17 Unique Habits Which Only There In Indonesia

17 Unique Habits Which Only There In Indonesia

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In everyday life, there are some habits that we consider normal as an Indonesian. Almost all the inhabitants of the archipelago do so, or at least naturally when the people around them do it. But what if overseas people witness our daily habits?

This is a unique Indonesian custom that is often considered strange by foreigners!

1. Eating raw cayenne pepper

Most of us Indonesians love to eat chili pepper directly, especially if again eat fried food or eat fried noodles. Abroad chili is usually always processed before eating.

2. Eat a hand

From end to end the Indonesian archipelago, almost all of them initially eat using empty hands. Yes, that's before eating culture using a spoon applies here. Eating by hand does have an added pleasure. This is considered strange by our friends Caucasians who usually often eat using a knife, fork and spoon.

3. It has not eaten, if not eat rice

Rice for most of us has become a staple food everyday. Indeed, we often snack martabak, bread, spaghetti or any food to full. But if asked already eat yet? we will answer yet, just eat bread not eat (rice)!

4. Must eat chili sauce

Maybe not all of you, but acknowledge that indeed Indonesian people will hassle to find chili or sauce every time you eat together. The chili has such a spicy taste that it is quite surprising for our non-Indonesian friends when we want a chili with joy.

5. Pointing thumbs up to be politeThe foreigners mostly ask why people in Indonesia (especially the Javanese Tribe) have a habit of pointing with the thumb, not the index finger. According to them, this is quite dizzying because the direction that is pointed with the finger becomes less clear. While according to we pointed with the thumb done to show a polite attitude with the other person.

6. Wind Sickness

Caucasians are often astonished by the disease that often strikes us as Indonesians, the sickness of getting in the wind. What is the wind?

They are also sometimes reticent and confused when reminded to use a jacket at night. For them, exposure to cold air is already commonplace! The end, the suggestion to wear a jacket so as not to catch a cold just apply to the people of Indonesia aja.

7. Kerokan!

Kerokan is a terrible form of healing for people abroad. Kayak used whipped, times! If ordinary Indonesians are cottoned as a solution to colds, they think it is just placebo effect.

8. Take a shower twice a day

Crazy, Indonesian people are super diligent in terms of cleanliness. From small, we are always taught bath at least twice a day. In Indonesia, the air temperature is so hot and the air humidity is high. The body becomes so sweaty and you become a risky smell if you do not take a bath.

Unlike the case with those who grew up in a cold environment. They can only bathe once a day, or even once a week!

9. Still SD already have a mobile phone

The use of technology by Indonesians is sometimes a bit overwhelming. How not? Children from elementary school already have their own HP. Sometimes not just one, but two! Meanwhile, adults can have up to three different phones.10. Rarely have a surname

There are only a few tribes in Indonesia who use lasting names from generation to generation, such as the Batak or Minahasa tribe. The other tribes are usually very relaxed in giving the child's name. One Indonesian family can have a different last name all!

11. Misguided about atheism

There are many Indonesians who simply consider atheists and communists alike. And as long as you know, atheism and communism are different schools of understanding: one about divinity, and the other about economics. Of course our behavior that equates both will confuse the Atheists who come from liberal countries, such as the United States and Western Europe.

12. Very kepo and often asked, Do you have a boyfriend?

The face of foreign people, especially those who are white, we often see as a handsome and beautiful face. Our ceplose habits encourage us to ask them: Do you have a boyfriend?

In fact, this kind of question for them is not polite and need not be asked. Especially if you do not know them really. If you want a kepo, you can ask more neutral things like where you come from? what's it like to live in Indonesia? and so forth.

13. Where is the toilet paper?

Our habits tend to often use a lot of scoops and water when we finish to defecate in the toilet. Well for them this is very strange, because they always use toilet paper or toilet paper to clean themselves. Both are good habits, only when you ask which ones are cleaner, well, that depends on the individual.

14. Living together with parents

For us Indonesians, it becomes natural for us who are not married to live with the parent. That even if his condition is not forced once to wander and work out of town. Well for people abroad this is quite strange, because in general those who are considered adult (the early twenties) will feel ashamed and it is appropriate to live in their own home to live independently, whether married or not.15. Public transportation like ngetem

You know ngetem? Ngetem is a moment where the driver of the public transport we ride decided to stop the vehicle in a long time to hope that there will be additional people who become passengers. Well, this is annoying to all of us, but at least we are natural to this. Another case with people from developed countries who used to use the public transportation of order and discipline of time.

16. Use the right hand

Come on sister, wear his sweet hand! is a phrase we often hear as a child. Yep! To give the goods or shake, we used to always use the right hand. It seems to have been embedded in our subconscious, until we feel a little guilty when forgetting to use the right hand.

17. Trance

We often associate trance with mystical things. Whereas a more rational foreigner would consider this a mass hysteria, aka a disorder of a person's psychological condition.

Well, it turns out a lot of things that we consider unusual for the people of Indonesia but actually unique? Hey, do not get me wrong. That difference should not be a reason to be reluctant to mingle with those who are not Indonesians. Most importantly, we must adapt to our surroundings and understand that in this world people are created differently.

Come on, equally appreciate the diversity that we have!

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