20 Best Android With Graphics Games 2016

20 Best Android With Graphics Games 2016

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Who does not want a game with high graphics? Certainly all want dong because it will add excitement when playing games. So, the higher the graphics, the more fun and the more real the game.

Speaking of game graphics, you know what is the best graphics game for Android? If you do not know do not go yet, because here Jaka will tell you about HD games with the most stunning graphics on Android. Anything? Here are the coolest graphics of Android games.

Best Android Games with Graphics 2016

1. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a space-themed horror game featuring a narrative element and FPS gameplay that features customization features like RPG. This best Android HD game also brings horror at the same time excitement when you are faced with horrible creatures like zombies, mutants, and other deadly creatures in outer space.

In this game, you will choose to play as one of three characters with different forms and abilities. You will be invited to navigate the darkness of the ESS Meridian spacecraft which is the background of the first Dead Effect, you can have fun with a campaign and a side mission that lasts up to 30 hours more.

2. Walking War Robot

Walking War Robot is an action game with stunning HD graphics by combining online-multiplayer battle gameplay with mech robot theme. Here you will encounter fierce battle action between the giant robots. This game emphasizes dynamic, fast, and explosive action factors.

Gameplay Walking War Robots more or less the same as a war game that relies on aspects of capture the beacons like World of Tanks Blitz and others. You will fight as a team, 6 vs 6. Your team's job is to master every strategic point around the arena as well as pounding behind the attack from the opposing team.

3. Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Surely you've watched the movie Suicide Squad dong in the cinema? Official game of the Suicide Squad film is also not less interesting. Warner Bros game pack Suicide Squad: Special Ops with gameplay survival. You will act as a member of the Suicide Squad team. Cool really right?You will be acting as a group of antagonist characters from DC comics who are recruited to perform a secret mission. Currently there are 3 characters you can choose, Deadshot, Diablo, or Harley Quinn which each character has a special ability. Relying on a first-person perspective and 3D graphics with cel-shading effects, you're guaranteed to enjoy the excitement of eliminating enemies coming in and out of action shooters.

4. Vainglory

Who does not know Vainglory? Online multiplayer game battle arena or commonly abbreviated MOBA is similar to the PC game Dota 2 is indeed a HD game with the best gameplay as well as a ruler of MOBA on the mobile platform. Vainglory also carries a PvP battle with the objective of destroying a building called Vain Crystal at the enemy team headquarters.

There you will act as a hero in a team of three. Each will control a hero, where you must work together against the enemy team. Each hero has different abilities and characteristics that require appropriate strategies and coordination to destroy the opponent.

Another interesting part of Vainglory is that although this game has a charming graphics, but this game is quite light and almost most Android smartphones can play it. This is because Vainglory is able to adjust the graphics quality automatically with the various capabilities of Android smartphone used to deliver optimal gameplay. While for you flagship smartphone users, will enjoy a very detailed background and stable performance in 60 fps.

5. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

The next best free high quality Android HD game is Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. Godfire's background tells of the myth of Prometheus, a Titan who takes eternal fire of Zeus in order to share it with humans. But when you have succeeded in taking the eternal fire (godfire spark), it actually falls in the world and you must adventure as Prometheus to seek godfire spark and give it to man.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus has a hack-and-slash gameplay, where there is a virtual joystick control to finish off enemies you meet along the way. There is a story mode with three chapters where the second and third parts you can buy using in-game credit.

6. Dungeon Hunter 5

For you lovers of HD games, surely you are not alien to the game Dungeon Hunter made by Gameloft who has now reached the fifth series. In the latest title of Dungeon Hunter 5, carrying raid player elements, you will compete robbing other Dungeon players asynchronously. Each player has a special Dungeon that is used to store the gold coins they earn throughout the game.

Similar to Clash of Clans, only here you are spoiled with the most stunning graphics quality. You can attack Dungeon other players to take some portion of the gold they collect. Conversely, if you do not want your opponent to rob you of your gold, you can hire special minions to guard the base and put up a number of traps to stop them from looting.7. Soulcraft 2

Soulcraft 2 is a sequel to the Soulcraft game. In this best graphical Android game you play as one of the seven angels involved in the conflict battle between heaven and hell above the remains of modern human civilization.

As an action RPG, the core gameplay that Soulcraft 2 leads more leads to the hack-and-slash arena where you are given several objectives. Includes Survive the enemy wave, Defend the crystal, Defeat the boss, and more. Throughout the game you will do grinding by defeating all types of monsters to get the resources to strengthen the hero to the next level.

8. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion Never Lose Hope brings the hack and slash genre. This game will bring you to earth that has been destroyed by the invasion of aliens from another planet known as XADA. Those who attack the earth, destroy human civilization, and spread the virus that turns humans into a kind of zombie under their control.

The remaining man then escapes and lives in the space station. After twenty years since the incident, the space station caught a strange signal from the surface of the earth. Eventually you are assigned to go to earth and investigate where the signal is coming from and your struggle in Implosion is shown through the stunning 3D graphics.

9. Anomaly Defenders

The charming graphics are the identity of the Anomaly Defenders game. This game is a tower defense genre, with the effects of weapons, explosions, and detail the environment of the nuances of outer space that is very pampering the eyes.

You will build a tower to attack the humans who are trying to reach the launchpad and destroy our alien ship. Yes, the enemy you face is a human, intelligent human with sophisticated equipment.

10. Chaos Rings III

Extraordinary visual quality is featured in Chaos Rings III, making Square Enix game is included in the ranks of the best graphics Android game with full 3D environment and camera rotation capabilities. So, you can set the camera's point of view at will.Chaos Rings III tells of the journey of a young man named Nasca who continues the ideals of his late father to become an explorer. Nasca eventually went to town to take the test, where he met with Daisuke and Leary. The three teenagers eventually form a team of explorers and support each other's dreams. That's when their adventure in Chaos Rings III begins.

11. Wild Blood

It's no secret, games made by Gameloft does have amazing graphics quality. One of the most memorable is Wild Blood, although it is an old title but still has the best quality. Maybe one of them because this is their first game that uses Unreal Engine.

Wild Blood uses classic English legend characters that tell about King Arthur and * Merlin Witch **, but with different stories. Like other hack and slash_game controls the characters are made as easy as possible.


UNKILLED is one of the game Action genre and Sci-Fi is pretty good. In addition to gameplay and a long story this game also has stunning graphics. In addition, this game also adds a lot of weapons that usually do not exist in other games.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion – Never Lose Hope is a high graphics Android game is almost the same as the game UNKILLED, just for the graphics of this game is superior. This game tells of the resurrection of man after the destruction of the earth with their last weapon to fight the aliens.

14. Traffic Rider

Feel the thrill of racing on a busy street in this Traffic Rider game. Yes, this game is almost the same as the game genre simulator. In this game we will be made to feel the sensation of kebut-kebutan on the road using a motorcycle in a crowded state. Because the good graphics, guaranteed to make deg-degan also deh when playing this Android HD game.

15. Call of Duty: Strike TeamThe best war game version of Jaka's Call Of Duty, because the graphics and gameplay is very exciting and real. Always aja nih game for Jaka addicted to finish him. Try this game for you who really like war games.

16. SBK15

For those of you who are fond of MotoGP, do not miss this game. SBK15 game is almost the same as some MotoGP games on PC. But if the level of difficulty you try yourself. Feel what it feels like to be a champion in MotoGP.

17. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

At first Jaka little do not believe if this is true game Modern Combat 5: Blackout is played on Android. Because the graphics and gameplay is very riveting. This game is a future war game that certainly makes you addicted in playing it.

18. Mortal Kombat X

You all definitely know dong with Mortal Kombat X this. Jaka thought Mortal Kombat X could only be played on PC and console. But, no wonder also if this game can be played on Android. Because the graphics and their effects are good, this game becomes the most exciting and challenging game to play.

19. Need For Speed ??No Limits

The race car lovers of course already know with various games Need For Speed. How about baseball? Ever since the game Need For Speed ??always get into the list of best games. All the racing action as well as stunning graphics from version to version become the excitement found in this game. But, this time there is Game Need For Speed ??for Android is the game Need For Speed ??No Limits which is certainly the same as the game Need For Speed ??on PC and console. Starting from the gameplay to the graphics as well.

Assassin's Creed Identity

Game Assassin's Creed Identity is a type of adventure game and definitely very exciting and pity to pass up. Moreover this game is very famous loh. Problem graphics, this game is not inferior to other games. Since the previous version of the graphics have been pretty good for the games at that time, especially now?How? Cool-cool is not it? That's the best graphics games with the best graphics. If you have any other games please leave your comment in the comment field below yes.

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