20 Best Android Games You Can Play Without The Internet!

20 Best Android Games You Can Play Without The Internet!

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Primary needs now have shifted, not just clothing, food, and more boards but the internet, smartphones, and plugs also already join the same needs of our primary. Cute emang, but the Rat can not blame the statement anyway. If our smartphone is dead or the quota runs out and can not access the internet, we must die style!

Dont worry be happy! Rat Way will nyediain the best offline gaming options that you can play when your internet problem or out of credit. So you can still be fun and not die style. Here are 20+ best Android games without internet or offline Android games Rikes option:

20+ Best Android Games Without The Internet!

1. Piano Tiles 2 (Do not Tap … 2)

Who does not know the game Piano Tiles 2? This in-game game is one of the best Android offline games you can play without the internet. Easy play rules, you just need to press black tiles and avoid other empty tiles. Play with a rhythm that grew faster and try to be at the top. In addition to Piano Tiles 2, you can find similar games in article 10 Best Android Games with Similar Gameplay Piano Tiles 2.

2. Into The Dead

Into The Dead is a game that is quite unique and exciting, tense and full of adrenaline because it combines two genres of shooting and endless running. This game has a mission that is quite exciting and also thrilling that is running between zombies.

Imagine what kind of trying? And all this excitement you can play without internet !! Bener-bener offline Android games are recommended. Download Android offline game, Into The Dead on JalanMik:

3. Daddy Was A Thief

Daddy Was A Thief is one of the endless running games that are interesting to play. What's interesting about this game is the unique and different gameplay and background. In this game you act as a father who became a robber after being fired from the bank where he worked. In this Android offline game you can find and use combo speed boosts, shortcuts, and power-ups to survive.

4. Hungry Shark EvolutionIn the Hungry Shark Evolution game, you will become a hungry vicious shark. Gather the best score in the prey to improve the Shark's performance. You can also activate baby sharks for something more amazing. Android offline game is perfect for you to play on the sidelines of your activities.

5. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. will make you feel how to make a virus and spread it around the world. This Android simulation game is one of the most successful virus-themed simulation game in the world. Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique Android game with high strategy and frightening simulation that you can play without internet. You are struggling in the end of a deadly human history. You fight the world. Able? Download Plague Inc. offline. on the Rat:

6. Diponegoro – Tower Defense

This time the next Android offline game coming from beloved country, Indonesia. WALI Games developers lift the character of Prince Diponegoro. Instead of telling stories about history, Diponegoro – Tower Defense game has even increased the character of Diponegoro as a national hero in Java. Many skills and items will help you to complete the mission. Download Android offline game here:

7. Subway Surfers

Although rada outdated, who the hell who do not know the game Subway Surfers? Games with this endless running genre will not make you bored. You can collect power-ups available during the trip. Fun, this game you can enjoy offline alias without internet.

8. Peju

Maybe you feel strange or awkward fitting first ngedenger Peju name. Eits, do not get me wrong first, Peju is an Android offline game where you have to make the funny Peju swim through all the obstacles that exist. This game also get a lot of funny reactions from who have played his game. How to play his game just by shaking your Android.

9. Flappy Bird

This phenomenal game is not available in Google Play Store. You're lucky to be able to download phenomenal Android offline games, Flappy Bird on JalanMikus. With a size that is only about 1 MB and gameplay ngegemesin, you will be entertained on the sidelines of your leisure time until males off the smartphone deh.10. Bounce Original

Who does not know the same game Bounce? The best-selling offline game on Nokia was re-presented on the Android platform by the 35cm Games developers. In Android devices, you have to control the ball in the game with buttons available on your Android screen. The buttons are two arrow keys on the left of the screen and one button to jump on the right of the screen. More details you can read the article How to Play Legendary Game BOUNCE on Android Smartphone.

This game offers 10 levels and all you have to do is collect as many rings in the game and find the door to move up to the next level. Almost the same as the classic game on Nokia first. What distinguishes only on the controller. Yuk download Android offline Android Bounce Original on JalanTikus right now.

11. Puffero

Protect your land from the funniest poisonous creatures ever. Jumping, running, and blowing your way, and through the dangers in the Android game with the Arcade Action platform. Encourage your ability to jump, spin, and attack like a ninja through obstacles and unexpected enemies. Feel free to explore this challenging game and earn a super mind-blowing Platinum medal. In this game you have to defend yourself against many enemies and escape the shooter in Super Item game.

With simple gameplay and many different levels of course Puffero will keep you entertained for hours! Watch out for the hedgehogs that come from the forest and try to survive and fight the legendary giant boss. Download the most addictive Android offline now!

12. Dummy Defense

In the Android Dummy Defense game, your job is to design a structure that will protect Melvin from accidents like a giant hammer and a bomb blast. The structure or building should be cheap (not exceeding the cost quotas) and strong in the face of accidents. In this game you will get features Ragdoll physics, Slow motion sliders, and games with more than 50 levels.

You can identify areas of weakness Melvin by using stress display. And do not get your attention off Kelvin, a dumb demon. By downloading it on JalanTikus, you will get paid game version with FREE with all paid features that have been unlocked. What are you waiting for? Buruan download this Android offline game deh !!

13. Angry Birds 2

Who does not know Angry Birds? This phenomenal Android offline game is at home hanging out as the best Android offline game on Google Play. Even within a week of its launch, Angry Birds 2 has been downloaded 20 million times. Although released heavier than previous versions, it turns out Angry Birds fans do not decline yes.In Angry Birds 2 you will get a new multi-stage level feature. Angry Birds 2 also provides new characters that you can play. This new character has special abilities, other than others. Not only that, the visual effects in Angry Birds 2 also has increased. Explosive effects will be presented with more excited and festive with a cheerful color. Jump download on JalanMouse yes, guys !!

14. Diversion

If you like endless running games with the adventure genre, then you're really good at Diversion games. Almost the same as the game Temple Run 2 or Despicable Me – Minion Rush, but in this game you will be given several different world choices to run with battles against the boss.

The good news is a paid Android game for $ 0.80 (about IDR 11 thousand) you can download for FREE on JalanTikus. In this game there are more than 200 levels, 7 World, more than 700 characters and you play with just one touch! Let's download Diversion, Android offline game on JalanMusic right now!

15. Temple Run 2

Who does not know the game Temple Run 2? The famous classic game on PlayStore has been downloaded over 4 million users. Themed game endless run, you are required to become a hero who ran on the site of temples that have been unused and chased by a kind of gorilla monsters. If you get caught then it means game over.

In running from a monster, you can pick up gold coins and power-ups that can be used to run from monsters. You can also jump, glide, turn right, turn left in a run. The concept of this game is very simple but do not underestimate, you will be addicted to the same gameplay provided this game. Fun anymore, you can download this game in Jalantikus loh!

16. Badland

Badland is one of the most visually appealing games. You can control the inhabitants of the forest just by tapping the screen to make them roll in the dark and dark forest filled with obstacles and dangers. In addition to single player, multiplayer is also provided that you can play without an internet connection. In the free version, provided 40 levels and in the paid version you will be added 40 other levels. Download this game on Jalantikus, FREE looh.

17. Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

Dumb Ways to Die 2 is a fun game full of funny graphics. Served with an accompanying song during the game. Almost the same as the previous version of the game, where you have to prevent their cute characters to kill themselves by stabbing a fork into the toasters and standing in a pond full of piranhas, in this game you also have to agree with Dynamite Relay Races, Electric Fence Hurdless and other stupid activities (do not do this at home huh!). Challenges in the game progresses faster and faster, so running from death is not easy. Want to play? Please download this game on Jalantikus.18. World Of Goo

Brilliantly designed and imaginative to make this puzzle game loved and become one of the best games on the PlayStore. Almost the same as Sega Mega Drive classic Lemmings game, you are required to guide a group of strange creatures to the last level without killing too many creatures during the process. The World Of Goo challenge comes from how far you take them. A colorful visual combination, cool music and fantastic gameplay make this game a must-have-item on your Android. You can try this game demo by download on Jalan Tikus.

19. Dots

Initially you may underestimate this game because it is too simple, but when you start playin this game, you must immediately realize this is not a game of mock-ups. In this Dots game, you must combine dots that have the same color as 60 seconds or until the number of moves has been fulfilled. You can play this game yourself or local multiplayer without needing internet connection. Rasain the excitement of this game with download at Jalantikus.

20. Limbo

We recommend that you play this Limbo game not in when you're alone, because this game depicts loneliness, sadness and isolation. Fear later you baper and remember your singles status again hahaha. In this game you control a boy who goes into a bleak monochrome world to find his sister. Limbo includes classic games on PC which then penetrated the Android platform. The world in Limbo is deplorable, horrible but so beautiful. If you play this game, you will be drowning with his enigmatic story line. You do not have to worry about internet connection because this game is offline game. You can download this game here:

21. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a boring game hanging out on the best Android game list. Even this puzzle game was chosen as the best game of 2014 at 11th International Mobile Gaming Awards. In this game, you must guide a princess through the beautifully designed buildings by Escher. You can also change perspectives to help the princess down the building and complete the obstacles. Want to try playing this game? You can download here:

Well, besides the best 20+ Android games without the above internet, you have not the best other Android games that they play without internet or offline? If any, share in comment field below yes.

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