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Climate World Up 2 Degrees Celsius, Indonesia Has Important Role

Image source:, Jakarta Consciously or not, the world climate change is happening so fast. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, Chairman of the Climate Change Steering Committee at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and also the former Minister

[Book Review] Indonesian Peat Ecosystem Peatland Prospect

According to Wetlands International in 2006 estimates Indonesia's peatlands constitute 39% of the world's tropical peatlands. The 21 million hectares of peatland spans three main islands, Papua with 7.97 million hectares (in 2006), Kalimantan with 5.77 million

2008 SOE Net Profit Reaches Rp81.2 Trillion

The SOE Ministry projected net profit of all state-owned enterprises by the end of 2008 to reach around Rp81.2 trillion, up from the 2007 net profit prognosis of around Rp71.59 trillion. "This year (2008) profit after tax

(President) Jokowi and Future of Forestry

Jokowi has been mandated by Megawati Soekarnoputri to step forward as the presidential candidate of PDI-P. If referring to the opinion of political observers also see the trend of survey results lately, Jokowi opportunity to win in

Climate Changes, Polar Bear It’s Skinny Due to Hunger

Image source:, Ottawa – What do we have in mind when we hear about polar bears? Yes, most of them are fertile, fat, gahar, and agile when looking for food. Their bodies are covered with

3 Day Cheap Travel in Malaysia

Not all the trips are expensive, there is always a chance to get a cheap road walk home want to search on the internet a lot .. Here are some rules to consider in order to be

(Not) Impossible Farming on Coastal Coast

As time goes by, population growth, and rising food demand make demands on land to produce greater food. Farmers intensify the land with the hope that the land they produce will produce better production over time. On

Climate Change, Student Talks Coastal Road Development and Environmental Impacts

Image source: Balikpapan clean up, coastal road development plan began to be implemented. Developments that cost up to Rp3.2 trillion for reclamation and development with the 7.5 kilometer long coastal road infrastructure scheduled to be completed

Cheap Price, This 7 Reasons Why Mandatory Phone Featured You Have Up To Now

Image source: Netizens made a scene with rumors that the Nokia 3310 phone will re-present in 2017. One of the iconic featured phone from Nokia has been famous in its day loh. Although all the features

Cavities Can Grow Back with Medications. Don’t Need To Be Patched

Image source: Not a few people feel afraid of every going to the dentist. Either because it is already set on edge first every time I hear the sound of tools to clean the tartar, or