

3. Heroes Storm

Heroes Storm is the first innovation game to combine the 2 most famous game genres, Action Fantasy RPG and MOBA, resulting in a unique and exciting new combat system.

Guaranteed, you will not find this exciting game anywhere else! Recruit Hero to save Dewi Linna, and protect Lasting Crystal from enemy attack!

Please download DotA Android Heroes Storm game here.

4. Vainglory

If you like to play MOBA games, like DotA 2 on the computer, then you definitely like also with this one Android game.

Vainglory is the most popular MOBA game on Android. And become the best DotA Android game in this Jaka list. Even with Clash of Clans, Vainglory became one of the five best Android strategy games on the Google Play Store during 2017.

Please download DribA Android Vainglory game here.

Do not forget to read also tips Vainglory play ever Jaka write in the following articles.

VAINGLORY, Android Guaranteed DotA Game Make Hooked!
Collection of Hero and Skill Type in VAINGLORY
Vainglory TIPS – The Initial Items That Must Be Purchased Based on Hero Class5. Ace of Arenas

Android DotA game titled Ace of Arenas arguably is a means of escaping DotA players who used to play on PC, then switch to Android.

Stunning graphical display and a variety of Heroes customizations make this game worthy of being a DotA alternative on Android.

Please download the Android DotA Ace of Arenas game here.

6. Bug Heroes 2

Next there is the Android DotA game titled Bug Heroes 2 developed by Foursaken Media. Gameplay is similar to other Android DotA game, but Heroes that you can use are the insects.

There are 25 unique Heroes characters that you can play. Graphical display is also cool and seem more cheerful.

Please download the DotA Android Bug Heroes 2 game here.

7. Plants War

No less unique with Bug Heroes 2 that uses insects as Heroes, in DotA Android game titled Plants War you can use cute and unique plants as your Heroes.

Attractive gameplay, stunning graphics and cheerful, as well as the many unique Heroes options make this game a must-try DotA players who want to feel the sensation of different MOBA games.Please download DotA Android Plants War game here.

8. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Game made by Gameloft popular developers is the first MOBA game on Android. Heroes of Order & Chaos is the ultimate alternative for DotA players who want to experience the sensation of playing MOBA games in mobile.

There are 30 cool Heroes to choose from and play with. Stunning graphics also become one of the appeal of Dota Android game this one. Please download DotA Android Heroes of Order & Chaos game here.

9. Order & Chaos Online

The next Android DotA game is Order & Chaos Online developed by Gameloft. Join thousands of players and enjoy the best MMORPG on Android phones.

Create a team with your friends and explore the vast world of fantasy, accomplish heroic feats, and lead your troops towards the top of the multiplayer leaderboard.

Please download Dota Android Order & Chaos Online game here.


You definitely love this Android DotA game. In addition to amazing graphics and fun gameplay, the characters of Heroes characters that you can play are cool too.

You can feel the real fighting sensation in the HEROES OF DESTINY game.Please download the DotA Android HEROES OF DESTINY game here.

11. Soul of Legends

From the title aja already convincing, huh? Soul of Legends is one of the best MOBA games on Android today.

Many cool features and interesting gameplay that you can play. Especially with the interesting graphics, definitely make you feel at home long play.

Please download the DotA Android Soul of Legends game here.

12. Void Goes Farming

The appearance may seem strange, but Void Goes Farming is one of the DotA Android game you must try.

Especially if you're still playing DotA 2 on PC. This game can be a good exercise tool for you.

Please download the DotA Android Void Goes Farming game here.

13. We Heroes – Born to Fight

One more exciting game with the MOBA genre, We Heroes – Born to Fight that brings exciting gameplay like DotA, and definitely make you addicted to play it.Moreover, this one Android DotA game developed by one of the top publisher, Elex. No need to hesitate with the quality of graphics and gameplay on offer.

Please download DotA Android We Heroes – Born to Fight game here.

14. Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA

With a thick DotA feel, a game called Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA fits into one option to play DotA on Android. Feel free to download and play the game right away.

Please download the DotA Android Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA game here.

15. Legendary Heroes

The next Android DotA game is Legendary Heroes developed by Monstro.

This game is ready to take you to the next MOBA world with exciting gameplay and interesting graphics. Feel the thrill of playing DotA 2 on Android with Legendary Heroes game.

Please download the DotA Android Legendary Heroes game here.

16. Call of Champions

Call of Champions is also one of the best dotA games you can play on Android. Free Games made by Spacetime Games offers a variety of interesting features and gameplay that players can get.Another advantage to be had is that you can finish the game in just 5 minutes!

Download the game here: Call of Champions

The final word

That's 16 Game Moba on Android with DotA Similar Gameplay. Actually there is one more that is Heroes Evolved which is also okay to play. You can choose one, then play the game as an alternative to playing DotA with Android. For those of you who have recommendations of other DotA Android games, you can share in the comments field.

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