20 Cute Picture It Shows How Tired So Mahmud. But Happy Clearly Always Accompanying Dong ~

20 Cute Picture

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Most women would expect to have a baby after marriage with the couple later. Some want to have one child, but not a few who expect to have many children. It all depends on the individual's readiness as a parent. The reason, when you become a parent later, there is a big responsibility that awaits. Not just to meet the primary needs, but also to educate them to be good and exemplary generations.

So many say that the experience of being a parent can not be compared with anything. There is always love and grief when raising a child. Perhaps in this case a mother who most felt it. Not just pregnancy and childbirth, but a mother also has a very big share in raising their children. That's why women feel a huge difference when before and after becoming a mother. Anything, huh?

1. If for the sake of children, even animals as frightened as flying cockroaches dare to be resisted

2. Previously still think of yourself, still able to shopping. Now I do not remember anymore

3. Since being a mom, it seems like the word do not is the most favorite spoken

4. Resist the desire to buy goods own purposes, because the needs of the little one always be the main

5. If her father can make her happy, it will affect your child's happiness ~

6. Although he was soundly sleeping, if the child want to pee at midnight must be accompanied

7. And mother is the best inventor of lost items. Whatever it must be met with mom

8. Although prohibited, but still the children most like to sleep with his mother. No matter where you sleep, there's a mother

9. After becoming a mother, multitasking should be a major skill10. Responsibility as a mother is not mild, but it all feels easier if the two of us

11. Who would have thought emak-emak stronger since have children

12. Just a mother who feels this: just left 5 minutes but her child is like this ~

13. If more anteng-antengnya is adorable, but if it's done, mom can be dizzy!

14. Though only left for a while, but the floor and walls have been drawn out

15. Neat is just a dream. As often as it is cleaned, it is often messy again

16. Long time still had time to relax while maskeran, now? Anything must be gercep (fast motion)!

17. It's really true of this one

18. What you see outside is not necessarily the same at home

19. When the child is expected to sleep soundly until morning, but it still wake up and fussing at midnight

20. But however difficult it is to be a mother, it's all paid when you know the kids always need youWell, for the mahmud aka young mothers, already feel all the above experience? Really yes, if you are a mother, life can turn 180 degrees. And as much as any duties as a mother, everything will be paid when you see the happy faces of your children.

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