2016 Smoke Free Smoke, Want

2016 Smoke Free Smoke, Want

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Presumably from now on, what we need in the face of smog is no longer a mask. But enough pemakluman and habituation. The smoke haze seems to begin to become a tradition, every year continues to happen. Because of these symptoms, then we simply understand and familiarize ourselves. Next year there will also be smog again.

I will not discuss the effects of the smoke haze in this paper. Because you all will already know, and some of you including me also have felt breathless because of the smoke haze. In addition to the health consequences, there are still many other effects of haze, all of which have one thing in common that is detrimental to us (human) and nature.

But that's the irony, despite making so many losses but this smoke haze keeps happening every year. Even the number of fires detected the longer the more. Do you agree to give an appreciation of this fact?

But in my opinion, the more piercing irony is; many years we are constantly plagued by this haze problem, but it still keeps repeating itself and it seems to be continuing next year. THE BIG QUESTION is; as a big nation whether we are not ashamed for so long still not solve the problem of the smoke haze?

We have a million people who graduate from high school and a few million who graduate from college. We have a lot of knowledgeable and educated people. But, why face this smoke haze problem we continue to fail?

Looks like the above criticism is rather rough. But that's the reality.

Next year, if the handling of smoke haze problem is still with the method of treating, not prevent as it is today. So get ready for your siblings, prepare thousands more masks. Or like my first suggestion, get ready to know and learn to adjust to the smoke haze.

I call cure, not prevent, because in reality it is. The government and the apparatus look new to move after the smoke haze starts to soar. After the fire begins to devour new forests we chaotically catch the burning actors. After the sky is gray by the smoke thousands of masks are distributed. Then a number of legal institutions issued the threat of severe punishment to the land burners. Then the fog began to thin, slowly disappearing. Then we start forgetting again. Continuing to next year there is another smog. That is the annual cycle of smog in our beloved country.

If we agree that in 2016 without a haze, then the method of dealing with haze needs to be changed. From cure now have to turn the bow to prevent. Because after all prevent better than cure, right is not it?

For such preventative measures. It will not be completed by the government or the government alone. Also can not be completed by the community alone. The synergism of all lines becomes a fixed price in preventing the recurrence of the smoke haze.

As a suggestion, maybe we can start from formulating standards in clearing land without burning the forest. Because it can not be fooled again, the root of this smoke haze is forest burning. The reasons behind most forest fires are, of course, to expand industrial land.In addition to homeland scientists, maybe we can invite experts from abroad related standard solution to open land without burning this. Rather than invite artists who incidentally just for entertainment alone, would not it be more useful we invite professional forestry experts?

What is clear after the standards are made, then the next most decisive party is the entrepreneurs engaged in the forestry sector. We still have to find a way for the entrepreneurs to cooperate on the land without burning. We still have to turn the mind to the entrepreneurs open the door of their hearts that burning the forest, it is a futile act.

If necessary, shouted right to their ears, that we humans are just a status ride in this nature. Is there a passenger who burns his bus passenger is still sane?

Or if you need to be more creative, we have a competition to manage the land without burning the forest. I'm sure a lot of smart Indonesian people who have brilliant ideas about it. The inventor of 4G technology alone Indonesian people, cook thinking about how to open the land without burning it can not?

But the most important thing to think about is how the standard procedure can be applied in real field. What after the standards exist, there really is no intentional forest burning to clear land.

Because, have not we been tired of so many years continuously still taking care of the mask for this smoke haze? Because is not it how many million hectares of degraded land, how many plants and animals in the forest are sacrificed in vain only for the benefit of a group of people (the company)?

Is not it appropriate that we end this smoke haze polemic?

Therefore, if you want to 2016 without haze let us together realize that we are just passengers on earth. And the act of burning the forest, let alone just to open the land for the sake of business and profit for a moment is the act that apologize done without thinking?

For entrepreneurs is not it time to try to make a profit not to harm the other side? Are you getting all the benefits while the forest is burning and thousands of people are short of breath while the gray sky is covered with smoke? Is it true to you that many billion of the company's profit while millions of innocent plants and animals in the forest there must be killed roasted?

A little message for Mr. Jokowi, before many national plans such as the sea toll road development you realize, then it is more important to realize 2016 smoke-free smoke burning land pack, really! Cook father is not ashamed to lead a country that so many years do not go bersesnya resolve the case of smoke haze?

What is clear is the message for us together is let's start contributing ideas to open the land without burning forest. After that let's commit to run and supervise the land clearance standard.2016 is our time to eliminate forest fires. Yes, if you are tired and embarrassed constantly confined this haze. But if not, yes just prepare a mask. Oh yes, maybe if this smoke haze made a tradition, you can take business opportunities into entrepreneurs or mask traders. Good luck.

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