2008 SOE Net Profit Reaches Rp81.2 Trillion

2008 SOE NetThe SOE Ministry projected net profit of all state-owned enterprises by the end of 2008 to reach around Rp81.2 trillion, up from the 2007 net profit prognosis of around Rp71.59 trillion.

"This year (2008) profit after tax will be around Rp80 trillion to Rp85 trillion," said Secretary of State Enterprises Minister Said Didu, after the Working Meeting with Commission VI of the House of Representatives at the House of Representatives (MPR / DPR), Jakarta, Wednesday (17/12) day.

Said explained, the increase in net profit is driven by improved financial performance of the company, which is partly due to improved commodity prices throughout the first half of 2008.

Commodity prices are surging mainly in plantation commodities, mining and petroleum products, although the latter declined again.

Of 138 SOEs, Pertamina became the largest profit contributor reached Rp27 trillion, followed by Telkom with profit Rp11 trillion.

Furthermore, SOEs contribute the largest profit of "red plate" companies, namely Bank Mandiri and BRI, each of which is around Rp 5 trillion.

Nevertheless, Said said, a number of SOEs still recorded net loss.

"I do not know the amount but like Merpati is still losing money despite the company's cash flow has started positive, but the loss is still suffered by PLN, but in general the number of SOEs loss has been reduced," he said.

He added that the performance of BUMNs from year to year shows improvement so that it can be said that the stigma of SOEs always lose and do not contribute significantly to the state began to disappear.

"The negative assumptions on SOEs are still there, but the stigma is not entirely true," Said said.

He explained that if in 2004 new net profit reached Rp42.14 trillion, in 2007 (prognosis) reached Rp71.59 trillion and in 2008 is projected Rp81 trillion to Rp85 trillion."The improvement of performance and contribution must be continuously strived for the role of BUMN in the effort of national economic recovery and the increasing of prosperity is higher," he said.

According to the RKAP 2008, the number of state-owned enterprises lost 11 companies with losses of Rp0.23 trillion.

In addition to Merpati, other companies are estimated to suffer losses in 2008, among others, PT. Pelni, PT Kereta Api, Reasuransi Umum Indonesia, and Inhutani V.

Further Perum Film Production National, Industrial Clothing, Primissima, Air Penas Survey, Boma Bisma Indra, and Paper Kraft Aceh. (kpl /

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