2015 to be the ‘Hottest’ Year During the Last 135 Years

2015 to be the 'Hottest' Year During the Last 135 Years

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Liputan6.com, California – If many people are complaining about why the last few weeks the weather has become hotter than usual, it is because the July to August period is a long dry season that is now happening at some point in the world.

According to the International Business Times from U.S. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), although the long dry period occurs from July to August, July being the month in which the intensity of the hot climate has tripled.

In fact, the year 2015 is claimed to be a year with very hot weather conditions over the last 135 years since climate observations routinely began in 1880.

Climate research scientists at NOAA revealed that the Earth's average temperature this year is at 1.53 degrees Fahrenheit combined from ground and water weather on Earth.

"The temperatures we rated were quite high since the climate observations that have been conducted since 1880. If the percentage of climate continues to rise, it will beat the 1.24 degrees Fahrenheit earth temperature record that occurred in the last century, which became the hottest temperature of the day," explained NOAA research team.

Nonetheless, NOAA explains that the July norm is indeed a 'hot month' in a year across the Earth.

This is scientifically explained because of the occurrence of El Nino storm events that occur in some oceanic points in the tropical Pacific. In fact, the researchers revealed that this year, the intensity of El Nino is increasing and becoming firmer, thus making the temperature at some point of the tropical regions become hot.

"We can be sure that 2015 becomes the hottest year in all time, we have been conducting climate research in every month," says NOAA climatologist Jake Crouch.

Given this year is the year with the hottest weather, did not rule out the possibility that the theory of global warming again burst. Previously, NASA announced its prediction through a dataset that the earth will experience a massive climate change within 85 years again, precisely in the year 2100.

According to scientists who are researching this phenomenon, it is caused by a layer of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere which will reach a very high figure, ie 935 ppm (parts per million). For now, the carbon dioxide layer is at 400 ppm.

If later it turns out that the predicted prediction is true, most of the earth will experience drastic climate changes that become very hot. Even later in the region of Africa, India, and South America, the daily temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius.(jek / cas)

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