18 Children Affairs With World Achievements That Make You More Motivated Pursuit of Dreams

18 Children Affairs

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Indonesia is a rich country. Not only the enchanting natural and cultural heritage, the achievement of Indonesian youth also deserves to be acknowledged. In fact, the world has recognized their work.

But ironically, we as Indonesian people who one country does not know that what we enjoy is the work of a child of his own country. Did you know that the cover designer of Maroon 5 album is a student from Indonesia? Ever heard of you if the person behind the funny character Minions also born in Indonesia?

In this article Hipwee has gathered 18 children of the country with outstanding works that proved to have been received by the world. Not only to show off achievement, but Hipwee hope by visiting the success you can also get the motivation to run after the dream.

1. Bayu Santoso: ordinary student, winner of Maroon 5 album cover design that his work is worldwide.

Students of ISI Jogja majoring in Visual Communication Design won an album cover design competition held by a famous band from California, Maroon 5. Design of his work in the form of a white tiger face image with a V-shaped stroke on the nose. His work was able to win the design contest that was followed by many people and entitled to be the 5th album cover of Maroon 5.

Bayu who currently still pursue the world of college is often followed the design race. Before winning the contest this time, he has also won a contest of artwork held by legendary musician Billie Joel. Well, can be seen right now, whatever your profession you can still work, even until recognized by the world.

2. Behind the minions of Minions, there is a man of Indonesian blood as the main architect, Pierre Coffin.

Hayo, who does not know Minions? The adorable yellow character whose movie was booming in 2010 and 2013 past. Even because of the success of the movie, until now we can still find this character figure anywhere; dolls, key chains, bags, and more. What you probably do not know yet is the fact that the architect behind the Minions birth is an Indonesian blooded man, Pierre Coffin.

He is the son of the famous Indonesian writer, N.H Dini. Because of this success he will work with top Hollywood celebrities in the next film project. Do you know that the Minions character uses a mixture of languages ??including Indonesia? Try to watch the movie again and find out in the scene where this Minions character say the word Thank you.

3. Andre Surya: the animator Transformer 3D most of the skills obtained by self-taught

This guy born in Jakarta in 1984 was once educated in Untar with Visual Communication Design Department for 1 year. His education is not continued because he prefers to work as a digital artist. Then he took a diploma in Canada in Film and Special Effects. However, his knowledge and skills are studied on his own because he has been diligent in depth since sitting in high school.Many of his works have won numerous awards. In fact, his capable ability makes him the only Indonesian person who can join the big movie project, Transformer 3D. He was very grateful for his persistence, now he is able to work in his dream place. Do you also want to follow in the footsteps of his success?

4. Christiawan Lie, a comic illustrator whose work penetrated the American market

Comic artist from Indonesia, Chistiawan Lie or more commonly known as Chris Lie is a world-class comic artist. Who would have thought this young man graduated from ITB is one of the comic illustrators who managed to produce famous comics such as GI Joe and Transformers.

In addition, Chris Lie has also created his own comics, entitled Return of The Labyrinth and published by Tokyopop. The comic is a Japanese manga comic produced in America. In the early issue, Return of the Labyrinth has occupied the fourth position of the best-selling comics in America, competing with Naruto's comics.

5. Griselda Sastrawinata, a female animator whose work we can see in the animated film The Sherk

Not only men who can be successful as an animator. Women from Indonesia named Griselda Sastrawinata is also an animator of The Sherk. Griselda is also involved in the creation of several character characters in this animated film. Because of his diligence and discipline in creating works he still works in the prestigious Dreamworks movie studio until now.

6. Rini Sugianto, an Indonesian animator who joined the Box Office America film project

One more Indonesian female animator who excel in the international arena, Rini Sugianto. One of his films is Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug. In addition to Hobbit 2, Rini has also joined the animated team of The Advantures of Tintin, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Hobbit 1, and the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Do not think that if there is a child of the country behind the international films that we like to enjoy?

7. Wira Winata proves that a hobby that is believed and occupied can lead him to work with Disney

The man who has a hobby of drawing this cartoon is now successful in the business of animation. In fact, the home company he founded now has big clients like: Buena Vista Games, Disney TV, Microsoft, and more. No half-hearted small company is now also involved in a film project with Cartoon Network and Gotham Group. This is all happening because he keeps his hobbies pursue drawing and likes the cartoon world even though many people look with one eye.

8. Being a famous child does not make it forget everything, it actually makes Marsha Chikita successful career to be an animatorPrincess of musician Ikang Fawzi and renowned artist Marissa Haque is actually want to enroll in the majors of Pure Art ITB. But because it was not approved by his parents, then he switched to Multimedia University in Malaysia. His persistence and his talent can make him work in Las Copaque Production. The company also became the production house of the Upin Ipin cartoon that we often watch in the afternoon.

However, his success there did not make him forget his own country. Marsha Chikita actually returned to Indonesia and wanted to open his own animation company. Hopefully later the Indonesian film industry will be more advanced with the talent of young talented ya.

9. In the field of sports, we have duo Lilyana Natsir & Tontowi Ahmad ready to make the name of the nation

It seems incomplete to mention only one of their names. Lilyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad is difficult to separate for badminton affairs. Pebulu badminton mixture of pride of Indonesia has several times the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

Various titles have been successfully disabet by Lilyana and Tontowi three years in a row among them champion of All England competition in 2012, 2013, 2014. So, still want to underestimate the achievements of their own country?

10. Butet Manurung, Asian hero of Time magazine in 2004

Butet Manurung is one of the heroes of women who have high courage in fighting for education for rural communities. The woman who had the real name of Saur Marlina Manurung in 2003 started pioneering free school for the isolated community and developing an education system named Sokola Rimba.

The Sokola Rimba system that he has developed is currently being implemented in some remote areas of Indonesia. Butet willing to live for months in the jungle interior to teach the inland people to read and write, so as not to be regarded again as a fool and easily deceived. Because of his concern, he received an award as one of Asia's Heroes from TIME Magazine in 2004.

11. You can also listen to Dougy Mandagi's voice on the soundtrack of the 500 Days of Summer movie

Who does not know the movie 500 Days of Summer? In the scene of the film you will be able to hear the sound of Indonesia's voice, Dougy Mandagi. Yap, this Manado-born guy is a vocalist of the Australian Indie rock band who sings the soundtrack of the 500 days of summer movie. Although Indie, the band has its own mass. Even in Australia, Dougy is also an idol.

The struggle to be as successful now is also not easy. Previously he had time to do some work such as painters, shopkeepers, until the singers. His firm belief and his struggle to reach a dream that makes it not easy to break the charcoal and can be as successful as now.12. Joey Alexander Sila, the little pianist whose achievements are known in the international scene

Joey Alexander Sila is a talented little pianist who has managed to carve out an International achievement. Although still aged 10 years, this little boy is adept at playing the piano keys beautifully to attract the eye of the world.

Successful achievement he got also unmitigated, he won the Grand Prix 1st International Festival Contest of Jazz Improvisation Skill held on 5-8 June 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine. At the Jazz music festival, Joey is the youngest participant, and he managed to beat 43 participants from various worlds.

13. The worldwide VW Car Designer is Indonesian origin, Chris Lesmana

Who does not know the Volks Wagen car, or better known as VW? In 2012, Volkswagen Up! has won the 2012 World Car of The Year award. Indonesia deserves to be proud, because the car is designed by a designer from Indonesia, Chris Lesmana.

In addition to VW Up !, Chris Lesmana has previously also designed the VW New Beetle, or more familiarly called the VW Frog. Patent design Chris Lesmana itself is now registered in the United States in 2008.

14. Papermoon doll made in Indonesia can be enjoyed in various countries thanks to Maria Tri Sulistyani

Ria Papermoon is a creative woman who has created the world-renowned Papermoon Puppet Theater puppet theater. Women who have the real name of Maria Tri Sulistyani founded Papermoon Puppet Theater since 2006. Papermoon Puppet Show itself is a puppet show that can be watched by adult audiences.

The stories were light stories, and the theme of the story is the story of history in 1965. The puppet show has received tremendous appreciation in a number of countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and the United States .

15. Indie film director whose work is screened in many countries, Yosep Anggi Noen

Yosep Anngi Noen is a young director from Yogyakarta. Although his name is not as famous as Hanung Bramantyo or Rizal Montovani, his film has been successfully screened in several world festivals. Yosep Anggi Noen himself is better known as a short film director, but he also produces a long movie.His inaugural first film, The Awkward Vision and Other Illnesses, has toured international festivals, such as the 65th Swiss International Film Festival Locarno. One of his short films was also awarded by Sonje Award Best Short Film at the Busan International Film Festival 2013.

16. Mocca not only has fanatical supporters in Indonesia but also throughout Asia

Indie music group from Bandung is indeed the songs are nice to hear in the ear. Carrying the genre of pop music, jazz, swing, Mocca managed to carve achievements everywhere. Not only in his own country the song is praised and made the soundtrack of many films, in Japan they also signed a contract with one indie record. In addition, Mocca also often hold concerts in Singapore. Various people in countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea are also many who become devoted lovers of their songs. How, proud of your favorite indie band likes also by overseas community?

17. Not only Mocca whose echoes are heard in Asia, White Shoes and The Couples Company even goes to America and Europe

The band that was founded in 2002 was able to penetrate the American market. In fact, their debut album was released by Minty Fresh, a Chicago-based label. In fact, they have visited Uncle Sam's country twice in 2008, for CMJ Music Marathon and SXSW Music Festival. Not until in America alone, they also had a tour of Europe in 2012 in France and the Netherlands. We must be proud because Indonesian language can be heard and enjoyed by the people abroad through their songs.

18. Sandy Sondoro, from street singers to famous musicians in Germany

From start singing on the streets, on the metro, to singing in pubs he once lakoni. Persistence and strong conviction do not dampen his steps to become a popular singer today. Sandy Sandoro has also been a finalist contest similar to Indonesia Idol in Germany, although only won the position to 5, but its popularity rose and his name increasingly flying in Europe. In fact, there are some songs that can survive on the radio favorite charts in several cities such as Paris, Berlin, and Madrid.

After reading the achievements of the figures above, what do you feel? Is it both proud and motivated? Whatever your profession when persekuni with persistent struggle will certainly produce and boast. Do not give up or even stop in the middle of the road before reaching everything you dream of ya!

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