17 Strategies To Get To Sleep Better

17 Strategies To Get To Sleep Better

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Night break is an important time. If you do not sleep well, your body will not be able to deposit the energy needed for maximum activity tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can not always fall asleep after work. Although the head is already attached to the pillow, many of us are often distressed while sleeping. Even unable to sleep until morning.

Well, this time, Hipwee is going to give you a trick so that your precious rest time is not wasted to roll around on the mattress. Here's how you can go faster to dreamland!

1. Exercise Routine That's Compulsory, But Do not Close Near Your Sleep Time

Jogging or small warming every morning is a routine that will help you sleep soundly at night. Regular exercise sustains the formation of a good body metabolism so that your body will be able to recognize if your rest time has arrived.

In addition to the physical benefits, regular exercise has also been shown to lower your stress levels so you will be able to rest with a quieter mind at night.

But there is one thing about exercise that you should avoid if you want to fall asleep faster at night. Do not exercise at night or three hours before bedtime, because the adrenaline that accumulates during exercise will actually keep you awake longer.

2. Limit the Consumption of Drinks That Will Disturb Your Sleep

It's common knowledge that caffeine consumption will keep you awake, so drinking coffee at night certainly will not make you fall asleep faster. But besides coffee, it turns out alcoholic drinks are also not good for your sleep. Although for some people the consumption of alcohol actually makes them quickly drowsy, drowsiness is not going to lead to sleep soundly.

You will only be able to fall asleep for a while before waking up again due to the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Alcohol also has a diuretic effect that causes you to quickly become dehydrated, such as sweating and urinating.

Even the healthful consumption of water should be limited if you want to fall asleep at night. You do not want to have to rush into the bathroom in the middle of the night?

3. As much as possible, avoid sleeping during the dayMany people who suffer from insomnia or trouble sleeping at night, trying to catch up on the lack of sleep during the day. But did you know that the habit will actually worsen your sleeping conditions.

There is still much debate about the benefits and losses of sleep during the day, but it all depends on your sleep at night. If you get a good night's sleep, 15-20 minutes of nap is believed to be able to increase your energy level. But if from the beginning you have trouble sleeping at night, napping will not help. In fact it will plunge you further in the wrong sleep patterns.

Therefore, avoid as much as possible to nap. If indeed you are very sleepy during the day, limit your sleep time to 15-20 minutes only.

4. Do not Eat Sembarangan Before Sleep

Your food intake will greatly affect the comfort of your sleep at night. Never sleep with a belly that is too full or empty. If you sleep with the condition of glut, most likely the food you eat for dinner has not been digested. The ongoing digestive process while you sleep will keep you awake at night.

So make sure you do not consume foods that are too heavy at night or allow enough time to digest the food before going to bed. But make sure you do not sleep in hunger, especially if you want to fall asleep fast. Hunger conditions will keep you awake.

So make sure you have the right amount of food in your stomach before falling asleep. Light snacks with a combination of fruits and proteins can encourage the production of serotonin soothing hormones, which will make you sleep faster.

5. Get rid of any electronic equipment that will tempt you

The first rule to be able to sleep quickly: yes just go to sleep. Do not do other activities that will obviously delay your sleep. Many people argue that watching TV or exploring cyberspace through HP can actually make them quickly drowsy at night. But actually, the habit is very bad if you want to get quality sleep.

Activities like watching or concentrating on a hp screen will stimulate our brain to stay awake when it should be time to get ready for a rest. So get rid of all sorts of electronic equipment that will tempt you not to fall asleep. After all, even if you are going to be sleepy faster with the help of these tools, your sleep will not last long.

6. Your Coolness Can Make You Faster SleepyThe right room temperature has a crucial role in helping you get better sleep at night, especially for those who have trouble sleeping or suffering from insomnia.

From various studies found that the body temperature of insomniacs before bedtime was much warmer than normal people. Whereas in a state of sleep, the human body temperature will indeed be in its lowest point. As a result, those with higher temperatures will have difficulty reaching the ideal temperature. Cool room temperature will help the process.

So lower your room temperature by air conditioner or fan to reach the ideal temperature needed for sleep.

7. Total Darkness Will Greatly Help Sleep Hormone Production

Exposure to sunlight or lamplight determines the production of melatonin or sleep hormones in your body. This sleep hormone regulates when you feel sleepy or feel ready to move back. Naturally, the work of this hormone follows a pattern of day and night characterized by the rising and sinking of the sun. Afternoon should be light and night should be dark.

But unfortunately with human life patterns that do not get enough sun exposure in the morning and too much light at night, hormonal work is increasingly not optimal. Therefore more and more people are having trouble getting up in the morning and sleeping at night.

So to restore the work of the hormone, adjust the exposure of light or light at night with total darkness. That way your body will recognize that it is time to rest.

8. Eliminate or Disguise Sounds That Spoil Your Time at Night

While you are asleep, you can still hear within certain limits depending on how thorough your sleep is. So you will not be able to reach the full level of darkness if there is continued noise from outside.

Distractions such as street noise or the sound of your family's snoring seem to have become a routine disorder experienced by many people. But do not underestimate it!

Try to eliminate the disorder if you want to get a good sleep. If you can not really eliminate the noise, disguise the disturbance by playing soothing sounds like the waves or the continuous chirping of birds.9. The Right Aroma Will Help You Get Peace Before Sleep

Peace of mind is a necessary condition for sleeping at night. One way to get the shock is through aromatherapy. Certain scents are famous for their effects to soothe body and mind. This soothing effect will certainly help you to fall asleep faster at night. So try using aromatherapy lavender, vanilla, or sandalwood to overcome your sleeping difficulties at night.

10. Make Natural Alarms In Your Body With The Habit Of Waking And Sleeping At The Same Time Every Day

Difficulty sleeping at night indicates that your body is not ready or does not recognize the sleep time. Despite trying to sleep, your body seems to rebel itself. This is most likely motivated by your irregular sleep patterns.

If you are used to sleeping or waking up at different hours each day, your body will have trouble distinguishing when to rest and when to move. As a result, you will have trouble getting up or falling asleep because of the confusion.

So try to have a regular sleep pattern so that naturally your body will know the difference between sleep and wake time. With that knowledge, your body would not rebel if it was time to sleep.

11. Cleaning and Warming Your Body Before Sleep Will Speed ??Your Sleep

A warm bath before going to bed will not only clean up all the dirt that accumulates in your body all day long. But it also helps the process of decreasing the temperature experienced by humans just before falling asleep.

The temperature difference that occurs when you heat from warm water will accelerate your overall body temperature drop. So the ideal temperature needed for sleep will be achieved more quickly aka you will be more quickly drowsy. So if you want to feel sleepy faster, warm your body as good as possible just before bed.

Warm bath water is also very useful to stretch the muscles are stiff because of fatigue. This stretch will make you more comfortable and fast asleep.

12. Drink a glass of tea or milk that will make your stomach warm and comfortableAnother way to warm your body before going to bed is with a glass of milk or warm tea. If you do not feel sleepy in the late night, this way can help stimulate your sleepiness.

Warm drinks also have the same effect on the body like a warm bath that helps speed up the process of decreasing the temperature in the body just before bed. In addition, milk or tea contains tryptophan which is able to encourage the production of sleep hormone or melatonin. A glass of milk or tea accompanied by a plate of light snacks can be a good alternative to take your sleep.

13. Lite Reading Before Sleep Can Help Shift Your Thoughts From Today's Difficulty

The habit of reading a bedtime story to children helps them to build their imagination. But this habit is also very useful even if you are an adult.

Reading a favorite book or even a very uninteresting reading will help divert your mind from all the work, duties, or other things that weigh you all day. This habit will be very useful to calm your mind. A quiet mind is the first step that must be achieved to be able to fall asleep.

But do not choose heavy reading and stimulate your brain to think. Choose a light and entertaining course!

14. Rest your Body and Thoughts

Sleep is a time of rest, both for your body and your mind. So to speed up the break process, you can prepare your body and mind first before actually being in a total resting situation in a deep sleep.

To prepare your body, you can do yoga or light stretching to stretch the stiff muscles. As for your mind, in addition to reading, you can write down all your frustrations and day loads in journals. With so expected your heart and mind to be more calm. You can also imagine beautiful and soothing places as a lullaby.

15. Comfortable Mattress And Clothes Will More Tempt You To Sleep

Make sure you have a supportive environment for sleeping. Clean and comfortable mattresses and bedding will make you more sleepy than a bed full of books and garbage. Imagine if you had to clean up your room first before going to bed, it could be your sleepiness will be lost in the process of cleaning it. So make sure your mattress is ready to accommodate your sleepiness so you can just fall asleep.Make sure also you wear comfortable clothes and not hot so you do not need to wake up at night due to overheating.

16. Going Back to the Same Sleeping Position Each Night Will Help You Sleep Faster

Get used to sleeping in the same position every night so you will not be busy looking for the right position all night. If you have found a comfortable position for you, try to maintain that position every night. The first nights you may still find it difficult, but after a while you will get used to it.

Well please deh try Hipwee tips above so you can sleep easier and faster tonight! No need tuh, myth like counting sheep jumping fence for faster sleep!

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