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Awesome! Display Smart Shoes That You Can Replace Through Smartphone

Technological developments are increasingly advanced is not unstoppable anymore. From start smartphones, smartwatch, smart home, and more. Having previously there are smart shoes that will automatically adjust to the shape of the user's feet, now there are

4 Causes Stomachache in Women, Kudu Waspada ya!

Image source: – Oops, my favorite jeans are not fit anymore? Every time you wear a shirt, so it's harder to button it because the bellies are getting bigger? Duh, the more you do not

Dubai Miracle Garden, A Miracle on the Desert of the Desert

Image source:×444.jpg Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The capital city of Dubai, one of the seven emirates in the country, is renowned as a city that is situated

4 Best Drone Photos in the Year 2017 It Makes You Have Drones!

Image source: Dronestagram is a special social media drone users show off their drone shots. Not only that, all the photos present at Dronestagram will surely make you drool! Each year, Dronestagram works with National Geographic

Awesome! 83,000 Used Batteries Conjured So Amazing Bridges

There are many ways that can be done in saving the environment, one of them is to use used goods that are not used anymore. This is also thought by the world's leading battery manufacturer, Energizer. They

Dubai builds hotel structures above and below the sea

Image source:!/image/image.gif Dubai has always had a strange new building design idea. After building the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, Dubai is now challenged to build a half-submerged hotel. The hotel is equipped with

4 Best Android Multiplayer Games May 2016

Image source: Who has not known the famous games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Let's Get Rich, or other online games. Game above can make you upset, stress, happy, and various other feelings. But

Avocado Consumption Every Day, It’s Healthy Benefits You Can – Avocado is one fruit that has many health benefits and beauty benefits. Avocado, is also one of the fruits that are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins the body needs. Not only super healthy, avocado

4 Advanced Applications It Guaranteed To Cure Addiction On Smartphones

Image source: In today's digital era, technology is supposed to make our life better and easier. However, the fact is not a few people who actually wrong in using the ease. Many print and online media

Dredging Project

Image source: The capital city has many problems such as traffic snarl, garbage, unemployment etc. Those problems need to be solved right away or else the widespread of new social issue comes up to surface. For