16 Secret Hotels You Need to Know

16 Secret Hotels You Need to Know

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The first impression that is on our mind when we hear the word hotel is, clean, orderly, and comfortable. However, the facts given by the staff of this hotel staff will make us think again.

1. This is How to Cancel Charge

There are special tricks that can be done to avoid hotel cancellation charge. The trick is to call the hotel to move your stay dates, then call back the hotel after a few hours, it would be better if the officer of this hotel is different, then do the cancellation.

2. It turns out that Hotel Chairs

Always try to use a towel or blanket when occupying a hotel chair, because it could be a person without a thread in this seat.

3. Watch the Blanket and Cover Bed Hotel

One thing that must be clean from the hotel is the top blanket that covers our mattress. So before using other goods, make sure the goods are really clean.

4. There's Reasons Why Ritz Becomes The Best Hotel

Why is the Ritz Carlton so famous? The main reason is because they provide $ 1,500 for their employees, especially those in the United States, to please their guests.

An outstanding story says that once upon a time a visitor was very angry at losing his Rolex watch while at the hotel. After this guest leaves, one of the clerks goes out and buys a new Rolex watch for the guest. What about at the Ritz in Indonesia? I have no idea.

5. About the Minibar HotelA startling confession came from one stating that he had seen one drunk hotel guest put their urine in one of the bottles in the mini bar. So really pay attention to the seal of each bottle when using the hotel mini bar.

6. Because the Hotel's Glasses

Rarely cleaned. Yes, when will use the glass in the hotel, be sure to wash it first. We do not know, the glass has been there for how long?

7. No Exceptions Also With Remote TV

As with glasses, TV remote is also often ignored cleanliness by hotel officials.

8. What about the Jacuzzi and Bath Up Hotel?

Well, it was not much better either. So keep in mind the cleanliness of the bathup and jaccuzzi hotel if you want to use it.

9. Towel Problems

If you want to get a new and clean towel at the hotel, do not ever hang it on the hanger. Put a towel on the floor to get a new towel.

10. Some Hotels Can Give You a Surprise

The hotel must have your data, but some hotels can surprise you by giving your favorite snack. Try to tell the hotel little things about you, maybe you will get a surprise when staying again at the hotel.11. Get Discount By This Way

Try to complain something to the management, it could be a discount will come to you.

12. Insects In The Hotel?

One of the hotel staff again revealed shocking facts about the presence of insects such as mites and so on, he mentioned it was common in hotels.

13. Watch Where You Will Smoke

Fact one to be noticed by smokers. Apparently, the hotel management will be happy to fine people who smoke is out of place. So if you smoke, start now pay attention to where you smoke.

14. Do not Forget Tip

Anyone would be happy to be rewarded, not least with the hotel bellboy. Insert a tip on the hotel bellboy where you stay, and he will serve you much better.

15. Remove Service That You Do not Use

You can save your hotel bill by eliminating service that you will not use like newspaper, wifi, ac, or even TV.

16. Check Your Hotel Room and Find Some Lost TreasureOften we do not really pay attention to the room where we stay, but sempatkanlah kepo in your hotel room and find a secret that is sometimes left there. This secret was revealed by the hotel staff who was lowering the paintings on the walls of the hotel and found the statement of love behind the painting.

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