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Collection of Base Town Hall Formation 5 Best Farming Clash of Clans

Looking for the best and strongest formation base Farming Town Hall 5 in Clash of Clans (CoC)? Here JalanTikus has various reference drawings of the best Town Hall 5 Farming base formation formats that you can use

5 Ways It Reduces Your Awkward Sense in Front of Others

Image source: – Socializing is not always easy, but it can be done. Whoever you are, however your social character, all you need is to change your mind set and get used to it. Thus

Forest Philosophy from Finnish Hunters

Image source: In the morning he will take us if the forest is suitable. The forest is a hard judge This forest is enough to give You just have to make sense of it You have

5 Water Wasteful Behaviors Without Us Realize

Image source:, Jakarta Air as the most important element on earth is inseparable with various life on earth. Its function in addition to maintaining survival, water is also used by humans to support daily interests.

Collection of Artificial Intelligence Technology Articles

Google Jobs, AI Based Job Finder Google, has launched their new feature, Google Jobs. Google Jobs is a job search engine that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Preventing Crime Using AI? Let's Look to China China considers AI

5 Wardah Lipstick Recommendation For Mature Sawo Skin

Image source: For some women, looking for a suitable lipstick for tan skin is rather difficult. Especially if you want to wear lipstick from overseas brand, it would be really hard to be the right. Instead

Forest of Mysterious Love in Tanjung Pinang

Image source: Tanjung Pinang is the provincial capital of Riau Islands or commonly called Riau province to distinguish it from Riau Province. Among readers who have been to the city of Tanjung Pinang is certainly not

Collaborative Designers Indonesia-Australia Melbourne Citizen Wandering, Jakarta Three Indonesian designers Restu Anggraini, Ria Miranda and Sarah Sofyan (Rumah Ayu) plus I.K.Y.K collaborated with three Australian designers Baraka Women, and Amalina Aman, and Delina in the engagement event Succedding Together: An Indonesia –

5 Virtual Assistants Rising Leaves At This Time

Image source: If talking about automation, certainly will not be separated from the Internet technology trends of Things (IoT). This technology is greatly affect the digital transformation that occurs today. The virtual assistant is also one

Forest of Feelings

Image source: Like we both are walking the road in the middle of the forest. I am already far ahead and you are still left behind, struggling with a flower called a past. So how can