20 Places in Indonesia You Deserve

20 Places in Indonesia You Deserve

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If you hear the word climbing you always imagine tired and troubled up the mountain? Eits, make no mistake. Not just a mountain you can climb.

In Indonesia, many places are located at altitude and have beautiful scenery that pity if missed. These are 20 places worth climbing in Indonesia, both mountain and non-mountain. Guaranteed not going nyesel deh peg foot though.

20. Tomb of Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta

The tombs of these mataram kings have many staircases. It is said that the number can reach 409 steps

At the Imogiri Cemetery you can be an eye witness to the development of Java-Mataram culture with a thick mix of Javanese and Balinese culture.

19. Gunung Sikunir, Dieng, Central Java

Mount Sikunir has a height of 2350 meters above sea level. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the rising sun plus the cold sensation of the wind of Dieng plateau.

Not to worry about trying to get to the top. Because the peak of Mount Sikunir is only 8 km from Dieng.

To reach the top of this mountain you can walk from Dieng around 03.30 in the morning. In addition to welcoming the sunrise, Mount Sindoro also you can see from the top of Sikunir.

18. Climbing to the top of Borobudur

It is a must for you who are the first time to Borobudur to climb this temple to the top. On the way to the summit (baseball, this is not AFI) you will pass three times in Buddhist belief.Kamandhatu (the lustful period in the world), Rupadhatu (the free world of lust) and Arupadhatu (the world of the gods).

At the top of Borobudur you can see beautiful sunrise and sunset views. Can you imagine the magical atmosphere of the sunset plus the giant statues around you?

17. Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar

Tawangmangu tourist attraction famous for its cool fountain. To reach this place you need to climb the stairs are quite steep and high.

But all will pay off with the freshness of the water from the natural spring. And the chill mood of mount Mountain Lawu.

Do not worry about hunger, many traders are ready to peddle their wares as a stomach wedge. Do not forget to also enjoy Tawangmangu rabbit satay.

16. Stores of Rambut Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta

The Island of Hair is actually not designed as a tourist destination. It is a nature reserve for wild birds. From 30 minutes drive from Jakarta by chartered fishing boat, on Rambut Island you can find various species of birds.

An estimated 20,000-50,000 birds live on the island. Climbing the viewing post of Rambut Island as if paid off with the beauty and chirping of birds.

But still remember yes, this location is a nature reserve. So do not spoil the birds' habitat.

15. Lighthouse of Lengkuas Island, BelitungThrough the lighthouse on Lengkuas Island like the picture above you can get a view of 3 small islands to the west of Tanjung Kelayan, Belitung Islands.

From this unused lighthouse, you can enjoy the beauty of the stones and clear the sea water from a height. Duh, told to climb 1000 steps are also willing to deh if like this scenery.

14. Seraya Kecil Island, Flores

This small island called Seraya Kecil is located around Labuan Bajo, Flores. To enjoy the beautiful scenery like in heaven you need to climb a small hill behind the Resort Seraya Island Bungalow.

Here's what you'll get. Combined savanna, beautiful sunshine plus beach and Komodo Island. Heaven moves.

13. Bukit Karst Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat

Who is not familiar with the beauty and exoticism of Raja Ampat? The beautiful pictures of Raja Ampat have very often stopped in our eyes.

Bukit Wayag, is a karst hill that you deserve to climb to get this beautiful scenery. The challenging climb of the karst hill will only take 15-20 minutes, but the slick karst terrain can make it difficult for you.

But believe me, this beautiful scenery will make you forget the fatigue in the legs and arms.

12. Bukit Pananjakan, Bromo, East Java

Through the hill Pananjakan you can see the view of Mount Bromo. This hill is 2,770 m above sea level, higher than Mount Bromo is 2,329 mdpl.Towards Pananjakan, we must pass through the desert that test the ability of the foot.

To climb the hill Pananjakan you need about 2.5 hours from Cemorolawang climbing basecamp. When the weather is friendly, we can get a very beautiful sunrise view.

11. Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, East Java

The crater of Mount Ijen, on the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java is perfect for you nature lovers. The visitor's walk is three kilometers from the end of Paltuding by a sandy footpath. But the scenery that awaits, uuuuuh really beautiful.

Interestingly, Mount Ijen once produced a bluish lava. This is due to the high levels of sulfur produced by this active crater.

10. Mount Ungaran, Central Java

Mount Ungaran often known as a mountain for beginners because of its height is not so extreme, only about 2050 mdpl.

Climbing Mount Ungaran you will be pampered with the green atmosphere of tea plantations and cold air. The climbing route will begin with a gentle ramp, but turns to be quite challenging after the tea garden track.

It takes about 4 hours to get to the top. As a gift, you can see the beautiful sunrise from Tugu Banteng.

9. Mount Merapi, Central Java

The world's most active volcano offers a unique beauty when climbed. Especially after the eruption in 2010 ago.Along the way you will feel like being taken to another world, a world covered in sand and dry. But the tranquility at the Bubrah Market camp and the thrill of the struggle against sand and gravel to the top of Merapi certainly will not be forgotten.

8. Mount Lawu, East Java

The mountain with a height of 3265 mdpl is located between the border between Central Java and East Java. Climbing Mount Lawu can be passed through 3 lines: Cemoro Sewu, Cemoro Kandang and Srambang Line.

At the beginning of the journey you can see the pine forest. Also the landscape like the land above the cloud at some point.

On the track to the top pretty much there is a sloping road for you to breathe. The actual track begins after heading 3. But the beautiful view on top of Lawu can definitely pay your fatigue.

7. Mount Merbabu, Central Java

The mountain located in Central Java has a height of 3,142 mdpl. To get to the top of Merbabu you can go through 4 lines namely Thekelan, Cuntel, Wekas ??and Selo.

Merbabu mountain climbing will spoil your eyes. If you choose a climbing route via Selo you can find a hill-like savannah in the Teletubies movie.

6. Anak Krakatau Mountain, Sunda Strait

If you ever watch a movie Krakatoa must know how terrible the explosion of this mountain first. Even to be able to separate Sumatra and Java.

The mountain with a height of 230 meters above sea level is a child of the eruption of the mother of Krakatau mountain in 1883.The natural beauty offered on this island is not just Mount Anak Krakatau only. When set foot here, you will be treated by a stretch of black sand beach. The black sand beach is a volcanic sand that comes from the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau, which is still actively erupting until now.

5. Mount Semeru

The highest mountain on the island of Java is becoming increasingly famous for the 5 cm film. Semeru is a mountain that you must climb at least once in your life.

Semeru offers many beautiful scenery. In the first stage you will be treated to the beauty of the lake Ranu Kumbolo. Then followed by the magical expanse of Lavender in Oro-Oro Ombo.

On the way to the summit you will still be treated to a breathtaking scenery. Sunrise at the highest peak of Java Island will want to make you back.

4. Mount Kerinci, Sumatra

This mountain is known as the highest volcano in Sumatra. Kerinci is also the second highest mountain in Indonesia after the peak of the mountain in Papua.

Located at an altitude of 3805 meters above sea level, through the peak you can see the beauty of the city of Jambi, Bengkulu and Padang.

Kelimutu Mountain has a crater containing juice and Bento Lake, which is located on the east. Lake Bento is the highest freshwater swamp in Sumatra. Ascend here will be worth it with its beauty?

3. Gunung Kelimutu, East Nusa Tenggara

Mount Kelimutu is very famous with three color lake. This mountain is also included as one of the mountain of 5 mountains in Indonesia which has the most beautiful climbing route.2. Mount Rinjani, Lombok

The second highest mountain in Indonesia has a height of 3762 mdpl. The beauty of Mount Rinjani already no question.

It takes 5 to 7 days with the journey from your hometown respectively to complete climbing Rinjani. But all the fatigue will be paid off with the beauty of Rinjani and the peaceful Lake Segara Anak.

Travel on a fairly heavy terrain will pay off when we reach the summit. Mount Agung in Bali, Mount Ijen-Merapi in Banyuwangi and Mount Tambora in Sumbawa is clearly visible during the good weather in the morning.

1. Puncak Jaya, Papua

This is the highest mountain and the most worthy place to climb. Puncak Jaya is located at an altitude of 4,844 mdpl.

This mountain is the only mountain in Indonesia whose peak is covered with eternal snow. Puncak Jaya is the ideal destination for many domestic and foreign climbers.

To climb Puncak Jaya you must dare to conquer the heavy terrain. Strong stamina is also a must for dealing with vicious nature.

Nabire, became a strategic place as the beginning to reach Puncak Jaya. From there you can hire a pioneer plane to take you to the climbing basecamp.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get your rucksack and get ready to climb.

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