2008, Padang Allocates Rp300 Million For City Forest

2008, Padang Allocates Rp300 Million For City Forest

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Padang City Government allocates budget Rp300 million in 2008 city budget for urban forest development in Malvinas forest area of ??24 hectares in Kurao Pagang village, Nanggalo Padang sub-district, West Sumatera province.

"The development of the city forest, a strategic and potential program as a tourist area and zoo, in addition to budget APBD Padang City, the Government through the state budget is also allocated about 300 million more," said Head of Department of Agriculture and Forestry Padang Ir Asnel Friday.

Malvinas forest has a variety of flora and fauna, especially some types of cranes, if arranged in such a way the area will be a tremendous attraction for visitors to travel, in addition to maintaining the air health in the city.

According to him, the funds are used to fence deer parks, as well as trees, while the provision of food supplied 27 deer have been assisted through the West Sumatra Provincial APBD of Rp100 million.

"Development of deer park is still managed BKSDA, and for the trees have been planted 3000 protector of areca nut, tamarind, mahogany, mangosteen melalaui GNRHL program," he said.

In the deer park, now there are also 20 deer imported from Bogor.

"The existence of a city park equipped with a deer park would be a hydrological function area as well as an arboretum or research and development center for science in the fields of forestry, flora and fauna, and tourism," he said.

For future tourism activities will be equipped with children's playground, swimming pool, fishing pond and artificial lake.

In the Malvinas forest area, there are also a number of storks that are interesting enough to be seen in addition to their conservation strives.

Besides as a means of tourism, he said, the existence of urban forest and bird park, it can be a reference for students, especially to know the various types of herons. (kpl /

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