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Beware of 5 Respiratory Diseases! If Lazy To Use Mask While Exposed to Pollution

Image source: More here the number of motor vehicles increasingly not counting the number in Indonesia, especially in big cities. With the increase of motor vehicles, it also means the increase of air pollution. Not air

Because of This Lho, Leonardo Dicaprio Confessed Wrong Same Minister Susi

Image source: The World Oceans Day 2017 event was held at the UN Office of New York on 8 June. The event was attended by various world figures such as Sir Richard Branson (explorers of the

Because of the rest of the tourist food, a monkey in Thailand is obese

Image source: Do not indulge in feeding animals when we are traveling to a location full of animals. Moreover, leave the garbage packed brought. As happened in Thailand, there is a monkey who is overweight (obese)

Be careful of Scams on behalf of the Scourge

Image source: The afternoon yesterday at exactly 17:00 pm I got a mystery phone call on behalf of Gojek. The caller informed that in the framework of the 7th Anniversary of Gojek, the Gojek party was

Banyu Buthek documentary film Baturraden PLTB exploration criticism

Image source: The documentary film "Banyu Buthek" (Sulbani Pictures 2016) documents the impact of Baturraden PLTB exploration that pollutes the Prukut river flow, Cilongok sub-district, Banyumas regency. Premiered on Thursday (2/3) evening, various communities in Banyumas

Bali’s Mangrove Forest Threatened with Waste

Image source: Mangrove forests, is a typical vegetation of brackish water areas, usually found in coastal areas into estuaries of rivers. The area of ??brackish waters (the transition between bargaining and salt) is usually difficult to

Avoid Place Garbage Place Near Neighbor House Door

Image source: How important is it to deal with housewarming bins in logic links, cleanliness and consider the feelings of our left and right neighbors? Why often our logic does not work in this regard? Should

Animal Games Three Zones to Make Friends

Image source: The animal kingdom in Indonesia is divided into three dispersal areas with Webber Line and Wallace Line as a barrier, ie Fauna Asiatis, Fauna Australis, and Transitional Fauna. Fauna Asiatis which has another name

American support for Israeli Nuclear

Image source: The United States never wanted to tolerate any country to develop itself into a nuclear power. This political attitude does not apply to Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres is one of the promoters

American style in Limiting Foreign Investment

Image source: The united States is a foreign direct investors the largest in the world and also the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (Foreign Direct Investment, FDI). But like every sovereign country, still trying to