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Antimainstream Holidays Into National Parks Who’s Afraid! Let’s Start Your Adventure from Sukamade, Meru Betiri National Park

Traveling to the National Park seems to still sound familiar among young people today. In fact, going to a place that is dedicated specifically to preserving Indonesia's biodiversity will make you learn many things. Starting from a


Image source: Maingames is ready to release its newest game with the MMORPG genre, Dragon & Emperor Online (DEO). In 2011, this game is very popular in China. For the concept of Dragon & Emperor Online

3 Ways It’s Proven Makes You Win in a Brain Duel

Image source: Do you still play Duel Brain games? If still not playing, immediately play and download Brain Duel from the link that Jaka provide. If previously Jaka has given a strategy to play to always

Anime Eye Contact Lenses, Beauty Trends That Can Make Blind Eyes – Ladies, what's the size of a person can be spelled pretty? Every woman would be very happy if praised beautiful, and one way to look beautiful is with the help of makeup. Makeup eye becomes

3 Types of Plants Can Clean Air Inside Home

Image source: According to the latest database of air quality in urban areas that contained a page, air in 98 percent of cities in low- and middle-income countries with a population of more than 100,000

DPRD DKI asked Jokowi firmly about the building that violated the rules

Image source: DKI Jakarta DPRD mentions many buildings in the Capital City are not in accordance with designated, such as building permit (IMB). Therefore, Jakarta Capital City Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was asked firmly to crack

American interests in the Middle East are for Oil and Israel

Does the west come to Libya on the basis of humanity? Let's look at the events of the past few years that are so closely related to humanity when a nation is arbitrarily trying to wipe out

3 This Disease Detection Application Can Know Any Disease in Your Body

Image source: The heart becomes one of the most important organs in the body. If the performance of your heart is disturbed, then your health will be disrupted and make your productivity decreased. However, it does

DPR Stop the Logging in East Java

Image source:,0,1024,537 The Head of the Protected Forests Commission IV of the House of Representatives Azwar Cheputra said that deforestation in East Java, especially around Mount Arjuna and in Perum Perhutani Unit II / Jatim Production

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Earphone

Image source: When buying a new phone, it will be accompanied by the provision of free earphones, is not it? However, these free earphones sometimes have a low quality and will not last long. And when