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Dupont Helps Develop Corn Crops

Image source: PT Dupont Indonesia supports the corn plant development program in North Sumatra by offering quality seedlings and assisting ground analyzes such as the Serdang Bedagai (Sergei) District Government project which is developing 100 hectares

Awesome! Malaysian Artists Make Artwork to Criticize Forest Burning in Indonesia!

Sometimes, not all forms of criticism and protest must be channeled with physical and nerve attacks. As we know, this way will only cause the victims and the loss for everyone. There are still many ways we

4 Favorite Australian Menu Worth a Try

Image source: – Ladies, Australia is famous for its beautiful scenery and unique diversity of flora and fauna. But it is not only that, Australia is also a destination for many tourists because of its

Awesome! Launching of Makassar International Eight Festival and Forum, Jakarta Creative, unique, best! Three impressions were very pronounced when launching the Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum (MIEFF) at the Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Tuesday (9/5). Promotion of Makassar City featuring 8 elements of performances; fashion,

4 Facts Behind Counterfeit Factor Factory in Social Media. Apparently Gini Shapes Place of Business

Image source: Sometimes we feel amazed when we see an Instagram account whose followers can reach tens of thousands of people. Although not too good, but their posts also often get like a lot. In your

Duh, the islands in Indonesia are Threatened Drowning. A Few More Years Will Be Disappeared!

Image source: Indonesia is known as an archipelagic country. Where is the big islands stretching along Sumatra to Papua. The shape of the archipelago makes Indonesia a unique country. Where every island has its own trademark,

4 Columbus Evidence Is Not The Inventors Of The Americas So Most Hits

Image source:, Jakarta – Christopher Columbus's status as the inventor of the American continent is sued. Historical evidence shows exactly the opposite, there are already foreign nations who set foot there before 12 October 1492.

Awesome! Here’s How To Get Your Smartphone Display Similar to Android Oreo

In Google's newest mobile operating system, Android Oreo, the company from Mountain View, California, United States is making it look slightly different than the previous version. Unfortunately, in addition to Google's smartphone output, such as Pixel, Pixel

Due to Pollution, This Country Loses Billions of US Dollars Each Year

Image source:, Jakarta Pollution is not only bad for human health. It also provides economic losses. Just look at Canada, who reportedly must bear the losses of up to tens of billions of dollars the

4 Clash Royale Clip Game More Exciting From The Original

Image source: Clash Royale is a mobile game made by Supercell, which is currently on the rise. Not much different from the previous Supercell game that is Clash of Clans, Clash Royale also become the new