20 Reasons Women Consider Pizza Better Than boyfriend

20 Reasons Women Consider Pizza Better Than Girlfriend

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Vemale.com – If you are asked to choose your girlfriend or pizza, you will choose which one? Pizza is a junk food food that becomes a common enemy for women who crave ideal body. On the pretext of getting a good looking partner. It turns out physically does not affect one's happiness. And, it could be pizza better understand you than your current girlfriend. How come?

The average US population consumes 6,000 pieces of pizza in their lifetime. Some of the American women thought pizza better understood them than her lover. Launched by Elitedaily.com, the following 20 opinions of American women on pizza is better than his current girlfriend.

Pizza does not matter if your hair is greasy because he is greasy too.
You can have the dough and eat it too, your boyfriend?
Pizza wants you to eat until you're stuffed, your boyfriend? Boro-boro deh ..
You can eat whole chunks of pizza without choking.
Do not have to 'hot' to be extraordinary, let alone grooming desperately.
You really can enjoy it every day.
You want to spend more time with pizza when you're alone.
Pizza always wants to be in your mouth.
You do not care when it goes cheap when eating out pizza.
Pizza is not offended when you come home late at night.
You can keep the pizza and take it out whenever you want.
Pizza does not reprimand you when you've eaten too much.
Always flavorful delicious, your girlfriend?
Pizza will not take or upload selfie photos in Snapchat stories.
His attention is always on you.
The best part of pizza is when swallowing it.
Always accompany you on the sidelines of work overtime or do the work.
When you order, she is ready to come anytime.
You can warm it up all the time.
More pizza ensures your glut.

What do you think, ladies? Does Pizza better understand you than your beloved?

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