2 The story of ‘Horror’ It Predicts The Titanic Tragedy Accurately

2 The story

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Liputan6.com, London – The sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912 is one of the largest maritime accidents in peace in the world. The ship was wretched in its maiden voyage, from Southampton, England to New York City, USA.

The iceberg in the Atlantic Sea ended the first and only trip of the Titanic, throwing the ark down to 3,787 meters.

Of the approximately 2,224 people inside the Titanic, only 710 people reach the destination city of New York. They are transported using RMS Carpathia, a passenger ship that responds to disasters and accommodates those who escape death.

Before the anchor lift from Southampton, Titanic is believed to be a ship that could not drown. It is equipped with the latest safety systems of its time. For example, impermeable doors can be controlled from afar, as well as similar compartments designed to keep the ark floating in the event of an accident.

However, the advanced equipment was not able to save the Titanic. Because, as quoted from The Vintage News, Saturday (28/10/2017), unexpected collision with the iceberg ripped the wall, filled it with water, broke, and then drowned in a short time.

And, the fatal flaw in the Titanic safety system is the lack of lifeboats. The 'trivial' thing is responsible for 1,517 people in it.

The lifeboats in the Titanic can only contain 50 percent of passengers. And there's an interesting story about that.

Earlier, 26 years before Titanic met his destiny, an investigative British journalist, William Thomas Stead, made a note.

His writing tries to get people to care about the transportation safety system, especially the lack of lifeboats on newly built vessels at the time.

One short story (short story) he wrote entitled, How the Mail Steamer Went Down in the Mid Atlantic, by a Survivor, published in Pall Mall Gazette in March 1886.

Once upon a time, an English sailor named Thomas sailed with a new ship that started his maiden journey to the United States.After wading through the ocean, Thomas realized that the number of lifeboats was too little to save all the passengers and crew.

However, the ship's officials did not take his report seriously.

A few days later, the ark crashed into a sailing ship, which crosses over the sailing line, unseen as a result of a thick fog.

In the midst of panic that occurred after the collision, the passengers and crew just realized the lifeboats are inadequate.

Of the 916 people on board, only 200 people could be transported by lifeboats, the other 700 in the fierce seas.

Thomas is said to be safe. The sailor can save himself by plunging into the sea and climbing one of the lifeboats.

The story is supplemented by editorial comments by the author. "This is what might happen and will happen if the passenger ships are delivered to the ocean in conditions of lack of lifeboats," writes William Thomas Stead.

However, Stead's warning only gets little attention when it's published. Until finally, the Titanic tragedy occurred ….

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