2 Week burning, 77.46 hectares of national park area in West Kalimantan burned

2 Week burning,

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The flames that lasted almost two weeks, scorching about 77.46 hectares of forest in the area of ??Danau Sentarum National Park, in Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan.

Hot spot of this burning forest monitored LAPAN satellite, on July 29, 2017, which was detected in the area of ??Lake Sentarum and Jongkong, Kapuas Hulu District.

"At the beginning of detection, it has a confidence level of 85 and 95 percent," said Head of Conservation Technical Division of Betung Kerihun Danau Sentarum Ahmad Munawir National Park, told reporters in Pontianak, Tuesday (8/8).

"The monitoring of the hot spots is immediately observed to map the national park area, to ensure the position of the point of fire that burns the forest, the result is that the hotspot hotspots are located within the park area," he said.

"Tekenang Resort team immediately conducted ground checks on hotspots, and the fire was positive," said Munawir.

From the team's information on location, the nearest distance of water source, approximately 250 meters. Meanwhile, the distance of the flame ends about 700 meters. The blackout effort, Munawir continued, was done by the blackout team of SPTN VI Semitau, using machine tools.

"For the type of fire is the surface, while the burned vegetation is wood keminit, kawi, tembesu, sikup.But now, the fire has begun to be extinguished by the team at the location," said Munawir.

During outages, various obstacles are dealt with such as the constraints of transport equipment, the nearest water source, a very dangerous terrain. "There is an effort to extinguish it manually, it takes an extra hard struggle, and the time is not short to reach the point of fire," he explained again

Some of the fire points from the west have been extinguished, while the calculation of burnt area, until the day reached 39.9 hectares in Suak Kebesi and 43.49 hectares in Pengulan.

"The total area is around 77.46 hectares, the officers are responsive in dealing with forest and land fires, so it does not expand rapidly," Munawir said. [rhm]

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