20 Hidden Paradise in Yogyakarta Worthy of Your Next Vacation Destination

20 Hidden Paradise

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The potential of tourism in Yogyakarta is undoubtedly the beauty. The name of Prambanan Temple, Parangtritis Beach, and Malioboro area is already familiar in your ears is not it? With the potential of tourism almost equally beautiful in various lines ranging from shopping areas, cultural tourism, to the beauty of the sea, no wonder if Yogyakarta became a favorite destination of thousands of tourists who arrive every year.

But, if dug further, in fact there are still many tourism potentials in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas are interesting but not too well known people. Where are the mainstream holiday destinations in Jogja? In this article Hipwee collects some of them specifically for you.

1. Begin your journey with the sunrise hunting at the Summit of Suroloyo.

No need to go all the way up the mountain to enjoy the sunrise over the clouds. Suroloyo peak located in Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo, DIY, offers the charm of the rising sun with a cloud that is not less cool than the famous mountains in Yogyakarta. From the highest viewing post at 1,019 masl, you can look at four mountains of Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, and Sindoroserta Borobudur Temple which is sometimes covered in fog from a distance.

Getting a good view on the Peak Suroloyu certainly not without effort. You have to climb about 290 stairs to get to the top. Oh yes, according to legend, this place was once a location where Raden Mas Rangsang get wangsit to do tapa kesatriyan. Raden Mas Rangsang is none other than Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma, the man who became the ruler of Java land.

2. Enjoy the beauty of the twilight reflection from the Surface of the Sermo Reservoir in Kalibiru, Kulon Progo.

Still in the Menoreh Mountains area, Kulon Progo, there is one beautiful place that is perfect for enjoying the drowning of dusk. Kalibiru is the name of a village as well as a tourist forest located in Kokap district, Kulonprogo. Because of the care of the residents in maintaining one of their livelihoods, Kalibiru becomes an attractive ecotourism location that is well maintained.

In this place, you can enjoy the trekking with the background of green trees. To visit Kalibiru, you are only charged 3 thousand rupiah rate only. There is a great place to take pictures here, which is a small wooden platform located on a pine tree. To climb on it, you must climb the bamboo staircase. From here, the Sermo Reservoir is visible in the distance. Wait until dusk arrive and reflect golden light on the surface of the reservoir.

3. Discover the sweet twilight romantisme berbalut adrenaline rush opportunity in Bukit Parang Endog.

Parangtritis beach located in Bantul, exactly 27 km south of the city of Yogyakarta is very famous. But, we will not discuss this beach. At the eastern end of Parangtritis Beach, there is a cool place commonly used as a paragliding sports runway, named Bukit Parang Endog.

If you are interested in trying out this paragliding exercise, you can do a tandem paraglide with an experienced pilot by paying around 300,000 once flying. But if baseball, this place is also fun to hang out. From the top of the hill you can see the beauty of Parangtritis Beach from a height. The view of the sunset from up here is also cool, you know!4. Do not forget to climb to the foot of Mount Merapi. You can see the resilience of Jogja residents in the face of disaster at the Museum Sisa Hartaku.

Merapi eruption at the end of 2010 and still pinned memu memuatkan in the minds of Kepuharjo Village residents located on the slopes of this most active volcano. But instead of lamenting, Mr. Riyanto changed the remains of his property into an interesting little museum.

Museum Sisa Hartaku showcased the remaining items from the wedhus trash gembel arranged in the ruins of Pak Riyanto's house. Although simple, this place is full of meaning; he flaunted the fierce witnesses of a hot cloud of hot clouds reaching thousands of degrees. There are dead cattle carcasses, carcasses, gamelan that looks burning, and a number of other tools.

5. Jajal cave tubing in Kalisuci. This is your chance to glide freely into the beauty of the earth.

Cave tubing is a cave crash activity using inner tubes or body rafting through a river located within the earth. In recent years, on the rise is the activity of cave tubing in Goa Pindul, Gunung Kidul, DIY; the place is always packed with tourists. But, actually there is one more cave tubing location that is not less exciting, that is Kalisuci,

Kalisuci is located in Pacarejo Village, Semanu District, Gunungkidul. Called Kalisuci because here there are springs located above the stream of the river is very clear and still clear even if the river water to moisten when the rainy season. By paying retibusi of 5 thousand and cave tubing package of 70 thousand, you can enjoy the adventure down the river in the bowels of the earth.

6. Come to Sambisari Temple in Dusun Purwomartani. Your place can trail the famous Ancient Hindu civilization

If you are visiting Kalasan Subdistrict, Sleman, DIY, take a moment to stop by Sambisari Hamlet located in Purwomartani Village. There is a small Hindu temple called Sambisari Temple. This temple was discovered by a farmer in 1966 in an area that was originally a rice field. Archaeologists need 21 years to rearrange the stones of this temple.

Unique, this temple complex is 6.5 meters lower than the surrounding soil. This temple does not have many reliefs or decoration, but you can see the statue of Dewi Durga, wife of Lord Shiva. Faced with the main temple, there are three companion temples that are no longer intact. Nothing wrong with trying to visit this beautiful archaeological site, let alone the entry you do not charge, you know.

7. Calm your mind in the typical rural nature of nature in Curug Indah Tegalrejo, Gunung Kidul.

Administratively. Curug Indah Tegalrejo is located in Tegalrejo, east end of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. But, local people also call it Curug Bayat, because of its location adjacent to Bayat area, Klaten. For access to this place, it is much faster if you pass through Klaten then turn south towards Bayat. From Yogyakarta, you can get to Curug Indah Tegalrejo within 1 hour, by motorcycle or car.Curug which is still relatively minimal visitors consists of several stratified waterfall and shaded green trees on the right left. If you have guts, you can try jumping from the cliff to the waterfall below. But be careful, because curugnya quite shallow. One-one you can even be injured while on vacation.

To come to this waterfall, you are only charged parking fees managed by local residents. In Curug Indah Tegalrejo the typical rural ambiance will feel very thick. You will not often meet fellow tourists here. Precisely local people and school children who deliberately stop by to refresh the body with water from the source of pure spring is more often you meet. Peaceful, quiet, and traditional. Such is the picture of Curug Indah Tegalrejo.

8. Enjoy the hidden paradise that has now begun to be visited at Pok Pus Singles

Gunung Kidul is famous for its white sandy beaches. But, there is a unique beach because it is hidden among the cliffs of a steep cliff. Pok Single, its name.

To get to Pok Tunggal Beach, you can use the vehicle or trekking from the east side of Indrayanti Beach. Here, there is a Duras tree that became this beach icon. The name of Single Pok also comes from the existence of Duras Tree which became the only vegetation here. The Duras tree has only one tree base (pok), thus making residents around to name the nearby beach with the Single Pok.

Several years ago, Pok Pok Tunggal was still very quiet. Almost no tourists come here. But now, the Single Pok has come to be known. If you want to feel this beach like a private beach, do not visit here during the weekend but come on weekdays. Oh yes, do not also the origin of climbing Duras Tree that became this beach icon, yes. This tree is very valuable to the people around.

9. Jogja has Goa Jomblang. Your place can see a light of heaven though still human.

If you are interested in cave tours, you can not miss Goa Jomblang. Goa located in the hills karst Gunung Kidul is a vertical cave that stores unusual unusual. To reach the base of the cave you must use special equipment whose safety standards are maintained and accompanied by a guide. The cost of the tour to Goa Jomblang quite expensive, about Rp 450.000,00 for 2 people.

For those who are reluctant to spend more money to rent a tool or already have their own tools, it helps you launch a single rope technique first before visiting here. Because the derivative that you must pass to enter the cave is quite extreme.

The best time to visit this cave is around 10:00 to 12:00, because the position of the sun is high so you can see the light of heaven. Inside this cave there are also ancient forests that have unique vegetation. The beauty of this cave is guaranteed to make you amazed. Only in Goa Jomblang you can feel a little sensation of heaven though still a status as a human being.

10. If you feel Jogja is too hot, turn to the south. There is a pine forest Mangunan in Dlingo, Bantul.Jogja now really it's getting hotter, huh? Well, Mangunan pine forest is perfect for you who want to escape momentarily from the scorching sun of Yogyakarta. Located in the hilly area of ??Dlingo, Bantul, this forest offers coolness and scenery that you rarely find elsewhere. Hence, this place is often used as a location shooting or just hunting photos. Satisfied picture, you can also continue the journey to the orchard of Mangunan which is located not far from here.

11. Sesapi cool Waterfall Sri Gethuk, Gunung Kidul.

The charm of Gunung Kidul is remarkable. Who would have thought in this dry area there is a very beautiful waterfall? Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in the Oya River gorge which divides Bleberan Tourism Village. Among the karst cliffs, Sri Gethuk waterfall flows incessantly. Underneath, there are rocks that form the steps, adding a unique and luxurious impression of this place.

It is said that this place is a storage place kethuk or gamelam instruments belonging to Jin Anggo Meduro, so this place is called Sri Gethuk. In order to enjoy this place, you just pay 35 thousand rupiah which is also a ticket to the Goa Rancang Kencono canal.

12. Make you who love sports, try deh try another experience with rock climbing at Siung Beach

The steep cliffs that surround Siung Beach are the main attraction for this place. For sports lovers rock climbing, Siung Beach is heaven. No wonder, because the cliffs are used as a rock climbing path is quite well known. On this beach, there are about 250 rock climbing paths that you can jajal. Not only that, from one of the cliff tops, you can see the panorama of Siung Beach with the sea stretching in the distance.

13. At nightfall, enjoy the lights of Jogja city from the top of Bukit Bintang.

If you are interested in the lights of Jogja city lights at night, there is perfect place for you to stop by. Located on Jalan JogjaWonosari, precisely in Bukit Pathuk, Gunung Kidul, you can see the panorama of Yogyakarta city at night from a height of 150 meters. In this place, lined a number of food stalls on the edge of the cliff that offers a variety of food at a light price.

While enjoying roasted corn and a glass of warm drink, you will be spoiled by the lights of Jogja city that glow sweetly from down there. Come to Bukit Bintang early in the evening, bring the people you love. Then enjoy the flickering city lights that start burning together. Ah, heaven is very simple ..

14. Feel the sensation of sandboarding in the Parangkusumo sand dune. To try the sand dunes, you can go to Jogja or have to travel far to Mexico.

Sliding with a snowboard in Jogja is probably the impossible. But, Jogja has the only sand dune area in Indonesia that you can use for sport sandboarding. It is located in Parangkusumo Beach, Yogyakarta. Just so you know, sand dunes are only two in the world. Another one is in Mexico.In this sand dunes, you can try the thrill down the hill with a skateboard. Do not think it's easy. You should be able to maintain balance if you do not want to slip ridiculous. Do not be afraid first, this sport is safe kok played beginners.

15. Want to fight guts? Try riding a traditional gondola at Timang Beach.

One more beach in Gunung Kidul that you must sambangi because of its uniqueness. At a glance, Pantai Timang is similar to other Gunung Kidul beaches. Interestingly, on the cliffs there is a traditional gondola that is attached to the rope with a wooden stake that is placed on the sidelines of the reef. This gondola is used by fishermen to hunt for lobsters on coral island called Pulau Panjang opposite the beach.

You can also try to climb this wooden gondola across the fierce waves beneath it while challenging death. Upon reaching the reef, you can see a collection of lobster fishermen who are busy with their respective nets.

But do not worry about the safety of this gondola. The management regularly checks periodically to ensure the feasibility of the gondola. If you intend to try out the sensation of traditional gondola Pantai Timang, you must first confirm to the manager at least 1 day earlier. Well, how, brave?

16. For you who like art, Jogja offers the opportunity to explore the works of endless painter Affandi.

For those of you who have an interest in the work of art, must menyambangi this one place. In Affandi Museum is, displayed hundreds of paintings by Affandi during his lifetime. This museum is not far from downtown Yogyakarta, precisely on Jalan Laksda Adisucipto 167, located on the edge of Kali Gajah Wong.

In addition to painting galleries, this museum also displays items owned by Affandi's private collection. To enter the museum Affandi, you just pay 20 thousand only. The actual price is very cheap compared to Affandi's expertise to produce an eternal masterpiece.

17. Explore the Code Code while talking to the people. Here you will find another side of Jogja city.

From the foot of Mount Merapi, Code River divides Yogyakarta until it empties into the south coast. Of course very easy to encounter this river flow as you go around Jogja. But, not many know that Kali Code now also become an attractive alternative tourist destination.

Code area had become slum area that is not suitable for habitation. However, at the initiative of the late Romo Mangun, Code was built into a riverbank area arranged and feasible inhabited. Even now every year held Clean River Festival which is a sign that the Code will still continue to clean up anytime.If you are tired of circling in tourist destinations that-that's all, try deh River Code flow through the village residents located on the banks of the river. Access the way along Kali Code can you use for jogging or river tour. If you want to see another face of the Code, Kampung Wisata Jetisharjo located on Jalan Sarjito could be your next destination.

18. Know the process of making sugar at Madukismo Sugar Factory.

Interested in agro tourism industry? If so, do not forget to connect Madukismo Sugar Factory located in Kasihan, Bantul. Every milled season is usually in MaySeptember you can take a tour to look closely at the production machines as well as the sugar making process at this factory.

Not only that, there are also interesting rituals performed by local residents and factory employees. The ceremony called the Cembengan ritual aims to ask for blessing for the process of grinding run smoothly. During the ritual, you can see the caravan of sugarcane temanten and various other art events such as the night market, jathilan and shadow puppet all night.

19. Get mixed up in Sekaten night market joy. Playing a monastery and banyu waves can evoke memories of simple happiness from your childhood.

If by chance you play to Jogja when Sekaten celebration is held, come to the northern square without thinking. In this place, there is a night market Sekaten that offers a festive people's party atmosphere. There are dozens of exciting rides that you can try, ranging from kora-kora, bianglala, waves banyu, haunted house, to see the daredevil tested guts in the barrel stand. (probably means tong stunt times, yes).

The night market also offers a variety of snacks that can prop your stomach is hungry after a spin. This place is also very fitting for you who want to hunt used clothes. But, not just used clothes, new ones are also many, you know. Anyway this market is complete, deh!

20. Want to enjoy student-style Jogja? Obviously the market spills Sunday Morning UGM place!

Paradise shopping tour in Jogja not only in Beringharjo Market. Try to get up early on Sunday and sambangi UGM Valley area, precisely along Jalan Notonagoro, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta. You'll find a spill market that's only open on Sundays. This impromptu market is known as Sunmor which is an acronym of Sunday Morning.

At Sunmor, you can find hundreds of merchants rolling out their wares on the sidewalk. The goods are sold from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, knick-knacks room, to a variety of snacks to fill the stomachs that have not had time to breakfast. If the day is getting late, get ready to jostle with other visitors, because this place is never quiet.

Sumpah deh, in Sunmor almost all the goods of everyday needs you can meet. Just a dating that is not here.In fact Jogja still has many tourist attractions that have not been mentioned here; so rich this city, the list that Hipwee make this can not contain everything. Well, do you have any other fun place recommendations that are not so well known to tourists? Share it to other Hipwee readers via the comment field, yuk!

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